How to record the PC screen in a few steps

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Recording the computer screen has become a common practice for PC and MAC users. And is that there are many utilities of this simple process, where we take a snapshot of whatever we have on the screen. In this post I will tell you one by one the applications with which you can record the PC screen

There will be times when a simple snapshot will not be enough, and we need to record a video of the screen, where you can record a complete process of some activity that we are doing.

Commonly, Gamers, YouTubers or entrepreneurs focused on marketing among others, use strategies and tools to achieve this task. However, capturing videos from your computer screen is no big deal. Pay close attention, because I will explain several methods to make your recording on different platforms that you can use to make a YouTube channel in minutes.

Advantages of recording a video from your computer screen

Certainly, being able to record every action performed on your computer offers you a lot of advantages to be applied in fields in which you might not even have imagined. Gone is the days when only professionals in multimedia studios could accomplish the feat of recording their actions.

More and more users are constantly using their social networks, video streaming portals and even online course websites, which are using this technique to carry out their projects.

Some make their recordings with the clear interest to monetize their portal and earn money for each reproduction, others each playback, others assemble their creations for the love of art. The truth is that making a screen recording is a very versatile activity.

Below, I will briefly tell you a list of the different possibilities that benefit you from making a video capture of your computer:

  • Record a step-by-step of an activity performed to show a short course or dictate any teaching (TUTORIAL)
  • Record a series of steps to achieve a goal, allowing you to later recall in the future and repeat the same action
  • Capture any playing video that is running on your screen without the need to download software or specialized applications to download videos
  • Enrich your blogs, post or portal by embellishing an excellent writing with an audio-visual material
  • Record as proof any inconvenience, failure or even record evidence, so you can later present irrefutable evidence to interested parties

If a picture says more than a thousand words, how much more does a video say! Don’t miss the opportunity to record all your activity presented on the desired screen, window or region.

With the simple steps and practical applications that I will tell you, you will be able to stand out as if you were a professional video editor and showcase your projects with efficiency and elegance.

Recording your screen in Windows 10 without additional software

If you have Windows 10 operating system, you can record Windows 10 screen through the “Playbar” feature. Have you ever wondered how to record your PC screen?

This function was created primarily to record running game games including the game sound, but it can be used for any active window. Let’s take a look at the options for recording the Windows 10 screen.

Enable game bar recording

You can access the game bar from the start menu, then in settings under “Games”, you will find “Game Bar “Games” section, you will find “Game bar”. Once selected, enable the function on the switch button. Alternatively, you can also activate it by typing the key combination Win+G.

Windows 10 automatically detects if you are running a game and then a notification will pop up where you will notification where you will have to confirm if you want to record it, even though you are not actually you are not actually playing the game. Just check the “Yes, this is a game” box.

The game bar contains a number of interesting functions, but the one that concerns us for the moment is the one represented by the red button that means record.

Enable microphone in game bar

By default, the video recording in game mode captures both screen and audio from the operating system. But if you wish to record your voice through a microphone, it will be you will need to check the “Record with microphone” box at the bottom.

Activating the microphone is very useful when recording tutorials with live narration.

Start recording

To start recording the window you are managing, just click the red button. It will start a 3-second countdown before starting the recording of the active window and the video will be recorded with everything that happens in that window.

It is important to know that only what happens within the window that corresponds to the application that has been marked as game will be recorded, so what happens in other applications will not be recorded.

Stop recording

Once the recording process has started, you will have at all times a small control bar with several icons that will allow you to enable or disable the microphone, see a progressive counter of the duration of what is being recorded.

The option to move the bar anywhere on the screen or minimize it, and a white square symbol representing the Stop function.

When you have finished performing all the activities or processes that you want to record in the video, you can stop the video. the video, you can stop recording by clicking the white box Stop.

Check the recorded video

Immediately after pressing the Stop button, a window called Game DVR opens; an application belonging to Xbox, where we can view the recorded video.

You can even play the video directly from that window to see the result. In addition, we can rename, trim the duration of the video or simply delete the video.

To find out where the recorded video is hosted, you can go into the Game DVR settings and check what the destination folder is. Likewise, you can modify the destination of the recordings to save to a custom path, such as a specific folder or to the desktop.

Saving your screen on macOS without additional software

If you have the macOS operating system in its Mojave version, you can record any window on your screen without any inconvenience. This operating system comes with a specially dedicated built-in feature for capturing snapshots and videos of a section or the entire screen.

