How to use photography in an E-Commerce?

fotografia ecommerce

Online stores depend on excellent photography in an Ecommerce. In fact, your content can influence consumers’ appreciation if they grasp the potential of your product. Now, what is the key to increase sales? It all starts with product photography techniques.

In this post I will talk you about all the aspects you should consider when capturing an image, as well as the most suitable ones for eCommerce and of course the relationship between marketing and product photography.

What Is Product Photography

It is the photo or image that is made to present an object in order to sell. Product photography is the key to successful online sales. It can be a bottle, clothing, footwear etc. The core idea of this type of art is to make the consumer feel the need to purchase the product presented.

To achieve this effect may seem difficult especially when the consumer does not have the physical product in his hands. However, with excellent photography, sales can be driven.

Objectives of product photography in an E-Commerce

Before you start navigating this craft, it is vital not to lose the objective of this type of images. Below, I will point you to the main 4 objectives of it.

  • To make a product attractive.
  • To motivate the consumer to learn more about it. It should be a clear image that provides description.
  • Project security in the buyer.
  • Make a difference with the competition.

Project opportunities to grow professionally

Although it is clear that the photography techniques we will see in the post are ideal if you have an Online business, they can also serve you to provide a better service to those who ask for it.

In this sense, there is a wide range of opportunities in the online world, in fact, in the network abound online business ideas that you can start now. One of which is precisely to sell professional range photographs.

These businesses bring financial freedom. Some people think that achieving financial independence is simply a fantasy. However, it is a reality. Although obviously you must strive to develop the right attitudes so that you can take advantage of unique opportunities. In this sense, having leadership, enjoying initiative are aspects of vital importance. But it is an accomplishment you can achieve no matter what your age or where you live.

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How to make professional product photos for your online store

Once you know the objective of a product photo, you should try to get all the potential you can in the image that will sponsor the product, for this reason, I will detail a series of tips to create a photo that stands out from the competition. Without further ado, let’s get started.


This is the first step. You should aim to make the image look innovative, even if it is obviously a photograph of food, clothing, etc. Sometimes this involves long hours in a studio with a simple bottle in which the reflections, focus and so on turn the image into a fantastic photo.

If you think you don’t have much imagination you can be inspired by the image style of other photographers. To do this, a visit to an exhibitionor looking at photo albumscan help you to project your own style.

Create a style guide for your eCommerce

If you are your own client it is vital that you have the same style of photography, as this way you provide a stamp that distinguishes you. However, if you request the service to someone else you must have a detailed guide in which you specify the format of the photo, background, lighting, etc.. In this way, you guarantee a result that will enjoy with what you have been thinking. Increases the success rate and satisfaction in the photograph achieved.

Clean the product before it is photographed

It goes without saying that the image you make must be clear and detailed. So this means that negative aspects will also be displayed. For this reason, you must clean the product very carefully so that not even a fingerprint will ruin it.

Always use the same background

The background is a relevant aspect, so in order to have uniformity in the presentation of the product you should try not to vary the background. Of course, you must make the decision regarding the style of the background depending on the objective you want to achieve. The most commonly used backgrounds for product photography are: Neutral, white, black.

Light up photos

Lighting will really capture all the details of your product. So this guarantees your worth as a photographer. Use strong artificial lighting.  This means having lamps, diffusers, reflectors, etc.

Puts the focus on the product

Product photographs are just images of the product. This means that the goal is to project a portrait that allows the sales object to be the protagonist. For that reason avoid taking distance images in which the final product is lost or confused. Rather, try to provide a close but not distorted image of the product you want to promote.

Vary Product Position with different Perspectives

This tip is vital. In fact, a good photographer knows that you should never take just one shot. Rather, he should try to take as many images as possible, but not in a single focus. He should try to use several positions, so that he can determine which is the most flattering profile image of the product. This, in fact, sums up the success of a good photographer.

Prepare the camera

Camera preparation is a step that you should incorporate ahead of time. This means that you should know the full potential of your camera. Some of the best cameras you can use are those made by these brands:

  • Canon
  • Pentax
  • Nikon
  • Sony
  • Olimpus
  • Panasonic
  • Sinar
  • Fujifilm
  • Kodak
  • Leica

Each company is dedicated to designing the best cameras for photography in which the images are projected with great sharpness and professionalism.

Use A Professional Target

The best product photographs that have been released on the market enjoy impeccable image. That is, excellent resolution quality. Therefore, you should know in detail the potential of the camera you have and adjust it in order to present a professional range photograph.

For example, there is a technique for photographing very small animals such as insects (macro lens) in which when you focus on them you can see all the details in an amazing way.

Use a tripod to enhance the photo

A tripod allows you to have a stable support, so that it brings great sharpness. Although taking it without this element may seem an optimal result, the truth is that you should strive to make it perfect. You can use several focuses from a tripod. Also, you can use the same angle, but varying the position of the product. The idea is to bring out the full potential of the elements at your disposal in order to make an innovative photograph.

Edit your photos to make them perfect


After making your image in a professional range, it may require some editing adjustments. You have at your disposal several tools that you can install or even use Online. Although we have already seen how to use BeFunky and, personally, it is one of the best, I leave you with other programs that are some of the most useful for editing photos:

  • Befunky
  • Photoshop
  • Gimp
  • Pixlr
  • Fotor
  • Paint.NET
  • Google Photos
  • Canva
  • Picsart
  • PiZap
  • Ribbet
  • LunaPic

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