How to Sell on Amazon? Complete Guide

como vender en amazon guia completa

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It is interesting that when we talk about online shopping the first thing that comes to mind is Amazon. And is that actually, this is the most important online sales store in the world. More and more people want to have the incredible experience of buying products from this renowned company. Do you want to know why? Do you want to know how to sell on Amazon?

On this platform you can get practically anything that crosses your mind, the attention offered is excellent, registrations and shipments are very fast. In addition, Amazon offers quality items at truly affordable prices.

Most people go directly to Amazon when they want to make an online purchase, what few people know is that this platform also offers them the opportunity to sell their own items by posting them and advertising them in the sales listing.

If you want to take advantage of this type of platforms to sell on Amazon and boost your business or to increase your sales, here I will give you the best tips, so that your selling plans will be successful.

But first, let’s describe a little about the requirements to be able to sell on Amazon, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of selling on Amazon, so that you don’t waste time, effort and money.

Advantages of selling on Amazon

The multiple advantages that Amazon offers make this platform unattainable for the competition, if you want to have the experience of selling your products on Amazon here are the main advantages it offers, take note!

Allows your articles to be more visible to the public

As Amazon is the go-to online store for most shoppers, this is the ideal platform in case you want to get your products noticed in no time. In addition, you will save the expenses that are generated when creating websites.

You won’t need to create your own online store

Amazon provides you with everything you need to showcase your items quickly and easily. All you have to do is provide photos and features and that’s it, you won’t have the hassle of setting up your own online store in PrestaShop or WordPress or paying for it.

Great right! We know that a personal website, allows us to configure it and create a blog to make it more attractive than Amazon. However, our page will not gain traffic in a short time and we will have to do SEO for Google to position it better, on the other hand Already Amazon has a flow of users thirsty to buy. The road is traveled!

Make it possible for your brand to be known internationally

By publishing your brand on Amazon you are already getting the most out of this store, because you make your product known in every country where Amazon is present, that is, all over the world with an Internet connection.

Also, since Amazon’s customers have a high buying interest, it’s safe to say that sales of your items are guaranteed.

A newly opened website is not a good option to present our products in a short time. So, if you are thinking of extending your products internationally, Amazon is your best option.

Builds peace of mind and trust between buyer and seller

Amazon doesn’t give the appearance of being like most companies, distant from its customer base. Amazon is genuinely interested in making sure its users are satisfied. So, if at any time you have a complaint or just want to return a product, just let them know, Amazon will not put any limits in this regard.

Disadvantages of selling on Amazon

Although Amazon stands out for its unparalleled quality of service, we can’t close our eyes to reality by talking only about the good things it has. That is why it is important that you are aware of some drawbacks that can arise when using this platform:

Receiving payments through an intermediary

When selling some of your products on Amazon, the receipt of payment will not be immediate because the payment falls directly into the Amazon’s bag, it carries the percentage that corresponds to it for providing its services (usually 10 or 15 percent) and if no complaint or return arises from the buyer, you can withdraw your money without further waiting.

Bad reviews

It is necessary to emphasize the importance of good reviews for the successful sale of your merchandise, otherwise it would not be beneficial for you. If there are bad comments or complaints about your items it would generate bad ratings and this would slow down sales a bit. Because of this, you must have a good product before going to Amazon to sell it or a price that is in line with what you offer.

You’d make a little less than if you sold it yourself

Since you’re using a platform you don’t own to get far in a short time, it requires payment of a fee for the service provided.

Knowing this is very useful, as many tend to think that this service is free. However, this drawback can be overcome by setting the prices of our products considering the profit margin of the platform.

On Amazon there is also competition

Something you can’t deny when setting up a business is that you have or even have competition, and Amazon is no exception in these cases.

What’s fascinating is that this happens even within the same Amazon platform, because there are many people who use it to advertise their products, so someone may sell the same thing as you, but at a more affordable price and this would not be advantageous for you.

Maybe even the same platform will give priority to their own articles than to yours.

We should consider all of these factors before publishing a piece on Amazon. But these are not compelling options for not selling on Amazon, as the benefits will always be much greater when selling on Amazon.