Simply pressing the key combination Shift +⌘ + 5 will display a recording controls bar with a series of icons with multiple functions. The first icon in the bar is an “X” to close it when you no longer want to use it, the next three are boxes with different options to capture photos.

Now, the last two boxes that are divided by a separator, are the section you should use to capture videos from the screen and that’s where we’ll concentrate.

If you don’t already Mojave version of the apple operating system, you can still record using QuickTime. However, the method for recording with QuickTime will be explained later. At this time I will concentrate on showing you a step-by-step step by step; according to the options you want, to record the screen with this new feature.

Capture the entire screen in video

Having activated, just click the first box in the recording section, record videos which will indicate to the system that it should record on video everything that happens on the screen.

When you click on the icon, the cursor will take the appearance of a camera. To start recording, you must click anywhere on the screen or click on the Record” bar option click on the option in the bar labeled “Record”. To stop recording, click on the Stop icon identified by the white box.

Capturing a section of the screen in video

To achieve capture video of a specific region of the screen, you must click the second icon of the section. This square icon is seen with a dotted outline, indicating that, when you click on it, you have to define with a drag of the cursor the region of the screen that you want to record.

Once you have defined what you want to record you can move that region. Just hold down the center of the selection and drag the box. Now you must start the recording by clicking on the “Record” option in the “Record” bar.

Similarly, as performed in the full screen procedure, you stop the recording by pressing the Stop icon. You can also stop it by pressing the key combination ⌘ + Control+Esc.

Settings of the resulting video

At the end of the video recording of the screen, either the whole screen or a specific region, you will have a thumbnail of the video available on the right, in the bottom corner.

If you don’t want to make any changes, just slide the thumbnail to the right and the video will be saved. Now, you can make adjustments to the video before saving it.

For example, clicking on the thumbnail will display a series of options that will allow you to:

  • Crop the video
  • Share it on social networks
  • Send it by Email
  • Change location
  • Send it to trash

If you press the Control key and click on the thumbnail, you will have more options available, including:

  • Open the recording in a specific application
  • Define another save path
  • Delete it permanently

To change the recording settings, you can click on the recording settings, you can click on the “Options” function in the “Options” bar and customize according to your preferences the default path of to activate the microphone to capture your voice live while recording, set a timer for the recording, set a timer for the recording start, show cursor clicks when making selections cursor clicks while making selections, etc.

Recording your screen on Linux

There are many offshoots of the Penguin operating system, but the majority and most popular are based on Ubuntu. In this section, I will explain how to record the computer screen in Ubuntu and derivatives.

Linux is a free operating system that has a myriad of applications to perform the task of recording the screen, and although it does not have a native function to perform the recording, they are extremely light applications and extremely easy to install.

This time I will talk about recordMyDesktop, because it is one of the most veteran, simple, but with excellent performance and good video compression.

Integration of the application to recording the computer screen

To integrate the computer screen recording feature in Linux, just go to the Application Center or Software Manager and search for Gtk-recordMyDesktop and proceed to install it, then you can place it inside Applications under Multimedia.

When you run the application, a window with radio buttons and configuration items is displayed.

Function function buttons and presets

At the top left you can see the thumbnail of the recorded video. recorded. The application is defaulted to record the entire screen, but if you wish, you can screen, but if you wish, you can select a region of the screen by clicking with the cursor and dragging by clicking with the cursor and dragging until the desired area is complete.

You can also select a window to record what is going on inside it, being clearly inside it, being clearly identified with a red frame. On the right side, we have the settings to define the video and sound quality and an advanced settings button.

In these settings you have several tabs to configure the save directory, frames per second performance and audio synchronization. You can also enable an external microphone and other settings.

Start and end the screen recording on Linux

To start recording, just click on the option in the window. “Record” window and it will start capturing video according to your settings. If you have already minimized the window, then you will have in the panel, a small red dot that when clicked starts the recording.

In the panel you will find a small square icon that symbolizes the Stop or stop recording of the Stop recording option of the recordMyDesktop. By clicking on it, you can pause or permanently stop the recorded video.

To return to the main window with all the functions, right click on the red dot on the panel and select “Show/Hide” the main window.”

Software and external applications to record your computer screen on Windows 10, MacOS and Linux

We have already discussed strategies and procedures for taking a video screen capture on 3 different types of operating systems. Now I introduce you to some video editors to achieve the same goals, and best of all, they are free. These programs are perfect professional PC screen recording alternatives that you should start using now.


