Periscope What is it and how does it work? Live video


Recording live was one of the television trends of the 1960s. It was exciting to live the moment in real time. This practice, while leaving a fairly wide margin for error, allowed viewers to empathize with program hosts. Periscope is somewhat similar to that feeling, but in today’s age.

And the reason for that, is that emotions could be conveyed better, on the other hand, the content was broadcast faster so that consumers had the audiovisual material instantly.

This trend has resurfaced in the web world on social networks with applications such as Periscope. Streaming videos are currently one of the best digital marketing strategies. Why is Periscope so useful? How does Periscope work? Next, in this post I will explain everything you need to know about live videos broadcasted with this social network.

What is Periscope

It is an application for mobile devices that allows you to broadcast live videos. The concept of the creators of it, was to make it possible for ordinary people to broadcast in real time what was happening around them.

What once started as just another application has now established itself as a vital tool in the online world, in fact, this application was bought by Twitter, so that its use has spread tremendously.

One of the highlights is that it is not necessary to have professional recording tools, from the camera of a cell phone you can record what you want and broadcast it live so that it can be seen in real time by your followers and in the profiles of the social network Twitter.

What you broadcast on Periscope is from Periscope

Advantages of using live video

The online world is saturated with so much content, hence the importance of doing something that sets you apart. The use of audiovisual material is great, it allows the user to easily get hooked on any topic.

Now, using live video brings us great advantages that are worth analyzing. Below, I’ll detail them for you one by one:

Intelligent digital marketing tool

Live video offers the option to promote your brand or professional label. The reach you achieve by implementing audiovisual material, positions you above your competition. So it progressively increases your sales.

Gives confidence and connection with the public

Streaming videos allow you to explain the subject like an expert. If in the middle of your explanation you keep the thread of the argument you will evidence a clear mastery of the subject, which in turn will give confidence to the viewers. On the other hand, by answering their questions online you will achieve a unique connection with the viewer.

Bigger reach

Videos on Periscope are very easy to share, this fact allows more and more users to join. This new audience comes thanks to your loyal viewers, so in a way your followers are promoters of your brand and help you achieve a greater reach.

Disadvantages of using live video

While the advantages I just mentioned reveal all the potential behind live video on Periscope, you need to be aware of some disadvantages of this live recording with Periscope:

A high margin of error

In the pre-recorded and edited videos you have the freedom to correct some mistakes, even while you are in the process of recording you can visualize aspects such as the clarity of the image, pause it, and continue at any time you wish.

However, when recording and broadcasting live, you cannot control these aspects. In fact, if in the middle of the recording some incident occurs, you can’t edit and continue to record, that represents a big disadvantage.

More preparation

Streaming videos are one of the latest trends, so to know the right way to use this tool you need to prepare well, for that you might want to look at how your competitors stream live.

On the other hand, it is vital to have a mental idea of the content you are going to broadcast, or even a script. This allows viewers to clearly understand the subject matter you are addressing. However, it requires more effort and dedication on your part. I’m sure this is not a problem for you.

Requires more time

Another aspect that can be a disadvantage is that it is necessary to have a focused target audience, in fact, it is vital to know if they normally use Twitter. In addition, it is important to plan the contents. All of these tasks involve extra time.

What aspects need to be considered before using Periscope

Although getting started with this application is very simple (I will explain how to do it shortly), you need to take into account that we are talking about an Internet TV channel. Therefore, you need to plan the theme to develop. And although obviously you are not going to make a reading in your transmissions, it is necessary that you write a script, this will allow you to have a mental sketch of the topic to be covered.

On the other hand, you can’t forget to implement the SEO tools. So before using Periscope plan your objectives in the transmissions. Also, it is necessary that you organize a broadcast schedule.

Although this application allows you to watch delayed videos, viewers come to it for the benefits of seeing you live. Therefore, you must define the days and times when you will go live so that they can interact with you, if on the other hand you record without prior announcement; although later they can watch the audiovisual content, the connection and the advantages of using this online media will be lost.

A highlight in the matter of implementing a schedule for transmissions, is that it is vital to be consistent with the commitment you made with your followers, that is, if you have already decided that you will transmit on Monday you must enforce your word.

Otherwise, viewers will lose interest in your content. If you have the time and dedication to join this novel trend, then Periscope is for you.

How to use Periscope

Bearing in mind the advantages of live streaming, you will surely want to use this application available for Android and iOS. It is important to highlight, that although it is a mobile app, you can view the content through the social network Twitter. Next, I will explain you how to start using Periscope.

Link your account

Although Periscope is an extra application that you must install on your mobile, its use is linked to the social network Twitter. Therefore, it is necessary to log in to the platform. Now, if you do not have an account on this social network, it is vital that you open one, it is very simple. Just head over to the official page, click on the “Sign up” option.

Once there type your name or your business/company name. Then you must enter your phone number, or if you wish you can register your email address. It is necessary that you take into account that this email or mobile number cannot have been used in another Twitter account.