Fees to pay if you want to sell on Amazon

You must take into account that, in order to sell on Amazon, you must choose some of the fees that the platform offers you. For this you must create your own seller profile and detail the quantity and type of product that you want to publish.

In order for you to know the types of accounts and choose the most appropriate rate, hereafter I will describe the existing ones so far:

  • Referral fee: is the percentage belonging to Amazon when selling some of your products and is calculated based on the total published even. The percentage varies depending on the category in which your sale is placed.
  • Closing sale fee: Amazon charges a fee of $0.99 from the profits deducted from the items.
  • Item sale fee: this type of fee is often charged on the sale of books, video games, DVDs and software. Amazon would charge a percentage of approximately €0.81 and €1.01 for the sale of each item on its platform.
  • Fixed monthly subscription fee: this is the monthly fee charged by Amazon for having your items published to be sold there. It generally applies to professional sellers and is priced at €39.

Types of seller accounts

It is essential for you to know that on Amazon there are two types of seller accounts: individual seller account and professional seller account. To be defined between one and the other, the seller must meet some special characteristics below I will tell you:

Individual seller account

This option is intended especially for those who want to try Amazon and see how it works for them. To place yourself in this range you must offer less than 40 items per month.

This option is wonderful because as you can see, you don’t need to adapt to demanding requirements when you are starting a business and you want to use this medium to publish your products.

Below is an example where you can see the method of charging commissions for individual sellers:


Maria has a furniture store and lists her sofas for sale on Amazon at €200 on a trial basis. In her case Amazon would charge:

  • Referral fee: 15% = $30
  • Sale closing fee: $0.99
  • Item sale fee: not applicable
  • Total= $200-$30.99= $169.01

That is, Maria would make a profit of €169.01

Professional seller account

If you are a regular Amazon seller and already sell more than 40 items per month you fit perfectly in this range. If so, you’ll be happy to know that you can get some benefits for belonging to this type of seller.

Being a professional seller on Amazon will allow you to sell in any category on Amazon, your products tend to position themselves in a better place, your order reports will be faster and more accurate, you will be able to upload your items more easily, they can be sold and publicized in other countries, you will have better security and protection from fraud and best of all your customers will have more ease and variety of purchase.


Carlos has a store where he sells video games and has an Amazon account as a professional seller, let’s assume he is selling each one at €200. In this case the collection of commissions would be as follows:

  • Referral fee: 7% = 14€
  • Closing fee: Not applicable
  • Item sale fee: 0.81€
  • Total: 185.19€

This shows that Carlos would get 185.19 for the sale of one of his products on Amazon, not forgetting to add to his commission payments the fixed monthly subscription fee which is €39.

But how do you start selling on Amazon

Now that you know how Amazon works, and you know the requirements in case you want to sell your items, I encourage you to follow these practical tips to make your sales on Amazon, truly successful.

Because you should know that there are a number of tricks that you should consider becoming a leader in this sales platform and great popularity.

Define what product you will sell

It is important that you take this into account before publishing, so you will have your goals clear and from there you will start taking the steps that will lead you to be a successful seller on Amazon.

You may already have in hand what you are going to sell, but you still have to take into account many things, among them, know what are the products with more output of the market online, see the needs of customers, know the benefits and even research a bit of your competition.

This advice is not new, even when it comes to a physical store, it is strictly necessary to think of the customer and not our personal preferences.

Hence we want to study customer behavior: What are they looking for? Why are they looking for it? For example: some sales increase at certain holiday times, such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day etc.

Let’s ask ourselves: is the customer looking for these products because there is a holiday coming up or because they really need them?

Depending on the response we get we can adapt our sales. With respect to this field there are a number of questions when deciding what to sell on Amazon. Below, I detail all of them:

How to know which products are the most in demand on Amazon

Amazon offers you a wide variety of merchandise sorted by categories, it will be very useful for you to access these to see the list of the best selling items.

Another fairly handy option is to go to the page Jungle scout, which has a Google Chrome extension that will make the process of searching for best sellers easier for you. This way you will ensure the purchase of your item.

