How long does it take for a domain to expire?

cuanto tiempo tarda en expirar un dominio

In SEO, the purchase of expired domains has been and is a widespread practice in the industry. Expired domains, as long as they are bought with a previous analysis, can help us to improve our money site creating a Private Blog Network or even become one of them if it is a suitable niche.

They are not only used to expand projects, you can also start them and if you are waiting for that quality domain needed for your company or personal project that is about to expire, you should know the periods that a domain goes through before it becomes available to a new buyer.

When does a domain expire so you can buy it

To find out when a domain expires and to know the details of the owner of the domain with which you made the registration, you can use the service of companies like DonDominio or go directly to the web service

On its main page, we have a nice search engine in which to enter the website we want to check. This service, will give us the necessary contact details, name server, similar domains, and date of purchase, renewal and expiration.

This data is very important to know the life that the domain has had and will give us clues about its value on the Internet.

When does a domain name expire?

The expiration period of a domain consists of three parts:

  1. Grace Period
  2. Punishment Period
  3. Deletion Period

Domain grace period

During this time, the owner will be able to renew the domain at the usual cost, without any extra charge or additional costs of any kind. During this time, the website will not be available until the time of renewal (if you had thought about having a free domain for a while, you’re out of luck).

Redemption period of a domain name:

After passing the first renewal period, we reach the second state of the domain before its deletion and loss to the owner. The renewal of the domain at this point, is higher since it has restoration costs and bureaucratic processes by the company that manages that extension(.com, .net, .es, etc…).

At this point, the domain has all the options to stay free and it is time to be very attentive to its availability because, like you, more users will be thinking of buying it.

Pending delete period of a domain:

This is the most critical moment for the domain because after these 5 days, it will be free and anyone will be able to acquire it. If you have already been keeping an eye on the domain all this time behind, it would not make sense to lose the moment to acquire it. Attention! the time to buy has come.

dominios caducados

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