Best Photo Retouching and Advanced Editing Programs

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Modern society has transformed the way we communicate. It is common to see ideas; simple or complex being summarized in still images. In addition, the outstanding display of visual material in digital format is an undeniable avalanche of information flow, which is conveyed through attractive illustrations.

Although images are excellent for conveying information quickly and attractively, the key to success lies in the quality and depth they can contain. That’s where photo retouching software works its magic, turning any image into a true masterpiece.

For this reason, it is evident that the world of marketing is full of images that not only convey an idea, but also project feelings and emotions that induce action.

In the past, image editing programs were for the exclusive use of professionals. But, with the advancement of technology and the integration of a growing community into the world of computers and networks, endless options for manipulating any type of image become available.

I’ve set out to show you the best photo retouching and advanced editing programs along with their most outstanding features so that you can be aware of the full potential of each of them.

What is a photo editor and what is it for

Photo editors are computer programs that have multiple tools and algorithms with the ability to create or modify digital images and thus achieve some improvement, transformation or even innovation.

If you want to get a perfect image, everything depends largely on certain artistic details that are achieved thanks to its advanced editing. Blurring effects, brightness and contrast balances, color saturation, etc., are just a few elements that can turn an ordinary image into a true work of art.

And for proof a button: it has been found that the image of a pile of waste, with the right focus and some essential retouching, can go from an unpleasant scene to a well-deserved artistic painting with a very appreciable value.

You can make use of photo and image editors to achieve various goals. For example, creating popular Stickers and making them viral, designing an advertising image that draws attention to a product, highlighting aspects that usually go unnoticed in a snapshot and much more.

The most attractive thing about all this is that you can monetize each of your works in multiple ways. Hence, the importance of learning how to efficiently use these photo retouching tools.

Obviously, practice makes perfect. All you have to do is decide on the best photo editing program to suit your circumstances and unleash your creativity and imagination.

What is the best photo editing software?

Before we start listing a series of programs governed by their popularity, it is important to establish a fundamental fact: the best photo editing program will be the one that suits your circumstances, knowledge and environment.

In order to establish which are the best photo editing programs, you must first take into account factors such as: operating system of your computer or mobile, storage and processing capacity, your level of knowledge in the editing you want to apply and the preference of obtaining the program (Premium vs Free).

In the world of applications for photo retouching or image editing, we could separate these different programs into categories according to their usefulness:

  • Program for advanced photo editing
  • Program to create and design images for beginners
  • Programs Online for basic editing
  • Programs Online to add special effects to photos
  • Programs to add special effects to photos
  • Programs to show photos in slideshows
  • Programs to process photo in Batches
  • Programs to make HDR
  • Programs to make panoramic photos
  • Programs for infographics
  • Applications to retouch photos on mobile

Although some of the programs that will be detailed in this article may fulfill several or even all the above-mentioned categories, we will analyze each one according to the most outstanding function.

Best Photo Retouching and Advanced Editing Programs

We start with the first category detailing the photo retouching programs in their advanced editing. All of these programs contain a very complete toolbox, which at first can be overwhelming for those who lack experience. However, with interest and effort you can learn to correctly manipulate each of their functions.

The following is a compilation of the best software for advanced photo retouching.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop tops this list as the most popular and well-known photo editor worldwide. It is capable of managing images in multiple formats (JPG, PNG, GIF), manipulating videos and even designing a Web page.

To use Adobe Photoshop you will need a powerful computer, because its operation will require the consumption of many resources. It is based for Windows or MacOS operating systems.

The quality of image processing is professional. Its wide diffusion allows the sharing of projects between users while maintaining compatibility and making it an editing standard.