These methods allow us to get a broad picture about what the market is asking for, and therefore we can examine whether we are in a position to offer something that meets their requirements. Useful, right?

Are the products dominated by a few vendors?

One of the drawbacks when selling on Amazon, is that, despite having carried out a thorough market research, our products are not well positioned.

Why your promotion is not among the best sellers? This may be due to several factors, including something new or that very few people use.

What can you do in that case? If that’s the situation you need to be patient to make known what you offer and wait for good reviews or you could apply marketing strategies when publishing it (such as attractive pictures), this will arouse the customer’s curiosity and allow the output of such product to be more effective.

What if our product is not novel, but rather in high demand?

If the product is in high demand, but, even so, you are not selling, then you are facing competition and although this is a very common thing in the business world, it is quite difficult when sales on the platform are only directed to a few sellers by public preference.

This makes it quite difficult to beat them to the punch when starting to sell on Amazon. That’s where you’ll have to decide whether you’ll publish and battle everyone or try to sell something else. Jungle Scout will also be very useful to you in this case.

Does the competition have a lot of reviews

One indicator that will help you know if you have a lot of competition or not, is to see if your competition has good reviews since Amazon takes reviews very much into account when positioning a product.

However, not all competitive reviews are of quality when posting a product you want to sell on Amazon. So even if you notice that competitor reviews are numerous don’t be discouraged, the most important thing is good ratings otherwise you have the ideal opportunity to post your item and for it to get the best reviews and ratings.

On Amazon you can order your products in any of these categories: books, music, video, video games, computers, electronics, electronics accessories, appliances, software, home, kitchen, toys, games, shoes, watches, baby items, cars, motorcycles, sports, jewelry, luggage, lighting, office, stationery, health, personal care, musical instruments, clothing, accessories, garden, beauty, food, beverages, among others…

There are other categories that are available only to professional Amazon sellers.

What is the profit margin

It is of utmost importance to know the profit margin you will get with the sales, remembering that you must pay the commissions according to your type of account and the Amazon rate you are going to choose, that is 0,99€ for each item sold if your account is an individual seller or 39€ monthly if your account is a professional seller.

You may already have decided the estimated price for each product, according to the cost of production and the investment you have made, but you should also keep in mind that, if the price you offer is much higher than the competition that will not be favorable for you, because customers almost always choose to buy the cheapest items.

This fact makes it clear that, if you have a product that, on another page, or in your physical store you sell it at a higher price than what is stipulated by the competition on Amazon, it is better not to promote it through this medium.

This is because in order to calculate the price of the products here, it is strictly necessary to consider the cost that the competition has set.

Now we can move on to the second step.

Sign up for seller central

When you are clear about what you are going to sell. You can proceed to create your Amazon seller account.

Amazon has an online sales center in each country to register you must provide your personal details, bank details, the type of business you have, among others.

It is important to know that you must have a credit card, in order to complete the registration process, and that the phone number you are going to add has the prefix of the country to which you belong, for example: Spain +34.

You must not forget to choose between the two types of accounts that exist: individual seller or professional seller.

Interestingly, most sellers choose to have a professional account instead of an individual one, either because they have a large number of products or because of the advantages they can get.

Create your list of items

After your registration, you proceed to add each of the items you want to sell on Amazon. You should look for the inventory section and click add. From there you will be able to locate what you want to publish and for this you have two ways:

The first way is to search for them within the products already sold on Amazon. When you find it, describe the quantity and quality of it, but if you don’t find it, you will have to apply the second way, which is to post something that is not yet on Amazon. To do this you must provide the EAN code and the product reference number.

In this case that your product does not contain the EAN code, you will have to create one, because this is very important to be able to sell on Amazon. One way to get it is through the company Aecoc.

Once you have selected what you want to sell, you must fill in the information requested there and when you finish, it will be placed in the category to which it belongs. From there you can go on to provide information about the published item such as: the title, brand, color, weight, among others.

If your post doesn’t appear in any category, what you can do is try to fit it into other categories that are similar.

