Tips for adapting your Europass to work in the European Union

consejos para adaptar tu europass para trabajar en la union europea

A good resume is essential to get a job. The ideal is to have several models and adapt them to the company and the job position you are applying for.

However, there is a format recognized and accepted in all the countries of the European Union that we can take as a basis to send to any company in the European Union: the Europass.

This CV format unifies the curricula vitae of the European Union, thus facilitating the personnel selection process of the companies. On the other hand, it increases the chances of candidates by establishing the most important fields when applying for a job position.

This feature allows templates to create our Europass cv online, making it easier to create it.

What are the parts of the Europass CV

This document is somewhat different from a regular CV as the Europass encompasses the CV itselfthe Language Passport, the  Europass Mobility Document, the Supplement to the Technical Degree or Certificate of Professionalism and the Supplement to the Higher Degree.

With these five documents we will make sure that all our skills and qualifications are reflected.

The Curriculum Vitae

It will be completed through a template. In the network there are many pages that offer us the template of the Europass resume model, which will make things much easier for us. In this way, all your skills, qualities, experience and qualifications will be presented in an orderly and systematized way.

The Language Passport

This document simply and systematically accredits your knowledge of foreign languages. This standard template is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Through a self-assessment this document will help us to indicate the oral and written skills in the different languages. It is necessary to mention that this document does not have an official character, although in the Language Passport we will find a space reserved to include them.

The Europass Mobility document

This document must be issued by academic authorities, organizations or companies in the European Union with which we have collaborated or worked. The Europass Mobility document will contain the knowledge and skills acquired in other EU countries. In this way, participation in exchange programs, volunteering in NGOs or European programs would be detailed.

The Supplement to the Technical Degree or Certificate of Professionalism and the Supplement to the Higher Degree

These two documents will have to be issued by the educational centers where we have been trained. In these two documents will appear reflected the studies taken, a description of these and the national context and, finally, the competences and professional skills to which these titles lead.

This information will be used to validate higher education studies throughout the European Union.

With these five documents gathered in the Europass CV we will have a good description of our skills and competences and we will make sure that any European company or institution will have all our relevant information validated and in the right format.

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