26 Pages to download free vectors: EPS, SVG, AI

paginas descargar vectores gratis

Using vector images to enrich your web content is a key element for its optimization. The user who visits your site enjoys a rewarding experience and you achieve a better engagement. If you still do not have the integration of vectors on your website, I invite you to read this post, to enhance your website through the best platforms to download free vectors.

Desire and taste come through sight, and this reality is not alien in the case of the Internet world. Before telling you the reference websites where you can acquire the best vectors, I think it is best to conceptualize a little the elements that make up the subject.

Where can I use vectors in design

The 3 basic elements that you should include in your portal or blogs are vector images, icons and banners. They are tools that will allow you to build an attractive interface, without having to resort to elements that affect the fluidity of your page.

Vector icons

For example, icons allow you to highlight content elements with action buttons. You can use them anywhere on your site, which will give it a better visual appearance. If used with balance, they can be a powerful and eye-catching tool that will please your users.

The main purpose of icons is to emphasize the content saving unnecessary explanations and allowing a better arrangement of elements on the web page.

One of the ideal sections to add the icons is in the menu. This greatly reduces the excess text that clutters the interface and impairs access via the Smartphone.

Note: On a visual level, it’s perfect, but you lose the anchor text you can give to Google by having contextual menus.

Vector images

Vector images or vectors comprise graphics based on mathematical calculations that are not divisible into minimal units of data; as is the case with pixels, they are instead divided into colored blobs and lines.

Why is it advisable to use this type of images in Web content? Their biggest advantage is that by not relying on a pixel structure, vector graphics are completely independent of size

Advantages of vector images

  • Graphics that have a lot of details, because they are vectorial, can be used with a higher resolution
  • Because they are lightweight files, which do not require large storage space, they contribute to a better fluidity and facilitate their distribution and handling
  • The conversion capabilities of the images are very simple
  • Vector graphics are the most suitable option to be used in animations due to their excellent sharpness
  • The ASCII images can be manipulated later with text editing programs, which allows appending elements without affecting the quality of the images
  • The resolutions of the vector images are independent. This fact makes it possible to edit, resize and scale without losing image quality

The best websites to download icons, banners and vector images totally free

We already have well defined the terms that identify each vector element that we can use to enrich and enhance our Website, its great advantages. Now without further ado, I present the best list of free vector sites well nourished with the best sites to download your vectors and a small description of each one.


Vecteezy is a site that allows us to download completely free vectors and use them in professional image editing programs such as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe PhotoShop.

Its large amount of various downloadable vector elements makes it one of the favorites on the Internet and also one of mine for free vector downloads. You can help yourself with more than 100 thousand free vectors. No registration is required to start downloading content, and its multilingual interface allows for a wide user understanding.

It has a very clearly identifiable search engine in the center of its main screen, to start queries by words, which will show us a huge amount of results related to the keyword entered. There is also the possibility to search by categories (recent, popular, recommended).

Download vectors in Vecteezy


This is one of the platforms that is on the cusp when it comes to downloadable vector content that gives us the option to download free vectors.

Offers downloads of paid and also completely free icons, images and vector banners. It is an extremely complete site, but it is not only limited to these items, you can also download files in native Photoshop format (PSD), images and icons without registration.

Order the majority of your content by means of a horizontal bar at the top with the categories: Vectors, Pictures with the categories: Vectors, Photos, PSD, Icons. Premium and Collections. Each categories show a robust amount of subcategories to start the desired query. start the desired query.

When the download of the desired vector content on this page, you will have at your disposal a compressed available a compressed package with the same element in two formats: EPS and PNG, with which you will be able to choose whether to use the raw PNG or to use the EPS format from the EPS format from PhotoShop to customize it.

Download vectors on Freepik


The Flaticon portal offers the largest content base in icons in SVG, EPS, PSD, PNG and BASE 64 format to download free vectors. It has in its vector bank of no less than 1,964,000 icons arranged in more than 40 thousand packs.

With support for three languages (Spanish, English and Portuguese) we have a simple and intuitive portal that allows queries by keywords. Similarly we can search by author or groups of icons.

On its home page displays updated lists of the best free and paid packs of the month, the most popular of the month, the most popular ones, the ones belonging to the best authors, etc. The free icons are determined by the $ symbol in the upper right corner, while the premium ones will have the $ symbol in the top right corner, while the Premium ones will have a crown. To download the downloading the vectors is not mandatory to register on the site.