Upload good pictures, image is important

They say that a picture says more than a thousand words, and there is nothing truer. When you post your product for sale on Amazon the first thing that will direct the view of the buyer will be the image that is for sale. That is why it is very important that the photos you upload when publishing are varied and of quality.

Searching for the best photo to publish will not be a waste of time at all, since this will make it more attractive and will motivate the person to buy it. Take care that the resolution of the camera is very good, in addition that the approaches of it look totally professional.

Of course, it is important to be always honest in this case trying that both the information and the image is true because if what the customer receives does not correspond with what appears in the photo the only thing you will gain will be bad reviews, bad ratings and returns.

At Amazon, we don’t just want to sell, we want to earn customer satisfaction and of course their loyalty, which will be reflected in the score they will give us.

Also, remember that Amazon as a company, seeks customer satisfaction at all costs, so if the customer is not satisfied will return the product. That’s why honesty is necessary in this online store.

Place competitive prices

After completing these steps and in order to sell on Amazon faster, it’s time to estimate the price you will put on your offer. You must be very careful in this step, as this is one of the most relevant factors for the purchase to be successful.

You may have invested a lot in the purchase of the product and even more if it is manufactured, because we know that it is not easy to have to buy the materials, pay for the manufacture and the transfer of this to a storage place. That is why it is important that you take into account all the investment made at the time of setting the price, otherwise your business will not be profitable.

You can put the minimum price to each product, depending on the expenses made and add a little more, so that is your profit. Of course you should not exaggerate at this point because you would run the risk of not selling anything.

A good entrepreneur should take pencil and paper before starting his projects. As far as sales are concerned that is strictly necessary. It is inconceivable to take out profit calculations after selling. These calculations are made before, at the moment when we are thinking about the product we are going to promote. This aspect is totally serious both in the online store and in the physical store.

As we have already recommended before, you should also think that your prices do not exceed by far those of your competition. Before placing the price at which you want to sell, it is good that you study that of other people who offer the same as you, both on Amazon and in other online stores and from there set your prices always trying to these are similar or lower than theirs.

Having this in mind will give you many advantages, as you will have the best prices in the online market and “who doesn’t like this?”

The shipping of your products

After you have made your sale, Amazon will send you a notification notifying you of the sale in your central seller panel or to the email you have provided. When you view the details of the purchase, you will be presented with the details necessary for you to ship to the customer.

One of the most cumbersome problems that you can present in this process, is that the customer is not satisfied with the product received and makes a return. This would not only be a very bad experience, but also terrible for your finances.

But if you do not want to have to deal with shipping and possible returns, you will be reassured to know that Amazon offers the Amazon Logistics service or FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), so that it takes care of the storage and the entire shipping process. As you can see, the FBA service can bring you many advantages, here are some of them:

  • Shipping and returns: Amazon will take care of all this automatically.
  • Customer service: All users interested in your product will be kindly attended by Amazon, who will give them all the information they require in any language.
  • Prime badge: This badge allows the customer to have the purchase in their hands in a short time. If you get this badge you will make your offer more attractive and you will have guaranteed your sale.
  • Distinctive “Managed by Amazon”: If you get this badge, you can significantly increase your sales, as it is a good recommendation of your products by Amazon and as you know, there are many who believe and trust in this online store for its excellent quality of service.
  • The Buy Box: this allows customers to buy your products at once, even if there are multiple options from other sellers. With the Buy Box they will add the item directly into the cart with total confidence.

Now you know all the benefits that the FBA service offers you. If you wish to contract it, you can click on “Send or restore inventory“, when you are taking inventory. Then you proceed to publish all your products and create your shipping labels, these are saved as PDF, and will be useful for you to paste on the packages before shipping them.

When you create your labels, you must finish filling out the shipping information, choose the company that will pick up the package and print and paste the labels. When you receive your packages, Amazon will take care of everything.

Receive your income

You should note that payment for the purchase is received and processed by Amazon in full. Therefore, you will not receive your payment immediately. The positive thing is that you don’t have to configure your POS, only the data you provided from your bank account will suffice.

Amazon may withhold payment for the necessary time (approximately 15 days) as returns may arise, as of course, the customer’s needs will always come first. So, if you need the money fast, I am sorry to tell you that it is not within Amazon’s policies to make exceptions in this field. Payment will be delivered to you once the customer is satisfied with their purchase.

