Canvas Model What is it and how to create it?

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The business universe evolves every day and with it new tools are created. tools. One that has been inspiring is the Canvas model, which has helped many entrepreneurs bring their proposals to fruition.

Do you want your business to be recognized in many places around the world? Whether you are just starting out in this area or you have been in this area for a long time, it is necessary to use innovative methods with which you can further grow your company or business. It doesn’t matter if the proposal will be presented online or in a boardroom, using this methodology will make you stand out.

Do you want to improve your business? Propose new ideas in your company to improve your performance? I will explain you everything related to the Canvas Model, but before we go on, we must define it.

What is the Canvas Model and how is it developed?

The Canvas model, business canvas or Canvas model template, is a coherent business strategy technique for developing businesses or projects, proposals or documenting existing ones. It is basically a visual outline with boxes describing how a total of nine objectives will be carried out.

This business tool was born in 2010 from the book “Business Model Generation“. The authors are Alex Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur, who are responsible for creating the Canvas model and giving the necessary push to millions of entrepreneurs.

It could be Canvas model is a blank canvas on which projects and objectives can be projects or objectives, as well as containing defined elements such as:

  • Value proposition
  • Customer segment
  • Channels
  • Customer-business relationship model
  • Source of revenue
  • Resources at your disposal
  • Activities to be performed
  • Participating partners
  • Cost structure

These elements consolidate the structure or basis for an efficient Canvas model, you will be able to add more tools, if you wish or if it is a need in your business.

What is the purpose of the Canvas model?

In In a nutshell, this versatile tool will help you achieve your business objectives your business such as:

  • Create a business strategy
  • Motivate you to be authentic
  • Make the best revenue
  • Visualize your future business on a sheet
  • Summarize and organize the steps to follow

Its usefulness is infinite and feasible for all types of business.

Benefits of the Canvas model in your business or company

Canvas is a quick visual aid that is later expanded into strategy documents. In a short time it has become one of the best templates, in fact it is a favorite, as the system allows business entrepreneurs and companies to make a project plan that is simple and easy to present to a group of people.

It offers many, many advantages when it comes to planning and developing a project outline simply and in a single project simply and in a single page or template. Let’s take a look at some of its other important advantages:

  • Simple and practical: The Canvas model symbolizes the structure of your business in nine parts. These are distributed in turn in an organized and easy-to-interpret way so that customers appreciate the value of the company, which will increase proportionally the operability of the company.
  • Changes and modifications: As you advance in the structure and analysis, you can raise more risky working hypotheses or visualize inconsistencies that may affect the future performance of the proposed project.
  • Business diversity: The Canvas model is applicable to large and small companies regardless of the activity performed by the business or company. It is adaptable.
  • Visual: With a single view, you can see each general element of the business, how it will be carried out and its benefits.
  • Strategy on a single sheet: It is a very useful tool that will allow you to see important aspects of the business such as marketing analysis, customers, competitors, processes, etc. In addition, it will allow you to visualize strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and even threats. In short, all these structures will be captured and presented on a single sheet of paper

Elements needed to make a Canvas model

Now Now, to develop your next business plan using the Canvas model, you will need to know each of its elements and how they are addressed or approached.

Value proposition

In this segment you will have to state why those customers you have identified would buy the identified, would buy the product or service your business will offer. For Therefore, define the positive aspects, e.g., that the product or service is innovative, affordable service is innovative, affordable, higher performance, practical and original in design.

The value lies in both the product and the benefits that the user will enjoy. Even if your product covers a need that has already been met by the current market, your product must better meet that need before the competition.

Customer segment

Any good business model identifies its customers, whether they are groups of people or organizations on which your company will focus its service or product. Since you will not be able to cover the entire market with a single strategy, you have to target your efforts to potentially high customers.

It is important to select this group well, as it is one of those responsible for the final revenue.


In this segment you will determine through which your product will reach the public, be it direct channels, own sales outlets, wholesalers or own sales points, wholesalers or web. Sometimes it is necessary to create a digital marketing. In short, channels are intermediaries between your value proposition, i.e. the product and the value proposition, i.e., the product, and the purchase of it.

Customer-Business Customer-Business

I recommend you analyze the best way to communicate or relate with your customers, thinking about the particular group, keeping them interested and positioning your service in communities through after-sales services, automatic services and personalized attention, as well as personalized attention, as well as answering questions of interest.