It is very simple, and after this, you only need to configure the basics of your account. Which are not necessary to use Periscope.

Set up your broadcast

It is necessary to make some adjustments in the application so that the videos that you are going to transmit enjoy the best quality, in addition to making its use more comfortable for you. Although it is important to note that once you have linked your Twitter account with the App, you can start making your videos.

But since what you want is to use this tool to have reach with your brand or product, it is vital that you make some settings before you start broadcasting. For example, you can schedule a tweet that tells your followers that you are going to broadcast, this way you make sure you have an audience. In addition, you can point to the name of your video.

On the other hand, also, you can configure the chat, add some location data. With these small settings you can move comfortably in Periscope, and when your audience starts interacting with you, you won’t feel lost.

Start transmitting

Once the account is linked, it will direct us to the TV section. You can locate it at the bottom of the screen, in a classic TV icon. Importantly, you can view the most recent broadcasts of your colleagues there.

To start broadcasting your videos using Periscope, you don’t need to be an expert, the App is really very intuitive. At the bottom there is a little camera, click on it, immediately the application will activate the camera of your mobile, then a button will appear that says “broadcast now”, press it. It’s that easy!


Once you start broadcasting live on Periscope, you need to know that even if you’re alone in your room, hundreds of people may see you and even want to ask you questions online. That’s why it’s important that you know how to make Periscope a way to connect and empathize with your followers.

Don’t ignore their comments, learn how to use this application’s tools to get to know them. Appreciate the number of hearts they give you and strive to earn these clicks that indicate that they love the video you are streaming.

What kind of subject is being developed on Periscope?

After analyzing the many advantages of live streaming through this application, the limits of innovation are set by you. You can address a wide variety of interesting topics.

Some are inclined to convey curious aspects of some cities, ancient history, you can also get videos of current events such as fashion, celebrities backstage. Entertainment videos are also highly sought after, such as jokes, impersonations and even instructional content such as SEO classes, marketing, etc.

Who can you follow on Periscope

Ever since we were in school our parents told us: group with the good students. Rubbing shoulders with the best is an incentive to continue progressing, it allows us to improve our skills. You can apply this advice in the business world, so on this platform try to follow people who you know can help you improve.

You will see videos that provide no intellectual value, that are simply a waste of time, you don’t want to follow them, rather, look for the best among so many, for what will help you increase your knowledge.

How to increase the number of followers on Periscope

The integration of this application with the Twitter platform is a convenience, because it is not necessary to have an exorbitant amount of followers for your video to be successful, because if one follower shares your video to three more people and these in turn to one more, it starts a very beneficial chain effect. This is possible because of the ease of sharing content.

Now, what is the key to get more followers on Periscope, make high quality audiovisual content. That is, remember that for a video to go viral (be shared thousands of times) it must be something that viewers really like

Today it is very common to share jokes or entertaining videos. So, try to think carefully about your target audience, map out a real strategy, and provide material that you think might entertain or involve intellectual value, that is actually useful.

Next, I’ll give you some simple tips to help you increase the number of Periscope viewers:

Place a broadcast schedule

As I explained at the beginning of this post, it is vital to respect the schedule you have set for yourself. But it is also necessary that you transmit regularly. To do this you will have to do a rigorous analysis to know the time or day when there are more people online.

Request to be shared

If you’ve made a connection with your audience, it wouldn’t hurt to ask them to give you promotion. Especially if they give you hearts while you broadcast, so take advantage of those moments and tell them to spread the word.

Offer high quality content

Although quality content is linked to the subject matter to be developed, the quality of it should not be limited to that, it is vital that the mobile camera enjoys a good resolution, and that you do not move it unnecessarily, in fact, you can use a tripod to keep it in one place. This will make you look more professional.

Notify your broadcasts

You can notify of the video in question via Twitter, but you can also log into the other social networks and talk about the video you will broadcast.

Ensure you have a good Wifi connection

It’s unbelievable that I have to mention this, but some people make the mistake of not making sure of their connection status and it constantly stops. Obviously viewers will lose interest and your video will be a total failure.

Study your competition

Without copying what your competitors do, you can go in and see what they share, the format they use and extract from them what has made them successful. Remember to be authentic, it’s about analyzing the keys to their success and implementing them.

Provide yourself with visibility

If you have made an innovative video but it didn’t get much audience because you didn’t choose the right time, or you didn’t promote it properly, don’t worry, you can reuse that content, and use it to make yourself known.

To do this you can place the multimedia material on YouTube, that way you allow more people to know you, that way when you go to report live they will already know who you are, and what kind of content you share.

Transmit short and valuable videos

You can broadcast content that is 20 minutes long, make it entertaining, don’t waste time talking about things that don’t bring value. For example, if you want to explain how to use some tool, be polite, say hello, but then concentrate on explaining the subject matter.

Block the Trolls

These types of people are toxic, they are dedicated to enter all possible sites to generate controversy, you don’t have to play along. Simply block them, this way you maintain a harmonious environment among your viewers.

