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Shortening a URL is a technique used by many people around the world in order to make information easier to manage and through other means such as social networks it results in an easier way to share and spread your knowledge in the public.

Using URL shortening tools can help us in our day to day lives to benefit us and in many occasions, hide the URL to hide affiliate links.

What are URL shorteners and how do they work?

URL shorteners are the tools or web pages available online with which you can significantly reduce the characters required to enter the web page in question.

The process through which URL shorteners work is simple, with these tools you only need the original link and the pages that offer the service will automatically reduce the characters required to the web page in question.

What are URL shorteners for

Shortening a URL is a process through which a company or a person with a web page reduces the number of characters that others have to use to enter it and see all the information they want to make known to the masses either to offer a product, a service or to raise the fame of the person in question with respect to other people.

Major advantages of URL shortening

In the following list I tell you the biggest advantages of shortening a link:

  1. Many of the tools used to shorten links offer the possibility of visualizing the number of people who enter the web page, so that with these statistics it is possible to know if it would be effective to shorten the URL or if this would be counterproductive.
  2. One of the biggest advantages when shortening a link is that many media and social networks have a limit of characters that can be used for each use, in most cases this figure exceeds one hundred characters, which is why the shorter the URL the more information can cover the person or company per message or publication.
  3. Another advantage that people who make use of link shorteners in their web pages usually highlight is that this process allows them to make a personalization of the URL and give them the desired characteristics to make it more attractive to the masses and thus increase the number of visits.

Disadvantages of URL shortening

In this other list are the most important disadvantages in the process of shortening the links of web pages, these are the following:

  1. It has been established through statistics that many of the people who move around the Internet do not have much confidence in entering links that have been customized in any way, as in previous periods of time these were used as a way of allowing viruses to enter devices, damage them and leave them in a state where repairing them was almost impossible.
  2. Another major negative aspect of reducing the number of characters required to access a specific web page is that experts in the field have confirmed that the process reduces the lifespan of the URL, which is why this process of shortening a link should be used with care.
  3. One of the biggest problems that arises after shortening the characters of a link is that many of the systems that use the pages consider it as Spam, this does not occur in all cases, however, that the possibility exists is a source of concern for many.

How to shorten links

The process by which the URL of a web page reduces the number of characters required to access it is simple and uncomplicated. The vast majority of the following online pages and social networks have their own tool through which links are shortened, so pay close attention to learn how to shorten the links of the following web pages:

Shorten URL with twitter

The Twitter page, where you can find a lot of information of various kinds such as entertainment news, sports or the current situation of the countries of the world has integrated into its system a URL shortener which is called by the name of “” through which each and every one of the tweets on any topic reduce the number of characters required to be displayed.

Shortening URLs with google

The main Internet search engine that is used in the world to find any type of information whether research or news, namely the Google page, in its system has incorporated by default a URL shortener with which most users are satisfied since it allows easy handling of information relating to searches performed, this URL shortener is called by the name of “”. Go to Google shortener.

Shorten URL with Facebook

Facebook is, if not the main, one of the main social networks that exist today, being a pioneer in many of the aspects that facilitate human interaction also has a URL shortener present in their systems with which reduces the number of characters needed to access the profile of a person or a page of a company that offers a service or one or more products.

The easiest way to shorten a URL with Facebook is to change the address by and leave the rest of the URL the same. For example, to access our SEO Blog Fan Page, you access it like this

Shorten YouTube URL

The main page for viewing videos of almost all kinds on the Internet is the one that belongs to YouTube and although this has had some problems in the system and friction with the community recently one of the complaints that has never been presented is related to the links that contain many characters. This is because their systems have an integrated URL shortener that is known and referred to by the name “”

Custom URL shortener

When a person or a company needs to shorten the link that corresponds to the information they want to make known to the rest of the people, they need the help of what is known as a “link shortener” that will facilitate the handling of the information so that other people have an easier access to the person’s or company’s web page.

There are different modules and plug-ins for the main CMS of the market that help to do it. Of course, you will have to have in your possession an extra domain to be able to generate them.

Bitly | URL Shortener and Link Management Platform

Bitly/ URL shortener and Link Management Platform or simply referred to by the name Bitly is, as its name may give clue to it, a platform through which all users can perform the reduction of the characters of their links, to make use of it an email is required and once inside the platform the instructions are clear to avoid confusion in the person.

The Bitly platform is also available in Spanish language, this is because the people who run the system understood that there was a huge amount of Spanish speaking users who could not understand perfectly the instructions given by the page, so in this way they avoided the problems that could arise.

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