5 Tips to increase your sales

If you apply all the steps I have given you above, the sales of your articles will be high. But if what you want is that your products cause a great impact on your customers and you want to make them want to have one in their hands. You will find the following tricks very useful:

Position your products with keywords

It is very important that you optimize the title of your offer, making the most of every word you place to make it easy for the buyer to get your publication. One way to achieve this is by using keywords, which will achieve this and if you are creative will attract a lot of attention from the buyer.

Also, by using SEO in this field, any questions that come up about it will direct the customer to your publication, this allows more people to look at your product. Take advantage of this trick!

How can you know which keywords to use on Amazon

Getting keywords on Amazon is not easy, but you can use the Amazon search engine to get them, another tool that will make this job quite easy is Google, as you know this search engine is very simple to use.

 And there is also a much more accurate option, is with it you can scan the best products on Amazon, it shows you their keywords. And not only that, gives you good information of each publication of the competition, through a ranking where you can see their scores and monthly sales. With these options you will get very good ideas to present your articles.

Now, if this is not enough and you need is a more extensive word list, you also have at your disposal the Amazon tab which contains Keyword toll.

To use it, you must first choose the country where you live and your language, from there Amazon will display for you a list with very varied keywords, ordered from the most popular to the least popular, then it would be up to you to choose the one that best suits the product you want to show. Simple and useful!

Create an optimal SEO product page:

In order to get your keyword ranked in the best way, it is important that you make the SEO on page of the product page of your product for sale.

These factors are some of the most relevant factors for doing SEO on Amazon:

The title: this is the main part when placing your keyword you should focus on making it stand out from the other words in this section this way you will get a lot of advantage.

Attributes: after the title, this part is the second most important since it is here that you have the opportunity to highlight the excellent attributes that your product possesses. It would be practical for you to list or differentiate the features that make your offering the best of all.

Description: In this section you should focus your efforts on giving a good description of what you offer, always using the main word and its derivatives. An important recommendation that you should take into account when making the descriptions, is to avoid making lists, to place a single block of text, short sentences and highlight the words.

Amazon Meta Keyword: It is advisable to use keywords, as long as you do not abuse them, in this case you can put synonyms of these or mention features of the product.

Other factors: there are other recommendations that will help you rank on Amazon, such as: average score, number of comments, quality of comments and sales numbers. If you have good results in each of them, Amazon will look favorably on you and will take you into account when ranking your posts, if you are one of the best, rest assured that you will rank among the first.

Selling on Amazon is simple if you know where you are headed, and you really see this splendid sales site as your job in which you will earn great income. To do this, you must work with intelligence and care, taking into account all the marketing tips in this regard.

Make good titles and optimize them for internal SEO:

To have the best results on Amazon, your title should contain the brand and product line, characteristic that makes it special and different: the type of material, size, color and the number of units per package.

You must also remember that the length of the title is limited and, therefore, you cannot put everything you want, it is up to you to select the most appropriate words and phrases.

The length of the title depending on the device you use are as follows:

  • Search title on computers: 230 to 250 characters approximately.
  • Search title on from mobile devices: 65 to 80 characters approximately.
  • Related merchandise titles: plus or minus 65 to 80 characters

If when forming your title, you have several keywords the best way to use them is to place the most relevant one first, which are almost always the brand and product name, and the others after along with the brand, color and everything else highlighting its attributes. You must keep in mind that at the end you will always place the quantities of the offered product.

Although Amazon will not allow you to place everything you want to highlight, you can use the order in which you place your title to your advantage.

Increase the CTR of your results and share the URL of your product:

A very interesting tactic to position your products and get to sell on Amazon in an easier way, is using the URLs that you have on Amazon.

Each time a person clicks on your sale from Amazon the URL undergoes a slight change, since certain characters or special parameters are added to them that make the platform see the number of people interested and Amazon uses precisely the constant use of this second URL to position the products.