What sets Periscope apart from other video platforms

This platform provides you with three features that really set it apart from others, which are VIP Program, Periscope Producer and Superfans. Below, I will detail each one of them so you can get the most out of this social network.

VIP Program

This feature recognizes the hard work you do and rewards you for your frequent transmissions, this helps you achieve greater visibility. To benefit from this feature you must be part of the VIP members, which will give us the tools to grow in this platform.

So, to be part of the VIP, you must transmit constantly, this will make you have audience, this fact allows you to be part of this elite and even within it you can grow and get more privileges which you can access with each badge achieved. Next, I will briefly explain the levels of awards:


This is the first medal you will earn, which will be placed on your profile. With it you will be able to get valuable information regarding what users are interested in. You will find examples, materials, etc., which will allow you to reach a larger group of viewers.You will also be provided with increased visibility.

I told you earlier that this is where your efforts are measured, but what do these efforts entail? To win this valuable bronze medal on Periscope you must have at least 10,000 followers on this app. (To achieve such a magnitude, you must implement the tips I have already explained to you in this post)

Of course it is not necessary that all 10,000 connect in each transmission, but you should enjoy at least 200 viewers on average in each video broadcast. On the other hand, it is vital to share live videos at least two days per week. You also need to be exemplary as a user and not violate the platform’s terms of use.


This is a step up. Apart from the benefits outlined above, you will also enjoy excellent reputation, so the application will sponsor or recommend you. You will have special access to all the innovative features of the application.

On the other hand, you will be identified in your profile with a silver star. In addition, you will rub shoulders with the best, as you will be able to work with peers and share issues of mutual interest.

To reach this high level of privileges, you need to have an audience of about 400 to 700 viewers on average. In addition, to have 30,000 followers on the Periscope application. As for the frequency of broadcasting, you must broadcast at least 2 times per week.


This is the highest level of the platform, where you can get preferential treatment with the application team, so you will get help and support in whatever you need.

It is important to note that the privileges of the other badges remain fully intact. In addition, your profile will be highlighted with a splendid gold star and you will have a valuable verification account.

To gain such a privileged position you must have 1000 to 2000 users per broadcast approximately. In addition to about 100,000 followers. And just like the other medals it is vital to broadcast at least twice a week.

Even if you do not enjoy these conditions, do not be discouraged you can still grow on this platform, for the moment you can implement the tag @PeriscopeTV and @Twitter so that the team of this social network can watch your audiovisual content and provide the value it deserves, on the other hand, if you enjoy a good number of followers you can contact them to help you continue to grow.

Periscope Producer

This is an excellent feature that allows you to use professional cameras of the highest quality, including webcams. You can avail yourself of the OBS Studio software, which makes it possible for both Android and IOS users to enjoy this feature.

That option is available to those who have shared several live videos and who fill out a form implemented by the platform administrators.


With this feature the platform distinguishes users who share a special connection with the presenters, in other words, who have a higher interaction with them. Fans whenever they feel proud proclaim themselves “Fan number 1” in this case you can literally become the top fan if you perform the following actions:

  • In the middle of the live broadcast you click to give hearts.
  • If you constantly follow the presenter, that is, you connect to the live broadcasts.
  • You come back to enjoy the video on replay
  • You spend an extended time watching the broadcasts.
  • You comment and ask questions.
  • You share the content.

It goes without saying that if you do all of this you will position yourself as a Superfan. On the other hand, if you have a follower as loyal as the one I just described remember to congratulate them, i.e. reward them for their loyalty, this way you encourage engagement.

This platform is always innovating in its functionalities, therefore, it is an ally as a marketing strategy, therefore, if you enjoy a large audience and even have Superfans do not take it for granted, value every privilege you achieve in this social network as it will be the link to make the most of Periscope.


There is great potential behind the use of audiovisual material, so you need to take advantage of the tools at your disposal. However, it is important to note that you should not abuse this medium. That is, if you are not going to provide great content, or what you want to explain does not require extensive visual aids, then lean towards other tools.

If you use the appropriate media, written blogs, recorded videos, streaming videos, etc., you will be able to position yourself in the network, on the other hand if you abuse a tool you may lose reputation and your transmissions may be dismissed.

Periscope is an application linked to the social network Twitter that is very easy to use and does not require large recording devices, however, this does not mean that the image quality should be poor, you should strive to provide quality material both in image resolution and in subject matter and content development.

Live videos are a powerful alternative to make a special connection with followers, open up steps in digital marketing, increase our income, etc. So, leverage it wisely, strive to improve and move up every link in this exciting journey of the web.

On the other hand, don’t get left behind with your mobile devices. Periscope is a smartphone app that is always being constantly updated. Learn and experiment with each new feature. Also, take advantage of the fact that for now this app is free so that’s one more reason to use it.

Although the Internet world is filled with a lot of competition, don’t ever think you’ll be behind in this race. Fortunately, you have a variety of tools that will help you in your marketing strategies, one of which is Periscope.

Live video provides a professional look, greater connection, greater reach. If you use it properly Periscope will help grow your business.

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