Best programs to create animated GIF for free

mejores programas crear gif

An image says more than a thousand words. Now, what can we say about a micro video, where we have a succession of images that show us a message well captured. It can be said that GIFs are micro videos that achieve this purpose, allowing expressing in just a few seconds, an idea that hits hard.

But before filling all our repertoire of interesting GIFs and see the best programs to create GIFs, it would not hurt to delve a little into this visual format that is gaining much acceptance in social networks and can be very well used in blogs and websites. How to make a free GIF? What are animated GIFs? What are the best programs to create animated GIFs Free?

What is a GIF image

A GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is the succession of images in sequence, where the pace of each frame will depend on the set time, which controls the speed of the movement of the displayed image. It can be said that a GIF image is a simple cut of a fragment of a video or successions of images that are repeated infinitely.


This visual resource is very versatile, which is why it has gained popularity on the web. Being a low weight image, it can be presented very quickly, attractive and without affecting the performance of the window we are managing. These are ideal characteristics to use this resource in our portal.

Advantages of the images in GIF format

There are many advantages that can be derived from the implementation of this resource on the web, among them we can highlight:

  • Easy creation. It is not necessary to have extensive knowledge of programming or handling specialized tools to create a GIF. There are a wide variety of programs; both online and offline and Apps for mobile devices, that with a few simple steps allow you to create your own personalized GIF.
  • Highly Viral. As usual, most of the time that a GIF is created, it is with the motive of entertaining with humorous situations. If we choose the right excerpt from a very striking situation, it will be only a matter of seconds for the GIF to go viral, plus its easiness to spread contributes to viralization.
  • Infinite Arguments. It is possible to create GIFs of absolutely any situation or moment. We can classify our GIFs according to the argument or theme it refers to. In this way we will have the right reaction or situation to apply it at the required moment.
  • Simple reproduction. Because it is a substantially lightweight element, its reproduction is automatic without depending on external reproduction software.
  • Adaptability. Because it is a fully compatible digital file, it can be included in any post, blog, portal or social network for the enjoyment of users. They are ideal elements for creating banner ads or action buttons.

Best programs to create and edit animated GIFs

Let’s see now the different programs to create Free animated GIF of which we can use to create and modify GIFs, that we have downloaded or that we create from a video. These are the alternatives according to their classification:

Best offline programs to create GIFs

The Programs to create animated GIFs Free offline offer the great advantage that they are installable on our computers, have great stability and do not depend on an Internet connection to perform the creation of GIFs. Below, we detail the most used:


This program for creating GIFs is a powerful image manager that will allow you to use layers to create interesting GIFs. Free software with main presence on Linux operating systems, however, it is also available for Windows and Mac.


This software is dedicated to photo retouching, but among its functions it allows us to create GIFs from a sequence of images. Using a timeline, similar to video editing programs, you choose the desired images and arrange them in the sequence that you want them to play.

Easy GIF Animator

With this program to create GIF able to manage videos to later convert them into funny GIFs. It also works with still images to create a desired sequence. Among its utilities is the option to enhance the images and manipulate the duration of the sequence’s path.

Loop Findr

GIF maker program capable of performing an intelligent search of a video track to find the exact section where to apply a “Loop” looping effect to create and optimize a GIF.


Software in charge of managing artistic photographs to create a moving sequence. Unlike other programs to create GIFs, this one tries to maintain as much as possible the quality of the images used for the sequence. That is why we can enjoy them at a larger size without sacrificing their weight.


This free cross-platform GIF maker program can be used for video creation and manipulation. Although it is mainly dedicated to managing videos in a professional way, it has an option in the processing tools, before transcoding the video, where you can choose the GIF option.

If we select a small section of a video or a sequence of images, we can convert it very easily to GIF with this method.

GIF Movie Gear

With this GIF creation program you can manipulate GIF images by editing the properties of the graphic and adjusting the size of the animation. You can choose the number of frames you want to work with and the color density. You have the ability to edit each frame individually with the help of a small brush.

Recordit – Fast ScreenCast

A program for creating GIFs that mainly manages to record sequences of your desktop. By recording a small video fragment you will be able to transform it to GIF format. This software works for both Windows and Mac and comes in two versions: Free and Premium

Best online programs to create GIFs

Online GIF creation programs base their processing engine in the Cloud, allowing a lower workload for the computer’s processor and memory.

On the other hand, as a disadvantage we can mention its strict and necessary connection to the network and the fact of having less control over the characteristics and properties of the manipulated image sequences. The most commonly used websites for GIF creation are:

Giphy GIF Maker

Online program entirely dedicated to GIF managementsimply to use. In addition to providing you with a large bank of moving images for you to use as you wish, it also has a section to create your own unpublished GIFs.

You have the freedom to create your GIFs from already created ones or start from scratch with image sequences. It also allows you to import video that you have hosted on your computer, Vimeo or YouTube.


According to reviews, this software is the Unbeatable King of GIF sites. You can use any of their countless GIF images they have stored on their portal. You can also create your own reactions and mics.

