Where to study a SEO Master and why?

donde estudiar master seo y por que

Master in SEO, SEM and search engines

Telling personal experiences helps other people to grow and advance without beating themselves up more than they should and it can even make us feel good, helping is a rewarding feeling, at least in my case. Therefore, today I want to talk about SEO Master and that you have some information that I did not have and that can be great for you.

Master SEO, how to improve your knowledge

A year and a half ago (maybe a little more) my work situation was going through delicate moments, my contract was ending after almost two years in the same group of companies and the expectations of renewal were not positive. At that moment I made a decision that would later change my life, not only my work life but also my personal life, and it was the best decision I could have made.

My main work goal since I met the SEO world was always to work professionally in that sector and after a few years playing SEO, playing very well and learning from great colleagues it was time to officially qualify.

Passing the bad job moment I decided to look for information on courses, postgraduate and master SEO, which would give me the opportunity to get my title for my CV and above all to learn more and have the knowledge that only SEO experts have.

Google, here we go!

If you are looking to be a good seo, the best even, you will have to learn from the best professionals and the best business school, right? and well, what is the filter to find them? Of course, our friend Google puts us the best ones in the first positions.

Unlike other courses or masters, here you can prove if you are the best with a single search on Google or any other internet search engine. I was looking for a SEO Master and finding it would be easy.

  1. K School
  2. IEBS School

I contacted both of them to ask for information so that I could start the SEO Master’s degree as soon as possible. Both are great schools (not only I say so), the best in Spain in terms of SEO, but I had to decide for one, and I was guided by what each of them had transmitted to me when I contacted them.

IEBS School SEO Master

I opted for IEBS School, and today I know I made the right decision and I will summarize the advantages and disadvantages that I have seen in them.


  1. From the first moment to the last I have been treated in an exemplary manner, almost instantaneous and personalized help and I know that my classmates have been treated in the same way.
  2. The treatment of teachers towards students is exemplary, both in classes and in discussions. They also have their email always open for any questions.
  3. The syllabus is extensive, but really extensive. 750 hours of Master (the most complete) between case studies and study.
  4. Top teachers in the SEO sector, all are working in large agencies such as Adrenalina or are self-employed prestigious and proven quality.
  5. Access to the campus 24 hours a day, for those who combine work with the master, it is a luxury to be able to access at any time of day.
  6. Master’s final work motivating among all colleagues to show who is the best, we know that in SEO only one wins.
  7. Partners from half the Spanish-speaking world, it is curious to work remotely with colleagues from Uruguay, Mexico, etc … and see the importance of this master outside our borders.
  8. Possibility of internships at the end (and pass) the Master SEO, I did not need it because right after finishing I started working as an SEO consultant, but it is a relief to know that you will leave with a job.


  1. The master is only available online, it is not a problem in itself for the training, also, if we want to work with online tools, it is a plus that the master is developed in that way but it can be a disadvantage when it comes to motivate and focus on studying.

In short, as a student of the Master SEO of IEBS School I encourage you to take this degree and do it with them. My experience has been great and my training during the 11 months of Master has been complete and unbeatable.

I also encourage you to share your experiences on the blog, whether from IEBS or other schools. If you need more information I will try to help you as much as possible.

I felt indebted to them and this is my way of thanking them for all they have done for me.

[UPDATE 2018]

I already have my SEO Master at Webpositer

I come back to this article because there is a technical SEO master that you have to know, yes or yes. When I decided to train in this search engine optimization was not, but since then the Google world has taken many turns as you know, and I had to tell you about it.

This is a master SEO specialist in advanced SEO techniques. That’s nothing, designed by Webpositer, one of the most important SEO agencies in Spain, which knows very well what it does and, above all, knows the needs of the market.

To go further, I will tell you that they are about to launch the 2nd edition, and it promises even more than the first one, which was a great success.

Technical Master of SEO and what is it?

You will learn with real professionals of organic positioning, those who work hard every day behind projects as big as ABC, La Vanguardia, Softonic or Mango, among others, as well as big SEO agencies in this country, such as Ikaue or Cráneo Privilegiado, in addition to Webpositer, of course.

You’ll have teachers who are not dedicated to going from stage to stage microphone in hand, but teaching is a secondary and vocational part of their profession, and you’re going to be able to benefit from that from the very first moment.

Buy Webpostiter Academy COURSE

My opinion about Webpositer Academy’s SEO master

Discounts for studying SEO

As you have seen throughout this post, I do not intend to sell you anything, nor do I take any commission for recommending an SEO master, or because you hire anything that I am telling you here.

In case you decide to take the Webpositer Academy master’s degree, or need more information, tell them you’re coming from me, and they’ll give you a special deal; word.

And if you know of another master and you have a good (or bad) experience, I encourage you to write your comments 😉

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