Excellent program that enjoys great popularity among the applications for recording applications for recording screen videos. It has a robust toolbox for video editing tools presented in a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface.

Camtasia will allow you to record the entire screen or a defined region. In addition, you can make up your recordings by applying annotations, transitions and animations.

If you want to upload your recordings to the web, Camtasia allows you to share your project directly to YouTube or Vimeo. On the other hand, you can save your project to a local drive or Google Drive in full HD resolutions. You can download videos from YouTube to have more material available for your edits.

This software is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Download Camtasia

Quicktime Player

When I was telling you about the steps to record your computer screen on macOS Mojave, I mentioned that, if you didn’t already have this version, you could record your computer screen using QuickTime Player.

QuickTime is a sound and video player that has up its sleeve certain interesting functions that are not at first glance, and one of them is screen recording.

Settings before recording

The first thing you need to do is to run the player from Applications. Select from the menu the “File” option and then. “New Screen Recording”, which will open a window with some recording controls. recording controls.

Before you start, I recommend that you click on the small date that is right next to the red record button to configure certain parameters. configure certain parameters.

If you are doing a tutorial and want your voice to be recorded live, enable the “Microphone” or “Internal Microphone” option, depending on whether you are using a desktop or laptop computer. You should take care to set an appropriate volume so that you don’t ruin the audio with feedback glitches.

If you want the cursor to be highlighted when you click on the different different elements on the screen, you must enable the “Show mouse clicks on recording” option. mouse clicks in the recording.”

Start and stop recording

Now yes, you can click on the red record button and then button and then click anywhere on the screen to start capturing the video. video capture. If you want to record only a region of the screen, instead of clicking once, drag the instead of a single click, drag the cursor to form the area to record and then click “Start recording”. finally click on “Start Recording.”

When it is already in progress, on the panel you will notice a black square icon that when clicked will stop recording or you can also type the combination ⌘+Control+Esc.

When the capture is complete, the QuickTime Player will start playing the video.

Download QuickTime


This computer screen recording application is one of the favorite choices for Linux users to make window or full-screen recordings because of its efficiency and simplicity.

This program shows you its configuration options in a clean and tidy interface, allowing you to clean and tidy interface, making the task of making the relevant settings prior to recording prior to recording is a headache free.

You can choose between a snapshot or a recording of the desktop as a whole, region or particular window. You can also choose whether you want to record or not the moving cursor and its clicks.

Kazam allows you to define whether you want to record the sounds emitted from the speakers, those picked up from the microphone, or both. You can set a delay in seconds for the start of the recording, where you will see the counter.

Its format is very varied depending on its compression, and you can decide if an automatic saving of the video will be done or if it will ask you at the end of the destination.

Kazam is a Linux software that can be found in most Software Centers.

Download Kazam


This is a cross-platform recording software that works on Windows, MacOS and Linux with amazing results. Not for nothing is it the favorite of the most famous Youtubers and gamers to record their activities and broadcast them on the web.

We are not talking about a simple screen recorder as this powerful software has live streaming features. Its stable operation and advanced features make OBS Studio a benchmark in the medium of audio-visual recording, editing and broadcasting.

Of course! Its strength is also part of its weakness. Because it is a program with multiple professional functions, it makes it a bit complicated for the average user.

Download Kazam

Free Screen Video Recorder

Free program that is able to record your computer screen without much hassle. Once installed you can run it, and it will present you with a bar-like window with 6 functions, represented by icons to take screenshots or record videos of the screen.

Despite being a free software, you won’t have to put up with annoying advertisements. It is capable of capturing videos without time limits time in resolutions ranging from 240p up to 1080p.

The screen recoder command window tends to look a lot like macOS Mojave commands. Its interface is very polished, simple and pleasing to the eye. This software is programmed for Windows operating systems.

Download Free Screen


Application for record all the activity performed on your computer screen in a simple way. With this software, you not only record the screen, but it also allows you to perform retouching at the end of the recording.

Capto allows you to append and mix audio tracks, trim the video or even merge it with other video tracks. It is a dedicated tool for recording and capturing images at an impressive speed.

Capto Features

  • Record the entire screen, a window or a predefined region
  • Allows you to make voice-over recordings
  • You cancapture your Webcam
  • Take snapshots and you can edit them as you wish to share them directly from the application to social networks
  • If you wish, you can activate a function to hide all your personal files and folders when you start recording
  • You can edit the recorded videos according to your preferences
  • With just one click you can immediately share any project to social networks and FTP/SFTP servers
Download Capto

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