Adobe Photoshop is a very comprehensive photo editing program and its features are very extensive. Therefore, I will now go on to mention the most outstanding features:

  • Image retouching relative to color, shape and background
  • Applying blur or distortion effects
  • Rotation, cropping, very precise straightening and flipping of images
  • Exposure, shadows and lighting adjustment
  • Restore or repair images
  • Perspective adjustments
  • Edit 3D image layers
  • Image creation in 3D models
  • Compatibility with 3D printers
  • Smart object creation


A rival to the previous giant stands GIMP for its acronym “GNU Image Manipulation Program” This is a powerful photo editing and retouching program completely free and free of charge.

As a great advantage, is that despite being a program originally based on Linux, it can also run without problems on Windows and macOS operating systems.

Gimp is constantly being updated to keep up with the demands of its users and is available in multiple languages. It is capable of handling most of the available image formats (jpg, png, bmp, gif, etc)


Gimp has been a very well accepted alternative among those who for some reason cannot use other popular editors. In addition, it does not consume too many resources as is the case with Photoshop. Among the highlights we have:

  • Manage colors, glows, shadows and regional blur application
  • Build images from the fragment of another
  • Features a native xcf storage format
  • Extensive library of image effects and filters to transform the look of images
  • Ability to perform PDF or vectors svg import
  • Ability to import into PDF or vectors svg
  • Ability to import into PDF or vectors svg
  • Ability to import into images
  • Ability to perform PDF or vector svg import
  • Has a curing brush to repair photos
  • Proportional or percentage scaling
  • Smart cropping scissors
  • Tools to apply skew, warp, duplicate perspective and embed text
  • Multiple selection (round, square, magic wand or manual lasso)

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

This program is the simplified version of Adobe Photoshop, so it will be easier to learn to use. It is targeted mostly for professional photography enthusiasts and their post-production projects. Like its big brother, it can be installed on both Windows and MacOS operating systems.

You will be able to get this excellent application adapted for 64x processors which will allow to take advantage of a higher performance of your computer.

Additionally, it has the ability to manage manipulated images on multiple monitors for greater convenience. And if you want to enhance its functions even more, you can achieve this by installing additional plug-ins.


Photoshop Lightroom turns out to be a very efficient tool for those who want to perform very specific visual retouching. And its functions are practically everything a photographer needs to obtain satisfactory results from his captures. Below, we will review some of its features:

  • Lightweight software compared to Adobe Photoshop
  • Non-destructive image management. Will never modify the original file
  • Present images in slide format
  • Insert watermarks for copyright terms
  • Automatic import function (Hot Folders)
  • Image export in multiple formats
  • Creates of Web galleries in HTML and Flash format
  • Ability to manage more than one image at a time
  • “Presets” function to be able to apply an effect profile to a batch of images
  • Make comparisons between two photographs
  • Create virtual copies, which avoids making unnecessary physical duplicates
  • Ability to copy and paste settings from one image to another


If you are looking for a graphics editing software completely designed under the MacOS architecture, Pixelmator would be the ideal choice.

It is presented as a cheaper option than Photoshop, but offering professional-quality software. Image processing is based on Core Image and OpenGL which are native to Mac graphics cards.

It has all the basic functions contained in the average graphics editors with its toolbox for fundamental tweaking. It offers great compatibility with the most widely used image formats in the world, while offering its own PXM management format.


Using applications that have been natively programmed to work under the operating system of your Mac computer, gives greater stability. Let’s review the benefits offered by this professional graphics editor:

  • It has 16 color correction options
  • It offers up to 50 filters to your images
  • You have the option to crop, measure, paint, select and navigate
  • Insert text into graphics
  • High-speed graphics converter
  • Its image formats are compatible with Photoshop
  • Able to work with layers in editing
  • Red-eye removal option
  • Blurring and image cloning tool
  • Healing function for disappearing objects without leaving traces

Photo Light Pro

This program happens to be a 3-dimensional photo studio simulator with the ability to modify many aspects of your environment. You may now be able to learn the incidence of light and shadow when taking a photograph before you even actually take it.

Conceived for training photographers who do not immediately have a studio or simply plan photo shoots and define poses and angles before starting the shoot. This software works for macOS and Windows platforms.


