Shutterstock: Complete Image Bank Review


Shutterstock is the leading provider of high-quality stock images, photos, vectors, videos and music. It also offers an extensive music repertoire and a fascinating image editor ideal for graphic designers. Today its platform operates in more than 150,000 countries in several languages and with more than 350,000 contributors.

Photography has always played an important role in our lives, as it manages to immortalize our best moments in just an instant. But sometimes it is difficult to make a photograph aesthetically and professionally styled.

Shutterstock takes this into account, that’s why it has provided several tools that make this process easier. If you don’t know it yet, I invite you to join me in this complete review of the tool that can become your ally to improve your marketing strategy.

What is Shutterstock? This is how it was born

Shutterstock is an American company that provides quality audiovisual content such as images, videos and music. Its service adapts to all customer needs, leaving at your disposal an attractive and original content, which you can customize according to your taste or need.

This company was created in 2003 by programmer Jon Oringer, who started his project with his own photo collection. The content offered by Shutterstock in its beginnings was exclusive and limited, this forced the company to work on a subscription basis.

With the passage of time and advances in technology, its content has increased rapidly, allowing implementation of an application that offers a much more convenient service for the customer.

This company is formed by a group of professional experts in photography and music, they strive to do an efficient and quality work. Shutterstock’s products have achieved to be the best thanks to its collaborators who work with dedication and passion in what they love the most.

Although its content is free, it is not totally free, as it retains the copyright. These can be freely used in various media after paying for their license. All paid platforms provide quality services and Shutterstock is no exception, that’s why its audiovisual products are the preference of many people.

How Shutterstock works

The content found on the Shutterstock platform is very extensive, ideal for use by companies and communication and marketing agencies. A professional image is the key to success for any project or brand and Shutterstock has become the leading provider of this type of content.

Shutterstock works in different ways, with the user’s benefit as a priority. Its two main functions are to carry audiovisual content and to offer job opportunities to music and photography experts to be active contributors to the platform.

Contribute audiovisual content

This was the initial goal of this company. This sought to offer a digital service where any person or company by subscription can obtain images, music and videos of excellent quality. Today Shutterstock is the leading image bank in providing this type of content. It can be said that despite the time it has not lost its goal and remains focused on providing faithful quality content, since its inception. It is known for its bank of images at affordable prices.

Do you want to be one of their contributors?

This option gives music, photography and design lovers the opportunity to do what they are passionate about and get compensated for it by earning money online. Every day many artists become direct collaborators of Shutterstock.

Most people use Shutterstock images as screensavers or to give a better look to their social networks and blog. But you can also use their service to make advertisements (print or digital), create web designs, make book covers, postcards, greeting cards, invitations, create corporate material, among others.

Actually, anyone can benefit from the services offered by Shutterstock, whether it’s about making advertisements or making small invitations, it doesn’t matter, this same application can be useful for big or small projects.

How to download images from

If you only want to view or download images on the Shutterstock platform, you must go to its official website (, then enter a keyword related to the content you want to get in its search engine.

When you select your desired image you will see two download options, finally you must make the payment for the service according to the quality and size of the selected image and that’s it.

Advantages offered by Shutterstock

Among the various advantages that Shutterstock offers you can find:

  • It offers high resolution photos and illustrations.
  • It operates in more than 20 languages.
  • It uploads more than 1,300,000 images every week to its online platform.
  • You can use different formats (Vector, Illustration, EPS, JPEG).
  • You can make immediate downloads 24 hours a day.
  • You can easily search by categories.
  • Shutterstock allows you to download complete image packages.
  • The payment fee is low when you download few images.
  • The payment of the content depends on the size and resolution of the content.

How Shutterstock Editor works

Shutterstock Editor is a free image editing tool belonging to the same company Shutterstock. It was created with the aim that both companies and personal brands can boost their projects through images that convey an attractive and reliable message.

Images are the main resource for the success of any online project but try to reduce the size of the photos before uploading them to your project. That’s why when having a website it is important to have the most impactful and attractive ones, as this manages to catch the attention of the followers immediately.

Shutterstock offers you an image editor similar to BeFunky that allows you to customize photos or design your images easily and quickly.

For some people, designing an image is a complicated and tedious process. But with Shutterstock is not so, on the contrary, this becomes an extremely simple task, you just have to have at hand a mobile device or PC and follow the steps that you will see below:

  1. Go to the official Shutterstock website or access it by entering the following address in your browser:
  2. Search for the image or illustration you like the most.
  3. Select the size customization option. You will be able to choose from a wide variety of predefined sizes for social networks or websites.
  4. In case you don’t know how to make professional style designs, you can choose a template to help you. You have at your disposal several formats to choose from.
  5. If you are editing an advertising image, you can add the title of this, applying the font you like.
  6. If you want you can place objects and stickers in your design.
  7. You can also choose a filter for your image, this will give it a professional touch.
  8. Once you have finished your design, you can click on the “Download” option to save it to your device. You will also be able to share your work directly on social networks.

Advantages offered by Shutterstock Editor

Here are some of the advantages you will enjoy when using Shutterstock Editor:

  • You can edit personal images or choose one directly from Shutterstock.
  • You have a wide variety of photo filters to choose from.
  • You will have the ability to change the shape of the image, according to your preference.
  • It offers cropping with predefined sizes for social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, among others.
  • It features an image size adjustment ideal for email and websites.
  • You can add frames, stickers and images to your design.
  • Shutterstock lets you change the color, background, contrast, brightness and opacity of the image you have decided to edit, providing the desired professional touch.
  • You can include text on the image according to your taste.
  • You have the option to preview and correct your finished image.
  • If you are not a professional designer, you can avail yourself of the practical templates offered by Shutterstock. These make the editing process much easier.

As you may have noticed, Shutterstock offers you a wealth of tools, in fact, its image bank is one of the best, because in addition to the fact that the service is very economical, it is a reliable provider. Their images are totally professional. It has royalty-free license, which is quite a convenience. For despite getting it at a price, it gives you the ability to use them practically without restrictions.

It is an excellent option to supply you with the amount of images you require, or even to work together as a collaborator. Without a doubt, this US company has a great future ahead of it and we can be a part of it.

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