Download vectors in Flaticon

Free Vector Archive

The Free Vector Archive portal is very popular on the net, a mention supported by its more than 3.5 million registered downloads. It is possible to download from their server vector graphics for free. A perfect choice for downloading free vectors.

Its multiple categories allow for a better review of the desired content, in which you can find vectors of: education, technology, animals, etc. It also offers a keyword search engine and the ability to filter the results obtained by format, colors and categories.

When you decide to download any desired vector, you have the option to know the specific specifics of the element before starting the download. Premium vectors are available in two arranged in two options: paid license or extended license.

Download vectors at Free Vector Archive .


Through this website we can take advantage of immense amount of unique vectors that are gradually being added daily with approximately 15 vectors per day. This feature guarantees that you will always find updated and interesting vectors and it will become a reference website to download free vectors.

Using Vexels is extremely simple, the site is very intuitive allowing you to edit the vectors online online the vectors before downloading them.

Download vectors at Vexels


IconFinder describes in its name what it really is: a search engine for vector icons in SVG, AI and PNG formats with a bank of 3.5 million icons in SVG format. SVG FORMAT. Available for download, free and paid vector icons. This portal is very similar to Flaticon, as it is mainly dedicated to icons. However, there are certain features that differentiate them.

The detail that sets this vector icon finder apart is the option to employ an icon designer. It also offers an icon editor so that we can create our own unique creations

Download vectors at IconFinder


More than 1 million photos and graphics Pixabay portal offers us in its vast gallery, which makes it a perfect choice for downloading free vectors. Most of its content is in the public domain, which indicates that it does not need the author’s approval. The most popular download formats are SVG, PNG and EPG.

Vector images have a small rating and commenting system that enriches the content and makes it more interactive. We recommend consulting the basic terms of use, which is arranged just below the download link of each vector graphic.

Download vectors from Pixabay


This portal is dedicated to the download of free icons and vector images. There is no need to register, but we will get some requirement: to make use of the graphics, we must review the author.

The structural scheme of the portal is very similar to its predecessors. It has a search box, as well as a category section. The results of the search for the desired vector are displayed divided into categories: vectors, icons and promotion of other free vector graphics banks.

Download vectors at Dryicons


The Vectorizados website breaks the mold in its free vector bank with respect to the other platforms contained on the web that offer vectorized content. In this case you will find vectors available in SVG, NGO and EPS formats to apply them without problems in your portal when downloading free vectors. Registration and login is required to enjoy all the content.

One interesting aspect of this Website, is the strategy of categorizing the vector elements by vector elements by theme. For example, “deals and business”, “doctors working”, “people running working”, “people running”, etc. This method is ideal for those who search This method is ideal for those who search their images by theme, which saves a considerable amount of time scrolling through an infinite number of galleries.

The feature that marks the originality of this page to download free vectors, is to present vector graphics different from those handled by most of the sister platforms.

Having this type of content gives you the opportunity to work with new and different content. However, this aspect that makes it stand out, also affects it, due to the fact that it fails to position itself at the height of the best free vector banks.

Download vectors at Vectorized


Vector.me is another alternative at your disposal to download or download free vectors, including icons and logos. It offers us more than 79 thousand free vectors of excellent sharpness. Its search box categorizes or filters the content before making the query, leaving three buttons available: vectors, logos and icons. We only have to choose the desired option and then enter the keyword to perform the search.

The downloadable formats of vector graphics are SVG, AI, EPS and CDR. The formula presented in this portal, is to have everything well categorized. The categories icons, logos and vectors have subcategories for consultation, such as, for example: abstract, animals, business, fashion, etc. Vector.me vector content is absolutely free.

On the other hand On the other hand, in the query results there is a column on the right-hand side with paid vector material with sponsorship from well-known brands.

Download vectors at Vector.me


Excellent free vector bank as an alternative for those who want to get free quality vectors. This portal is one of the most sought after by users, due to the fact that it has a vector image bank of more than 36 million for download.

Registration is not registration is not required to have the required vectorials. However, you will encounter advertising banners that will divert you from the main objective. main objective.

