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Description: TeamPlatino is a platform and SEO and monetization course created by Chuiso. Focused on SEO positioning and monetization. The main objective is to learn how to make money with websites in the largest paid SEO course in Spanish language.

The course takes you by the hand in an orderly manner and avoids being a compendium of tricks, tips and SEO tips scattered to vertebrate in a backbone where all branches of SEO are touched, starting from the basics, such as web architecture and internal links, to reach more advanced points, such as crawl Budget and SEO off page.

Teachers: Chuiso, Juan SantaMaria, David VayaSEO, Joel Perez, Marc Cruells, Pablo Cirre, David Ayala among others.

Hours of duration: More than 100 hours of content in classes, 100 practical experiments, 39,931 messages in our forum and 348 classes.

Type of teaching: Online.

Level: Intermediate – High.

Cost: $24.95 (Webmaster Plan) or $39.95 (SuperSEO Plan).

Scholarships available: No.

Link to training website:

From blog SEO we encourage you to enroll in this SEO course from Chuiso and learn along with hundreds of people the art of monetizing a website

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