Input source

Once you have established the above elements, you need to focus on revenue. Therefore, it is extremely important to create a management plan with the following in mind:

  • What will the revenue stream of the product or service look like
  • Will it be fixed, variable, daily or monthly

It is essential to analyze the revenue stream, so that you can make decisions for the sustainability and profitability of the proposal.

Business Business

The Canvas model takes into account the good resource management of the business, in fact it is one of the necessary elements for the operation of the business. It is divided into:

  • Physical: Tangible assets
  • Intellectual: Machinery, commercial premises and technology
  • Human: Human resources
  • Financial: Assets and knowing investment


The activities will vary depending on the business, these should relate to the market proposition, customers and revenue. These activities are internal, such as production, distribution, some services, marketing, maintenance, new product developments, among others.


To business moving forward, you need to be connected to a large list of contacts to perfect the value proposition and achieve the desired success in the marketplace. Therefore, you will need a network of strategic suppliers, business alliances, investors etc

Cost structure costs

It is essential to define the costs of the business model to make it work to make it more efficient. In this last segment, you must realistically and honestly look at the investments you will have to make to the business without overlooking any of them.

I guarantee that once you’ve evaluated the Canvas model along with the nine indispensable factors, your company will fly just like a rocket to the moon.

Examples of Canvas Models explained step by step

Now that each element of the Canvas model has been well defined, I will show you how it can be examples of how it can be applied to at least four totally different business ideas.

Examples of value proposition

The value proposition is the description of the product and how it solves a need. In addition, your product has to be different from the rest in order to engage with the audience, so when you write your value proposition, you must include positive aspects such as its usefulness, performance, price, among others.

Water Filters

In this case your value proposition should be tailored to water quality, customer expectations and highlight the usefulness of the product.

Example: “The home water filters are adapted to your needs because their operation is based on a previous study of the water and its contamination.”

Liquor sales

Special for tourists due to the fact that they are national wines and liquors at artisan and industrial level, including thematic combos.

Example: “Touristic liquor store, national liquors both artisanal and industrial liquors offering themed combos”.


Special for ladies and men, with original designs. What makes it different is the special silk material for ladies.

Example: “Intimate apparel with unique and delicate designs.”


The proposal is to wash and disinfect cars with special products to take care of children’s health.

Examples: “Hand wash with 100% germ-free disinfectant products”.

Examples of Customer segments

You must identify which audience you are going to target. For example, will you be targeting a For example, will you be targeting a broad, general group, such as Amazon, or a specific group? You must take into account the gender, age, country, or income.

Water filters

It is common for the mother to be the one who is interested in saving and the welfare of her family. She is likely to be a woman in her 30s or 40s, married and with children.

Example: “Woman, housewife interested in water quality in search of well-being for her family.”

Liqueur sales

Customers would be tourists visiting the city, can be male or female, of legal age who are interested in trying new things and buying souvenirs.

Example: “Group of friends or tourist couples ranging in age from 18 to 45 years old that likes tasting handcrafted liqueurs.”


In Clothing for distribution, potential customers would be lingerie companies.

Example: “Domestic intimate apparel for lingerie stores.”


Aimed at men and women with families, medium to high income

Example: “Men and women who drive, who earn a good salary and preferably who have children.”

Examples of channels

This Refers to the medium used to deliver your value proposition to customers. Will it be via the internet, will you have a physical store, will you be a wholesaler, will you have partners? It is essential to determine the best channel to communicate with each customer segment.

Water Filters

You can use as many channels as you want. A housewife can use the Internet to research water filters. Having a storefront will allow your customers to thoroughly detail the product and take it to you right away.

Example: “Website or physical store”.

Liqueur sales

Being a tourist spot, you can establish alliances with tourist agencies, use discounts and Internet media.

Example: “Social networks, blogs, advertising campaigns and tourism alliances.”


You can use advertising campaigns to showcase merchandise to customers through catalogs and fashion shows.

Example: “Social media, mailings, calls”


Advertise on the radio, on television, discounts at gas stations. All the other companies in the industry

Example: “Placing roadside advertising, referrals from others through businesses, flyers, and the Internet.”