Because it is not a photo editing program per se, you will not find any editing tools. However, I have included it in this list because of its wonderful contribution to the world of professional photography. Some features I can mention are:

  • Digital lighting projection that emulates real light effects
  • Changes perspective and focus from every possible angle
  • Emulates camera distance and tilt, allowing you to determine the most appropriate lens for each photograph

Capture One

Capture One in an application that serves as a RAW-type graphics developer from the company Phase One. In functionality it tends to be compared to Adobe’s Lightroom.

However, there are a couple of very interesting details that make it worthy of your installation, but which I’ll detail later.

It is a software that can be obtained with prior payment, whose cancellation can be a one-time fee or otherwise by monthly installments with the option to use the license on multiple computers. It can be installed on Windows and macOS.


Now it’s time to introduce you to some of the elements that highlight the functionality of this digital developer:

  • Direct color editor capable of detecting the color of the selected area and changing hues, luminosity and even saturation
  • Adjustable cropping based on ratio or rotations
  • Noise reduction function
  • Fully customizable interface
  • Ability to sort projects by catalogs or sessions
  • Image management via layers and masks
  • Advanced export system

Paintshop pro

This application is a powerful vector and raster image editor that can only be installed on Windows operating systems. From the hand of the company Corel presents us with this excellent alternative for professional photo retouching, without the need for subscriptions as is the case with other editing programs.

Developed mainly for graphics editing, where you can perform any retouching, error correction and highlight certain aspects of the image in a simple way with amazing results.


You’ll definitely want to check out everything you can do using the Paint Shop Pro application. I’ll give you a preview of a number of features so that you can familiarize yourself with each of its most outstanding functions:

  • Super-fast image cropping
  • Offers great support for 360° cameras
  • Dual interface mode:
    • Simplified workspace for ease of use and quick learning
    • Complex workspace that contains all the tools that will allow you to get professional results
  • Image manipulation using masks and layers, as well as a gallery of pre-designed templates for creative projects
  • Adjustment tools (shadows, highlights, contrasts, saturation, color correction, etc. )
  • Ability to edit RAW images
  • Create sequences of effects to apply to new images
  • Automation in applying batch changes simultaneously
  • Include text to images with a wide variety of typographies
  • Smart one-click correction

Programs to create and design images for beginners

While all of the programs detailed a moment ago do an excellent job of producing highly professional results, in the hands of a beginner there is little that can be achieved.

For this reason, I present a series of much simpler and more intuitive applications that will introduce you to the exciting world of photo editing and at the same time prepare you for the future to manage more advanced programs.


With the photo editing application Ribbet you will be able to make essential fixes without the greatest effort. You have the option of choosing between its installable version on PC / mobile or directly from the Web.

The program’s interface is user-friendly and despite being simple to use, it contains a complete toolbox. On the downside, for now it is not translated into English and is available for Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems.


  • Has cropping, resizing and rotating scissors
  • Offers the option to work with text layers
  • Over a thousand effects to be applied to images
  • Inclusion of frames and stickers
  • You can easily create collages and an Auto Fix feature

Powerful, simple and innovative. These three words describe, the image editor created exclusively for Windows with great usability and a user-friendly interface.

Being very similar to the iconic Paint, (It could have replaced it, but it was not carried out) and that has accompanied for all these years to Microsoft in its operating system, but with greater editing capabilities.

It is a completely free software that is accepted as a powerful photo retouching tool, because it has most of the tools that are commonly used for managing an image.


  • Option to manage in different layers and transparencies
  • Contains multiple filters and effects for blur, distortion, emboss, etc.
  • Ability to extend functionalities through plugins
  • Includes a rotation effect and 3D Zoom
  • Adjustments for brightness correction, tones, contrast, saturation, saturation, white balances and much more.


With PhotoPlus6 you can take advantage of the basic features of an excellent advanced digital image editor. It is a compact and simple program perfect for computers running Windows operating systems that lack advanced settings.

