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Today there are many pages on the Internet with countless services that, quite possibly, you do not reach to know for various reasons and that undoubtedly could make your online life easier. One of those services is the link building offered by Enlazalia.

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Today it’s time to talk about the service provided at Enlazalia, so you can take it into account in your SEO strategy and see for yourself how this type of linking service can help you.

What is Enlazalia?

So that you can understand it in a simple way, you should know that Enlazalia is basically a tool that provides a backlink creation service to improve the positioning of your website, creating links that are free for your SEO projects.

Who created the tool

This tool was created by Miguel Ángel López given the need for optimization in the generation of links that produce a positive result when we want to position our page.

How Enlazalia works?

Perhaps the best thing about this tool is the simplicity and security with which it can be used, because at the time of carrying out the use of manual links you can run some risks that spoil your work.

You just have to register in their tool and choose:

  1. Destination URL
  2. Different Anchor text for your links

Very important: Enlazalia works with links that are not harmful under different circumstances, checked.

Something you should keep in mind is that of the links previously exposed by way of information in Enlazalia are used those that are completely manual. That is, those that you can control yourself or someone else in case you decide to pay an employee for this purpose. They are not automatic links and all go on demand and thematic.

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How much does enlazalia cost

They have different link packages for all types of projects. It’s good to know that not all projects are the same and they don’t need the same amount of backlinks.

Enlazalia Pricing:

Pack 1

  • 12 Links
  • 39,95€

Pack 2

  • 30 Links
  • 79,95€

Pack 3

  • 80 Links
  • 199,95€

Pack 4

  • 150 Links
  • 359,95€
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What you should be aware of

Before thinking about using the Enlazalia link service to support the links offered in this tool, you must have a PayPal account to make the payments that are relevant, 1 every month.

Types of existing links in Enlazalia

The links offered by this platform are free links obtained in forums, blogs 2.0 and comments. This type of links give naturalness to all web projects and makes Google trust your project more.

Yes, for this to happen and as always in SEO, you can not abuse this strategy and for that, it is best to ask for advice from the creators of the platform, which will help you optimize the service.

One of the great advantages of hiring this service is that you can invest your time in completing your ideas with better quality for your project and optimize your website at onpage level, leaving to specialists the choice of links for your project.

The disadvantage would be, in short, that some published links can be removed by the webmasters of the sites where the links are included because they are placed naturally and sometimes there are problems with hosting, content moderation, etc…

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Is the support any good

Support is something they take care of from Enlazalia and Miguel, is always attentive to the doubts you may have or unforeseen events that may arise. They are in constant communication with their customers, something that is appreciated in services of this type and that, to put it mildly, we can not touch with our hands.

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