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Music is one of the most pleasant sounds detected by our ears. There are numerous people who are engaged in this branch as a living occupation. So, if you find it pleasurable to make yourself its music to perform your daily activities, it is very good. So, we have to find the best sites to download free royalty-free music and while enjoying our passion, do it legally.

However, it is important that you keep the issue of copyright in mind when downloading them. But what are copyrights, what are the trusted sites to get the best free music album? Below, I explain you in detail all these aspects, read on!

What to look out for when downloading music

The most important thing to understand when entering the world of multimedia downloads is the issue of copyright, or intellectual property rights. If we do not understand it, we can fall into a crime that can represent a high amount of fine or even jail. So it is necessary to have these concepts very clear before downloading royalty-free music for free.


It is intellectual property. The right conferred by law to the owner of the content whether it be images, videos, music, whatever. It can also be defined as the compendium of rights that fall to authors and other owners, among which include producers, artists, broadcasters, etc.) in relation to the works and tributes resulting from their creation.

This law protects the production of any work and recently there have been problems with article 13. Under it musicians and artists, protect their content from copying and dissemination of the same.

In other words, musicians for example do not want third parties to get rich from material that is their property alone and therefore the income derived from their work must go exclusively to them and not to a third party.

It’s a reasonable position to take, isn’t it, In fact, if we were in their shoes we would certainly take that same law. The truth is that the penalties for violating this clearly stated law in Spain are high. Spain is high, so it is not a matter that you should take lightly.

public domain

Works that are not under the parameters of copyright (either because the artist did not protect them, or because the term has expired) can be widely used without any problem, so we can be within the legality. These works are called public domain, some authors place in their secondary licenses a small contribution for them, but you have to be very well informed about it.

Copyright-free works are the works of classical music

Digital Canon

This aspect of the canon is very interesting, pay attention. It turns out that Article 31 of the intellectual rights states that we can make private copies of the material, but for that these copies must not be for the purpose of profit. Up to this point, everything seems to be going very well, the problem comes, with the word “CANON” the law imposes a payment that must be made to the authors in order to compensate them. Items such as CDs, DVDs, videos, etc., are included in canon.

What is Creative Commons license

In the line of keeping within the legality, an organization has been created that, without the purpose of enriching itself, defends the parameters established by the authors with respect to their works.

Under the terms All rights reserved, which we commonly see, they are really telling us that the conditions of their use are subject to change, but these will be solely decided by those who own their rights, although they own public domain.

Some artists or owners have set up the phrase some rights reserved, evidencing the power that they have over their production and their right to decide on the use that should be made of it, the general public.

If you want to download royalty-free music that has Creative Commons what you should do is to mention the author’s name, and check thoroughly if it is within any special license, maybe this license is not so restrictive.

It is important that we understand this aspect because next, I will talk about some pages on the Internet where we can download music, but some of them have Creative Commons license.

15 Best royalty-free music download sites

Now, let’s get down to business. It is important to note that it is possible that some pages, although the music is available, these specify some license, I recommend read carefully the terms of the same. Some have a catalog at no cost, while others have some cost, but there is variety in the offerings.


This site that allows free downloading of royalty-free music offers a very large music bank, the material you can find here is classified by Creative Commons, in fact, it has a pro-shop option, in which companies make payments to be able to use the material commercially. You can find a wide variety of music, as well as some independent groups.

Download music on Jamendo .


Here you will have license-free music. It is composed by musicians of Spanish nationality, there is a wide diversity of varied content in excellent quality, you can browse the site and see the prices that are clearly stipulated. A good option for downloading royalty-free music.

Download music on Audionity .


This website is very practical, if you want to get music. Get music for commercial purposes, under the Creative Commons 3.0 license allows us to download a variety of musical content. (You must include the URL of the website) You can classify the content according to your preferences, moods, time and genre.

Download music in Audionautix .


On this portal musicians share their musical work widely under the parameters of the Creative Commons license, and you can download royalty-free music. A positive aspect is that you don’t need to register to the portal to start downloading content.