With the Video to GIF tool, you will only need to upload the piece; no more than 15 seconds, that you want to convert to GIF and that’s it, the rest will be done by Imgur, placing at your disposal the link, so you can share your creations. You have the possibility to add texts to the image.

ImgFlip GIF Creator

With this tool it is very easy to make animated GIFs based on local videos, YouTube or image sequence. As a disadvantage we can mention that the Free version leaves a watermark to our creation.


Free online program to make GIFs practically. Just choose the required images, set the desired size and the duration of the transition. You will have the results quickly with a link ready to be shared wherever you want.

Biteable Video Maker

It is an application that works perfectly for creating videos, with an extra feature to make animated GIFs. The Free version leaves a watermark on both the videos and the GIFs created. For me, it is one of the best programs to create GIFs.

Make a GIF

Software that will allow us to build GIFs based on images, local videos or uploaded to YouTube-type platforms. The editing tools allow you to adjust the playback speed, modify the file size, rename them and classify the tags. It is noteworthy that, if you purchase the Premium account, the number of editing tools is extended.

Through this portal you can create the funniest GIFs your wits can come up with. In addition, you can create slideshows and animated videos completely free of charge. No registration required

GIF Soup

Utility that requires registration, but you can access without any problem with your Facebook account data. You can create micro videos up to 10 seconds in length based on a sequence of images or an extract from a video.

Free GIF Maker

Free GIF image maker with the particularity of including effects and an interesting reverse function. It is able to create GIFs based on a local image sequence or via a link to a video.

You have 10 seconds to make your fun transition, with the added bonus of inserting effects by templates and if you wish, have the transition go backwards.


With this powerful tool we can create not only GIFs, but, in addition, memes and graphics. For the creation of the artwork, it feeds from items hosted locally or shared by external links.

Among other things we can modify the transition speed and frame size. When you finish creating the GIF you can decide, whether to share it directly to the social network or download it to your computer. Personally, it is among my favorite programs to create GIFs.


This is another tool that will allow you to create GIFs from videos. It is so simple to use that in less than 1 minute you can have your own creation in three simple steps:

  1. Link the video from Vimeo or YouTube
  2. Adjust the size of the video and if desired insert texts
  3. Proceed to share the created GIF on social networks


Are you a Simpsons fan? You’ve come to the right portal. This site is dedicated to the collection of all the GIFs you can imagine thought of the cartoon series The Simpsons.

You can also create memes related to the theme and share it on Twitter, Facebook or Reddit. On the downside, it doesn’t allow downloading of your creation.


Software for creating animated GIFs that is available in both free and paid versions. If we opt to use the free version we will have the limitation of creating 10 GIFs by pasting a watermark to our creations.

Online engine GIF maker program to create GIFs from various external or internal sources. It has a wide variety of tools to apply them in editing or creating the GIF with the possibility to be shared on social networks or by local download.


It can be said that GIFyo in a hybrid portal that not only offers its software for creating GIF images. It also includes a vast community of users who share their creations with one another.

It is necessary to be registered to be part of the guild having the power to comment, vote and upload content. Your GIF creations can be shared directly to Twitter and Facebook.

Ingur Video to GIF

Without registration, you can access all the tools offered by this portal for the creation of your GIFs from a link where the source video is located. You choose the piece to convert and that’s it.


Portal that offers a robust collection of animated GIFs and also allows us to create our funniest creations. The functionality of this site is very intuitive. Simply put, Guggy is an alternative that should not go unnoticed as it is one of the most widely used GIF creation software.

GIF Maker Mac

This is a native MacOS program forcreating animated GIFs. We just need to slide the video or sequence of images we want to convert over the program, click on “Make GIF” and you’ll have your work done in seconds.

Best Apps to create GIFs

GIF Marker, Video to GIF Creator

This App for iOS mobile devices has the ability to create animated GIFs from videos or photos hosted on your Smartphone. Among other utilities highlights the possibility of making Boomerang videos to be used on Instagram, convert photos into meme and create GIFs directly from the camera.

GIF Maker – GIF Editor

Application for Smartphone with Android systems to create moving GIFs. This application allows you to edit at will the images you want to use before creating your GIF, edit the GIFs that have already been created, share the GIFs made directly to your social networks with just the press of a button.

Microsoft GIF Maker

This application can be purchased through the official Microsoft store. It is a very complete software to create and edit GIF images.

Through the application we can cut and join videos, create GIFs containing up to 150 images, add effects, edit the projects before saving and a shortcut to share our creations on Facebook, GIPHY, Twitter, IMGUR and others.


This gif creation application, available for Mac operating systems, will allow you to make high quality GIFs. It uses the specialized tools for managing transitions, applying the best effects. Undoubtedly, it deserves to be among the best programs for creating GIFs.

Giphy Cam

Downloadable from the iOS App Store, this tool for mobile devices, is very handy for GIF management. You can create GIFs directly from the function of recording a video and in addition, you can apply frames and filters before completing the GIF


Make animated GIFs with hipster templates. This software is available for iOS mobiles. You can apply up to 5 filters to a video as short as 2.5 seconds. Once you’ve made your masterpiece share it on your VSCO profile.

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