As the characters generated by clicking never change, you could share this second URL as many times as you want on any social network and in this way Amazon will believe that they are constantly being clicked from their platform this will bring a better position to your article.

Get reviews and ratings, even if your products aren’t very visible:

Although what we want to achieve with Amazon is to sell, customer reviews are also very important, as this gives us an idea of the success to achieve and also increases the amount of our reviews and ratings.

Very few online buyers pay for publications that do not have reviews because for them, it is very important to know the opinions of other people who have already tried the product, only then they will have total confidence that these are of quality.

This is due to the fact that, since they cannot hold the product in their hands, it is very difficult to be fully convinced that it will be an excellent purchase.

Therefore, most customers seek out the opinions of others. There the buyers place their appreciations and even some remarks that were not favorable. After reading it, our customer must decide if even with those remarks he is willing to buy.

That’s why it’s good that you put into practice the suggestions I’ve given you above for selling on Amazon , so you increase your ratings, reviews and above all your sales.

Suggestions for you to increase your reviews

Exchange discounts for reviews:

Starting to sell on Amazon is not easy. One way to get buyers to provide reviews is to offer certain discounts to people willing to give honest reviews of these.

This is quite beneficial for both the buyer and the seller, because while the product is received at a lower cost, the counterparty gets their long-awaited reviews, which will open the doors to endless advantages on Amazon.

To get it you must post along with your request in Facebook groups, dedicated to get reviews in online stores, then the reviewer cancels the product, test it and proceeds to give his comment on Amazon. The brand gives him/her a full refund or the equivalent of the discount already agreed upon.

It should be noted that this practice or suggestion is not approved by Amazon, therefore, it is external to the platform and remains under full responsibility of the participants in these.

However, it is viable, plus you are not being dishonest, you are just looking for customers to provide positive feedback on a product that you know is of quality.

Request reviews from your Amazon shoppers:

From your Seller central account, you can request reviews to those people who have purchased from you previously, in the order management section you can find the orders received. There you will find each of the purchases along with the name of the person, the day and time of the order and other data.

If you click on the person’s name, a text box will open for you to place a message to the buyer in this case, you would ask them to review the product they obtained. It is important that in the “Subject” section you click on the “Rating Request” option.

Sometimes, customers have missed giving good reviews regarding the product, so when you are making the transaction you can mention to them how important the rating is to you, be nice. When enough time has passed, remind them nicely, how important their opinion of the product is.

Your message should be in accordance with Amazon’s policies, i.e., be brief and formal. Politely ask the customer for that favor, and after they do the review thank them for their good cooperation. Keep this in mind if you decide to sell on Amazon because it works very well.

Is it worth it to sell on Amazon?

Selling on Amazon has become the best method for all types of users to boost their business whether big or small. And even if what you want to sell is a single item it is also very practical for you to avail this platform.

Amazon is so flexible, that if you do not want to jump at once into the world of online sales you can try little by little to see how it goes. And for this Amazon has arranged for you two types of seller accounts: individual seller and professional seller. Each with its own requirements and advantages.

Of course, we talked earlier that this platform has some drawbacks, such as, for example, the fact that the payment you receive them a little late. In addition, it is very difficult to build customer loyalty because it is difficult for the customer to distinguish us from others. Amazon promotes itself, taking away the seller’s prominence as a seller.

Despite these drawbacks, Amazon is a platform with great potential to generate good income. Although it is advisable to have another entry so that late payments do not cause losses and impatience on our part.

It is important that before you start your registration to sell on Amazon, you try to see the advantages and disadvantages you will have, the type of product that sells the most, the production costs, the time you would invest, the rates to choose and the profit margin you will get so you know if your sales are profitable or not.

Not forgetting that, to be successful on Amazon, your items must have good ratings and reviews and also very competitive prices. To do this, it is necessary to turn to the resources we have at our disposal, even if the Amazon platform does not like it. We must try to look out for our business.

In case your profit margin becomes low, so that you do not run the risk of suffering losses, it is recommended that you try to have other sales options (maybe the best option is not through the Internet).

Having all this in mind you will surely sell all your products on Amazon and you will also become one of the best sellers. As you can see, one way or another, you will always come out on top!

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