Download vectors on Vectorportal

Brands of the World

It is a little known portal, but it is one more alternative that offers us logos in EPG, SVG and other formats for free.

Download vectors at Brands of the World

1001 Free Download

Free Download says it all! Dedicated portal apara graphic designers where they can download free vectors both vector type, fonts, photos and icons for their projects.

It has a keyword search engine that you can filter by categories. All its vector elements are free, but as is common, with the possibility of accessing other vector banks for payment.

Download vectors in 1001

Stock vector

Place at our disposal a great variety of resources to download free vectors of the highest quality. More than 15 million vectors between free and paid in AI, EPS, PDF and JPG formats are what they offer on the portal. It has an interesting example box that demonstrates the difference in the scaling of a common image and a vector image. Registration is required to download the vector images.

Download Vectors in Vector Stock .


This portal offers its users a fairly positive experience. Its quality of images and varied subject stands out among the others. It has real photographs, illustrations, free vectors, infographics and even music and videos. Some of these elements are not free, but you can get some tricks to obtain them.

It’s probably the most famous free vector download site at the moment..

Download vectors on Shutterstock .

Web Design Hot

From this Website to download free vectors, you can get icons, web templates, fonts and even CSS elements totally free. So this is not just a simple vector image manager, but a complete set of resources necessary for the development of a portal.

Vector download formats are: SVG, AI and EPS. It has a word search engine with the option to categorize the queries.

Download vectors at Web Design Hot

Adobe Stock

From the Abobe company, we have a wide variety of professional quality content regardless of the requested resource. We can download free templates, 3D images and micro videos for our projects. Addobe Stock gives us the possibility to download free vectors, a marvel!.

Download vectors from Adobe Stock


Page for free vector, icon and PSD file downloads. The way the portal is structured structured the portal allows us to make use of it in a very simple way. We have available the following categories: icons, PSD, vectors and images. images and in turn has subcategories by themes.

Download vectors in Freedesignfile


When you enter the Everypixel portal to download free vectors, you will have the option to search by free or paid categories. When choosing the vector element, you can select the desired size to download defined by the following nomenclatures: S, M, L and XL.

Download vectors at Everypixel


One of the best sites for downloading both paid and free vector graphics. The formats to download are: EPS, AI and obviously PSD, which you can download with one click.

It has more than 50 thousand free vectors and 1.2 million paid vectors. Interestingly, the requirement of this portal for you to use its free content, will be that you will have to share it on social networks.

Download vectors at 365PSD


On this website we will have two download options for vector elements. The first option is through the page itself and the second is through Shutterstock. After selecting the desired vector and hitting download, we will have to wait for about 10 seconds and then choose the destination folder where the download will be hosted.

Download vectors in Vector4Free .

123 Free Vectors

This vector image bank hosts a quantity that exceeds 62 thousand free download vectors. Paid content is also available. It has a search box available to place keywords.

We can use the categories and subcategories to navigate through all the content. When downloading any vector content, we will have a compressed .Zip file where the PSD, AI and EPS formats of the same downloaded element are preserved.

Download vectors at 123 Free Vectors

Public Domain Vector

More than 50 thousand free vectors in PSD, AI and SVG formats you can get through this portal. As the name suggests, all content is royalty free.

One interesting fact is that SVG vector images can be edited and customized before downloading. You do not need to register to download content

Download vectors at Public Domain Vector


Portal that offers endless resources for graphic and web design. We have available templates, icons, vector graphics, etc., both free and paid. Available formats: EPS, PSD and AI.

Your content is very well organized by categories and subcategories, divided by themes, having clearly identified those that are clearly identified those that are offered for free. It is considered one of the most complete pages to download vector graphics. vector graphics.

Download vectors at Pixeden .

Creative Tail

This portal makes available to all a great quantity and variety of vectors very well done and of high quality. The formats present for download are: PNG, AI, EPS and SVG. Its content is divided between those that are free and those that are paid. As a requirement to have the download of its content, is to share your email with the platform.

Download vectors at Creative Tail


This portal is dedicated to offer you vectors, graphics, images and icons in various formats, for example: IA, PSD, SVG, PNG and EPS. It offers both free and premium vector elements. No registration is required for downloading, but if you opt for the Premium category you must comply with this requirement.

Download vectors at Graphicsfuel

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