How to do link exchange without being penalized by Google

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Getting links is one of the most difficult tasks for any SEO, and much more, for the rest of humans. We know the importance of getting links pointing to our site and therefore, sometimes we can be very heavy when conveying its importance.

Links are the lifeblood of SEO and we must have a good network of domains that make us reach their strength to better position and at the same time, get traffic to our blog or website.

Exchanging links, is cheating and Google is attentive to any anomalous situation in this regard.

If we want to exchange links, we have to do it very carefully so as not to be penalized by the search giant and that it takes as something organic every link it finds and if you are not sure how to do it, maybe you’d better create a Private Blog Network

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How to exchange links between web pages

There are several points to take into account to create the linkbuilding strategy, these are the main ones:


  1. Anchor text
  2. Domain authority
  3. Web theme
  4. Follow or no follow?

Use a good Anchor Text

The Anchor Text is the word that will be embedded in the link and we must choose it very well.

How do we choose it? If your blog talks about SEO, a good link would be SEO Blog, SEO Blog, SEO Blog, SEO Blog, etc …., we do not have to use a certain keyword and it is advisable to vary it so that Google does not detect it.

Thus, if we use different Anchor Text but they are similar, we will be able to go unnoticed by Google.

Inbound links from a website with good domain authority

When we select possible sites for link exchange, we must be smart and look for sites that have some authority. The current rankings for this are from MOZ, both PA and DA.

Of course, keep in mind that you should look for websites or blogs that are at your level, but you can try to go for websites with more authority than yours.

Be careful with the theme of the website, be careful!

Choosing well is paramount, it is the key to linkbuilding. When it comes to link exchange, we often downplay the importance of quantity and give it to quality.

That was before, nowadays, we need valuable links on valuable websites in our sector. It’s no good if a sports site links to a marketing site, or a marketing site links to a blinds factory.

Look for sites in your industry, competitors will not want to link to your site, but the Internet is vast and the linking opportunities are many.

Will you ask for follow or no follow links

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I’m sure you just said, FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW, and well you are very wrong. All links are worth, they all add up and they should also be done with awareness. It is useless to have all incoming links to your site as Follow because Google would realize that something is going too well and that is not normal.

A website, must have both Follow and Nofollow inbound links and you should already know that, if you exchange links, keep in mind that you must put in both cases.

As a piece of advice, for the good of your website I will tell you that, just as we must have incoming links from both cases, we must also have them in the same way as outgoing links. No prestigious website puts all its links Follow, TAKE NOTE OF IT.

Now that we know how to do it and we will look for good domains where to host them, how should we do it?

We are going to put different scenarios, from the ideal to the general so that you have examples to be able to do a good linkbuilding.

  1. Both of you have multiple domains
  2. You have multiple domains, but they don’t
  3. They have multiple domains, but you don’t
  4. Both of you have only one domain

When both contacts have multiple sites on multiple domains, it creates a perfect scenario for exchanging links. In this case, both should create a link from the site that is not going to receive a link (secondary site).

Simplifying, links should never be crossed and we should not send links to sites that are linking to us.

We must prevent this from happening anyway. Therefore, we will launch links from secondary sites, never from our money site.

Important: From our main site we must only make quality links to sites of transcendence and never use it to exchange links.

If you have several domains, but the other person does not, you will send a link from your secondary site to his main site, and he will link to you from his only site, but never from the same page you are sending your link to.

In the opposite case, when they have several domains, but you don’t, you must repeat the previous step, but exchanging roles.

The reason for doing it this way is simple. In all likelihood you will use that secondary site to link to your money site and you will have multiple links to all pages. If he links to you from a page that receives your link, it is very likely that there will be a connection between the links placed and Google will recognize them.

links triangle of death

In case you only have one domain each, the only solution is not to link neither from the page that receives the link nor to the page that sends it to you. Think that you will have a choice, you don’t even have to skim the sites that link to your site.

Now all that’s left is to enjoy the links and, if it’s well created, enjoy it for many years to come. If you don’t follow these steps, Google will recognize that it is a Black Hat technique and will penalize you. Are you willing?

To check that this is not a technique to be used carelessly, you can do a Google search with the phraselink exchange” and comment on what you think.

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