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paginas web para publicar anuncios gratis

There is a wide variety of websites to post free ads. In the digital era in which we live it is necessary to advertise, although there is already a package of very popular pages in which large employers and individuals are constantly advertised, the truth is that there are others that are not as well known, but that provide great advantages, and best of all is that they are totally free.

Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads are the favorites, but there are more. If you know them you can get the potential they offer, for this reason through this post I will show you a list, comparing the features of the best, and of course I will give you some tips to take advantage of these tools so vital in this digital world.

Why do you need to advertise on

The digital world opens up a new and limitless universe. More and more, countless users are incorporated into an incredible virtual life. So, if a person wants to buy something, the first thing he or she will do is look online for that product instead of going to a physical store (which is what he or she did a decade ago). Therein lies the importance of having a presence on the various advertising websites.

These types of websites are known as classified ad websites. There you can promote anything from a stereo to a car. It’s true that tech giants like Google Ads provide full coverage, as it has a wide presence on the Internet. Still, it pays to be aware of other options, as they offer the option to promote yourself for free.

How do you know if an advertising site is the best one?

There are several things to consider so that you can make the right choice when posting on a free listing site. First of all, you should think about your needs. What do I expect from the site? Do I want medium coverage but totally free? Do I want international attention regardless of the investment? Do you want to keep track of the coverage?

All of these questions are vitally important when making the final decision. In the following, I will point you to aspects to consider.

  • If you want your classified ads to contain videos, it’s best to choose one that gives you that option as a priority.
  • If on the other hand your concern is simply that you want to track ads, then you should choose a website that has an App, this will give you more control over your classified ads.
  • If you are looking for a website that offers advertising, just to make yourself known for the first time, you should go for any of them, as all of them to a greater or lesser extent give you full coverage.
  • The coverage is one of the things that most interest users who want to publish free ads, ie want your ad to reach all corners, if that is your case, you should definitely lean towards websites that have a higher traffic, but do not have other features such as App to track.

The best websites to post ads totally free

If you want to sell both large and small products you should definitely advertise on a website. website. As I explained above, you should think about your needs to choose the best one for you. needs to choose the best one for you. For such a reason I will present you with a list considering what you hope to achieve from each ad page.

Highest coverage ad page free coverage

If you want your ad to reach everywhere you can choose from these options

One thousand ads

It has almost 100 million visits per month, so it has a wide coverage. It advertises both products and services, so it has become the leader in terms of traffic.

Go to Thousand ads

Segundamano (Vibbo)

This website has recently changed its name and is now known as Vibbo. It has a lower coverage than mil anuncios, but higher than the other options I will present to you. Therefore, it is one of the best to get a presence in Spain.

Go to Vibbo

Pages adapted with mobile or responsive or Responsive

If your priority is to keep in touch with your ads and know the reactions of users immediately, then you should lean towards pages that give mobile navigation


This web page is specially designed to be viewed from mobile devices, so if you are mobile devices, so if you are always on your Smartphone, it is in your best it is convenient to access it. In addition, its application is compatible iOS and Android, from there you can answer questions from your clients.

Go to Casinuevo .


This page has the particularity that its reponsive design is very simple and easy to view on devices. In addition, you don’t need to register to sell. sell.

Go to AnuncioNeon .


It is intended for mobile use. So its application is very easy to use. It will allow you to stay in touch with your customers, answer questions, manage the sale and shipping, etc.

Go to Wallapop

International international

If you want to have international reach, the following options will suit you.


On this page you are asked for an Email address to view some details of your advertisement. However, you do not need to register. You can buy and sell with Wanuncios in Spain or abroad. If you are sure that your product will attract international attention, this is an excellent option.

Go to Wanuncios


This page looks interesting. Apart from giving you the option to sell in another country, you can also set a smaller scope and only limit it to your province. It is particularly useful if you want to make personal deliveries. With this classifieds site you have control of the scope of your ads.

Go to Uclassifieds


Vinted is one of the best ad sites for selling clothes. You can offer your products to everyone through the ads you upload on the portal. One of the websites to post free ads that is very trendy nowadays

Go to Vinted


We know that videos capture the attention of users. For that reason, if you want to incorporate it in your advertising, congratulations, because it is a very powerful visual resource to increase sales.

This platform has two attractive options, that is, in addition to the fact that you can place a link to show your audiovisual support, it also has international reach. So it is a very complete and satisfying option.

Go to Evisos

Themed ad pages to post free ads

In many cases it is better to publish an advertisement on a thematic portal where we will find the ideal customer much easier. easier.


This advertising portal is the undisputed is the undisputed leader in Spain of used car ads and km0. If you intend to sell a car is certainly this is the best place to do it. do it.

Go to Coches.net


As in the previous point, this portal is the reference if you are looking to sell a motorcycle. Here you will find the largest offer of used motorcycles, and you will be able to find real opportunities.

Go to Motos.net


In this case we find the best portal for tractors in Spain, where we will find the latest news in the sector and the opportunity to sell ours if it were the case. With a very simple appearance, it is the reference within its sector.

Go to Tractorista.es


This website to publish free ads is totally focused on the Spanish real estate sector, where we can sell our apartment, house, apartment or villa among others. It has a practical map where we can locate at first glance the different areas where these ads are located.

Go to Fotocasa.es

Other options for posting ads

As I explained at the beginning of this post, there are a lot of websites that make it possible for you to advertise. I have broken down this article to suit your needs, however, there are other sites with various options that you may want to review, as they may contain options that you have not considered.

Free ads

This platform for posting free ads has a simple design. When you login you will see in the foreground some ads. At the top there are several tabs, buy and sell, employment, real estate, motor, among others. From there you can enter and search for the ad or classified of your choice. If the advertising you plan to do goes according to their tabs you can lean towards this option. Its scope to publish free ads is oriented to Spain.

Go to Free Ads .

Total ads

This platform contains a meta-search engine that makes it possible to get ads easily. It also has several categories. At the top left, you will see a green ad that says: Publish for free.

You must click there to advertise. You can decide not to register, but you will be limited, i.e. you will only be allowed to make two advertisements and you must confirm your Email.

You can also register, in this case you only have to enter your Email once, and you will have more comfort to advertise every time you want.

Go to Total Ads

Euro advertisement

This platform displays on its home page the variety of ads available. You will see a sign that says: insert ad. You must click on that option, then you will be directed to another window in which you should place the scope of your advertisement which can be limited to a province, or to the country. province, or country. You can add several photos and descriptions of your products or services. products or services.

Go to Euroanuncio.es


There is no doubt that advertising is the most powerful way to sell. Each of the options already presented give you a number of advantages. Personally, the option to insert video is the one I like the most; at least as a buyer. In fact, I have to admit that it is the way in which an advertisement has managed to hook me. Still, you have a range of options to promote yourself in the world of digital marketing.

With so many options, it would be a shame to limit yourself to testing only one option. Rather, try to test several, this way you guarantee that your favorite is the best.

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