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Today we have with us a National level SEO expert and luckily, mentor and friend of mine, Carlos Yanez.

For those who do not know him, Carlos Yáñez del Pino is the CEO of, an online marketing agency located in Toledo. Computer Systems Engineer, he has worked in multiple companies, here you have his professional profile.

First of all, thank you for joining this new adventure, giving one of the first interviews we do in Blog SEO. Thanks also for the full availability that you have had from the first moment and I hope that others can follow in your footsteps and SEO interviews have a great run in this blog.

We have prepared 15 questions, about your motivations, experiences, knowledge and finally, we want some advice from you, as the SEO expert that you are.

There are very competitive niches with a lot of traffic it is very difficult to be well positioned without links

Carlos Yañez del Pino

Question:For everything there is a first time, what was your first experience with SEO?

Answer: The first time I started with SEO in a very rudimentary way, was with a complaints website and I had to do well, because I started to get a lot of traffic and many comments and even I got a complaint from a person who had made the police because his name was cited and other things, at that time I got scared and closed the page. The thing did not become major but it was enough to close the page.

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Carlos Yañez by Experto SEO

P:Everyone in life has a turning point that makes us take one path or another, why did you decide to dedicate yourself to SEO?

R: I have always believed in SEO and that’s what I currently live by There is no tipping point that said I am now in SEO. It was gradually led me to this path.

P: Sometimes in SEO you touch the sky and sometimes the mud, which SEO work are you most proud of, and which one are you least proud of?

R: One work I’m especially proud of is which already has 60,000 visits per month, quite an achievement. I have also enjoyed helping other people who are starting to dedicate themselves to this SEO as which is already beginning to be better positioned than my website that goes with great impetus and know-how, sure to achieve great things.

P: To those clients who expect more from us but are not able to give them the top positions, how should we assuage their frustrations?

R: With better work from you and us, sometimes clients complain that they don’t achieve firsts and it’s usually because they don’t engage with the site. They don’t generate enough content or on our part we haven’t invested enough time on the website.

P: I’m sure you can tell us an anecdote with a client that surprised you or was funny to you, which one do you stay with?

R: No funny story, but shocking for the results, as can be a Frenchman who runs a Spanish tarot website with Spanish programmers and SEO, currently gaining many positions.

P: The whole world of SEO has been based on links going through many stages and with different models of doing the job according to have been the Google algorithms. They have lost weight, I’m convinced of that, but what is the real value of links nowadays?

R: Currently in very competitive niches with a lot of traffic it is very difficult to be well positioned without links, so for me they have a strategic value.

P: Social networks are the most parallel present to typical search engines like Google or Bing, how can we take advantage of them in SEO?

R: Generating traffic from social networks,I don’t usually use them for SEO, but if for traffic that influences SEO.

P: Recently a multitude of extensions have come out for new domains like .online, .barcelona, .download or .center. What is your opinion about them and how should we use them?

R: I am already taking advantage of them, such as which is already in position 11 with the word express divorce or which is the first when searching for desatascos Madrid, with high competition.

P: Personally, I am very interested in PBNs, they have many benefits and I consider them to be the present, should we bet on them?

R: I’m already betting on them, but be careful you have to do it very well to avoid being penalized.

P:We have an obsession with the future, futuristic cars, futuristic clothes, we all want to know and imagine the future and the future of SEO, what is it?

R: The best technique you can have for creating a PBN is naturalness that comes across as natural as possible and doesn’t look like it’s built to gain traffic.

P: The SEO experts have their hidden techniques, those that no one but them knows and that are not in the public domain and I’m sure you have some too. Can you tell us some quick “tricks”?

R:They will always remain in battle. They are different things to reach the same goal, qualified traffic.

P:For those who are just starting out in SEO now, what advice would you give them

R: First, to do a proper training with the best, before jumping into positioning any web project and to make many experiments, because what has worked on one website, does not mean that it will work on another website. Each project is different and should be treated as unique.

Q: To anyone who is interested in SEO but hasn’t quite decided on having proper training, what would you say?

R: Read a lot about SEO, read up on the Internet, and do your own experiments and draw your own conclusions.

And here ends this very pleasant time with Carlos Yáñez del Pino, it is always a pleasure to learn and listen to advice from experts in the industry.

Thanks again for taking time out for Blog SEO

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