Example Customer-Business Relationship Customer-Business

This step is extremely necessary, in addition to attracting customers, you have to and encourage them to buy. That is why, in the customer-business relationship personal attention, automated service, virtual communities of users and self-service.

Water Filters

Present information about the water we consume every day, how it affects our health and raise awareness about water quality.

Example: “Personal attention in the store showing the effectiveness of the product and giving suggestions on the website.”

Liqueur sales

Free tasting or sampling, combo offers and discounts are effective.

Example: “Free tasting and discounts.”


To attract customers, it is advisable to have a fashion show and to research on websites for potential customers.

Example: “Fashion show displays, social media and calls.”


Since car wash attendants have to wait, a waiting room with snacks, seating, air conditioning, wifi and coffee is ideal. In addition, a space can be adapted to offer customer service.

Example: “Waiting room, free coffee, details to regular customers.”

Example revenue source

It is extremely important to have well defined and substantiated the source of economic income of the company and to take into account the type of payment you will accept, whether by cards, transfers, cash, etc.

Water Filters

As one of the channels is Internet sales, you can accept online payments and in the physical store other types of payments.

Example: “Sale of the water filters by online payment and offline in the physical store by check or transfer.”

Liquor sales

Since it will be sold in a physical location, payments can be by debit or credit card, cash or check.

Example: “Liquor sales, different forms of payment accepted.”


This value proposition is supported by selling intimate apparel.

Example: “Payment by cards, checks and cash are accepted.”


Charges will be made for various cleaning services and for the sale of tires, oil, windshields and other spare parts.

Example: “Complete car cleaning and other services such as oil and tire change”.

Examples of resources

There are four key elements: physical, supplies, intellectual and human.

Water filters

For the product to be of excellent quality, you should look for the best manufacturers. In addition you must have a trained staff to inform.

Example: “Physical store, staff and inventory advisories”

Liquor sales

You must have the necessary real estate such as coolers and bottle racks.

Example: “Raw materials, personnel and inventory equipment.”


Fabrics, sewing machines, personnel and real estate.

Example: “Machinery, raw materials and human resources”.


Working equipment, waiting room, company name and logo

Example: “Fast or efficient work team, good image”.

Examples of activities

There are three types of activities: production, problem solving, and platforms.

Water filters

The main activity in this case is water quality research, in addition to awareness raising.Water filters

Example: “Water research, personal customer service, advertising, etc.”

Liquor sales

The key activity is selling, but putting it into action requires other relative aspects.

Example: “Sales, invoicing, accounting, suppliers.”


The main movement is inviting customers to campaigns, as well as keeping track of orders and invoicing.

Example: “Purchasing, purchase control and customer service”.


In view of the fact that the service is car washing, the key activities are those that contribute to the service.

Example: “Design advertisements and place them in strategic locations, clean and maintain the car.”


It is important to partner strategically, in order to boost and enhance your value proposition, as well as to optimize resources and minimize costs.

Water Filters

As a senior partner an expert would be ideal. An expert would advise you on water treatment and technology.

Example: “Companies specializing in water filters.”

Liqueur sales

Allies must be familiar with tourism

Example: “Travel agencies, restaurants, among others.”


Partnerships with fabric, lace and yarn companies

Example: “Suppliers and stores that market your products.”


You must partner with a technical service specialized in the maintenance of the machinery used for the company and suppliers of detergents.

Example: “Technical service and suppliers to the service.”

Examples of cost structures

The cost structure should analyze the fixed costs, variable costs and the economics that will sustain the business.

Water Filters

The costs are physical store, staff, website and products.

Example: “Infrastructure costs, advertising costs and personnel costs.”

Liqueur sales

It will depend on factors in the beverages such as the liquor license and the store, whether it is to be owned or rented.

Example: “Payments to suppliers, payments on legal formalities and payment on staff.”


As we are talking about a clothing company or business, there are variable costs such as ,for example, the purchase of raw materials and taxes.

Example: “Fixed and variable costs, payment in personnel and payment in services.”


Costs in infrastructure maintenance, staff salaries, utility payments

Example: “Rent or purchase of the premises, maintenance, payment of basic services and salary. of employees.”

Now you are ready to crystallize your business and make it promising. Ultimately, the best start is to apply the Canvas model.

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