It is important to note that on some of the Soundcloud themes you must give a like to the Facebook page before proceeding with the download, but that is very easy to do, so this page is positioned as one of the best.

Downloading music on Soundcloud


It is one of the easiest to use pages to download royalty-free music, it has a simple interface but very intuitive. It has a list of music, classified into several categories, mood, genre, instrument, duration and attribution. (the genre one is very practical, you can find music for children, ambient, jazz, rock among many others)

Some of these songs are totally license free, and others are under the terms of Creative Commons, it is not necessary that we are registered on the platform. It is one of the pages you should have on hand if you want to download copyrighted music. You can also download videos from YouTube in just a few steps.

Downloading music on YouTube

Free Music Projects

This nice looking portal also allows us to download royalty-free music, it has a classification panel among which are classical and cinema, pop, piano, etc. It is very useful if you have a radio station, so you need to offer the audience royalty-free music.

In its content panel it gives us the best prices in the market. The music content is focused on the area of marketing and advertising. Do not hesitate! Access this platform and visualize the offers that are available to you.

It is important to highlight the tab that says public domain, this is very practical because it shows us the wide variety of music in which the copyright has expired, so that presents them to you at a really attractive price. These works are of classical music, very pleasing to the good musical ear.

Download music at Free Music Projects .


Vimeo is a perfect website for downloading royalty-free music that presents the music in a really simple order. Although it has a price list, it also has a free section, so you can visualize the range of options you have with this page. It is important to note that you need to register to proceed with music downloads. (This one is in English)

Download music on Vimeo .

Free Music Archive

It presents us with music under the Creative Commons license, they are properly sorted by genre. It gives us the option to even download the complete album of the artist. This fact is very practical for downloading royalty-free music, since it is not necessary to log in continuously to download several tracks of the musician or group that we want to download.

Download music from Free Music Archive


It is a site for classical music lovers that gives us the option to download royalty-free music. It has a Google-style search button on its home page, which allows us to immediately locate the musical material of our preference.

You can place the name of the composer, instruments, etc. in the meta-search engine. Their database is quite large, so if you have had trouble finding a classical piece, we highly recommend searching for it on Musopen.

It is important to note, that when you use the meta-search engine, it starts to give your suggestion of search, which is very handy if you are is very handy if you are not sure of the composer’s name. It is a complete and attractive and attractive platform that is well worth your time to explore.

Download music on Musopen .


With a small support to the creator of the work, you can use the music available on this site for commercial purposes, for example, you can use it as background sound in some games that are marketed. So with this site everyone wins, if you are a professional, and you are looking for specific music, this site is for you. Another different way to download royalty free music.

Download music at Dig.ccMixter .

What are the best sites for downloading sound effects

Sound effects are widely used in well-defined projects such as digital content creation. If you are a professional in this field, take note of the 5 best sites to download sound effects. Royalty free music is at your fingertips.


Under the terms of the Creative Commons license you can download the MP3, WAV or ZIP effect. It offers us a useful search button. It is a page that has a wide content, it is very complete.

Download effects from SoundBible

Ministry of Education Sound Bank

It’s an intuitive page at the moment of the download of the musical effects, in addition it offers some very useful resources that can be useful in our project as it is some photographs, or even animations.

Download effects at Ministry of Education.


Freesound is a highly dynamic and interactive, in Freesound the different users upload their effects and make them available to the whole community. It has a very complete list of sounds.

Download Freesound effects

Sound Effects for Free

This option is very useful because we are free to download as many effects as we want without limit. The download format is in WAV and MP3. It has a practical section that shows us the new effects available.

Downloading effects in Sound Effects

Sound Dog

It has a large content with royalty-free music in its database, even so, it offers us an efficient meta-searcher that helps us to get the music effect easily and quickly.

Download effects from Sound Dog


The options presented in this post for downloading royalty-free music allow us to value the work done by the authors of the content we want to use, but at the same time help us to make full use of it.

It is really a win/win, the authors making the contribution of their musical content and at the same time we respect ourselves, because we fulfill our ethical and moral duty.

You have a wide variety of download options. Feel free to browse through all these pages to download royalty free music and find your favorite one!

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