How does Google Ads work?

como funciona google adwords

Appearing as an “Ad” in Google is not based on setting the highest bid, because no matter how high you set the limit, the search engine will only show the campaigns it considers relevant and can make us make money online.

What is Google Ads and how does it work

The optimal and ideal is to pay the minimum that allows you to outbid your rival, that is, bidding one cent more than the competition. Yes, advertising moves on cents, but Google does not only take into account only that. The positioning of the “Ads” configured with Google Adwords depends on the Ad Rank that the search engine gives to each ad format for each bid and keyword combination.

Ad Rank is a keyword combination.


The Ad Rank is a value assigned by Google’s algorithm to order in which position each sponsored content is displayed. Figure of great importance for a double reason: to be the one that determines whether the content will be displayed on the first page of search results and its positioning, and influence, along with the competition of the keyword and the advertising history of the account to use, on the bid price.

The algorithm that establishes the Ad Rank takes into account, at least, these 4 factors: relevance, number of clicks, landing page, originality and ad format.


The most important thing for the search engine, as with the organic results, is that the first results returned by Google’s SERP respond to the search performed and, therefore, that they are relevant to the search. Note that here it is not enough to put a thousand times the word with which you want to position yourself, instead, you must do it in a coherent and natural way to attract the click of users.

The number of clicks

If users click on your ad it means that the content, a priori, is of value to them and, therefore, of interest for that keyword. The higher the number of clicks, the better your positioning will be.

Landing page

As with the copy of our ads, the landing page or landing page should match the keyword and text of the campaign.

In this case, designing a specific conversion page is of greater value than driving them to the website. For example, in an ecommerce it would be better to take them to a page about a certain type of product, than to the home.

The originality

Originality is another of the most important factors to be taken into account by the search engine. If your information is copied and pasted from other webs, Google will interpret it as a negative SEM tactic and, therefore, will not show your ad on the Internet.

The formatting

The more complete the campaign configuration, the higher its quality or Ad Rank. Within this type of configuration, ads that use extensions, such as calling in a click or setting up multiple ad lines, among others, will stand out.

como funciona google adwords 1

Examples of rich formatting.

Types of banner ads

Within Google Ads there are several ways to advertise: within the search engine itself (search ads), through YouTube (video and display ads) or on the display network, the websites that contain Google Ads boxes.

In the first type of campaigns-the ads made within the search engine-you can bid to appear as a text ad, app download or on Google Shopping.

como funciona google adwords 2

Google search ad.

The second type-Youtube-is based on the video or animated banner format, appearing in both cases within the video platform, YouTube.

como funciona google adwords 3
How does Google Ads work? 12

YouTube ad.

The third party-display network-allows you to display your text, banner, app or video campaigns on websites signed up for Google Adsense- display network-those that allow Google Ads to be displayed within their website.

Thanks to this type of campaign your ads can appear in mass media, blogs of influencers, thematic blogs, forums and Google Play itself.

como funciona google adwords 4
How does Google Ads work? 13

Advertisement in the display network.

How to use Google Ads

If you want to do further research on how to use Google Ads I invite you to take a look at their official website, where you can learn more about each type of campaign.

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