It has the ability to support numerous image formats (GIF, JPG, JPEG, JPE, J2K, FPX, PCD, PSD, PNG, TIF, TIFF, TGA, BMP, DIB, WPG, PCX) and has step-by-step tutorials in PDF format. It even maintains some compatibility with some Adobe Photoshop plugins.


  • Add effects, text or symbols easily
  • Supports layered graphics editing
  • Red-eye removal function
  • Supports making changes such as resize, crop, rotate, etc
  • Variation of sharpness, brightness balance and noise correction


This is one of the favorite applications for beginners and best of all it is free. It can be used as a viewer and also as a graphics editor and the resource consumption is very low. It has an installable version for Windows only or in Online mode.

In addition to helping you organize your personal photo bank, PhotoScape allows you to make significant changes to each photo, making it a very complete tool for managing photos with great content.


  • Adjust brightness, color, shadow correction, embed text, etc.
  • Create slideshows with each image in your photo album
  • Option to merge photos or apply effects in batches
  • Make screenshots
  • Convert graphics from RAW to JPG format

Basic Online Photo Editing Programs

Sometimes, you just want to do some simple, basic editing of a photo or image, perhaps to create a meme, correct a minor detail or apply a certain filter.

You don’t require specialized software that makes major editing and photo retouching changes to be satisfied with the desired goal.

In these cases, you have a viable alternative: Web servers that offer photo editing tools to manage images and modify them as you wish. Let’s take a look at some of these popular servers.


Extremely simple, yet very powerful. The Online Fotor platform makes available a wide range of options to make all kinds of graphic adjustments. Despite not using layers, it allows for very advanced features such as HDR photo blending.

As a highlight, it has the ability to allow the application of filters to images and the creation of automatic or selective collages. An interesting fact is that Facebook services make use of this platform for image management, so it’s worth trying it out.


  • Smart creation of collages, Facebook covers, gift cards, etc
  • Merge HDR photos of up to 3 graphics with different exposures
  • Allows the inclusion of texts
  • Option to directly share your finished works on your social networks
  • Includes Stickers, special effects, configurable frames, etc


It’s not Photoshop Online, it’s SumoPain. We understand that you might be confused, and their resemblance is uncanny. This platform evokes your artistic side and puts in your hands a very complete and interesting toolkit, so you can unleash your creativity.

Although its main interface is through the Web, it also has a downloadable software compatible with Windows, MacOS and Linux operating systems. It is possible to use the platform without registration, but registering grants greater benefits in its usefulness, allowing you to haveall the copyright of your unpublished works.


  • Support for 22 languages (including English)
  • Featuring a variety of filters
  • Employment of over 300 brushes to shape your photo creation or retouching
  • Effects and layers that allow you to create fun collages
  • Ability to modify color balance, shadows, blurs, adjust sharpness, and more


I’m sure you’re familiar with this name “BeFunky”. It is one of the leading platforms for photo editing and retouching because it is so complete in its tools. It has 6 sections loaded with multiple effects and filters to be applied to any image that is on your computer’s hard drive, captured directly from your Webcam or from your favorite social network.

Extremely easy to retouch or apply effects, and then when you finish your editing, you can save directly to the cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) or locally to your PC.


  • Offers the option to apply frames and many effects and filters
  • Option to work with layers and then save them to resume editing later
  • Graphic design option that offers professional quality templates
  • Assisted collage creation.
  • Apply the typography that captivates you the most or use a personal typography by importing it from your computer


Pixlr has a huge set of tools that are sure to make you feel like a professional editor. The management of this platform is very light and precise, with unparalleled simplicity both from your favorite browser and from your Smartphone.

Being a free graphics editing website, it is available to everyone as long as you have Flash installed in your browser. The iOS and Android mobiles can take advantage of its retouching power thanks to the App available in the Store.


  • Load images from clipboard to apply effects or make relevant modifications
  • Works directly with local files avoiding that you have to upload it to the portal saving work time
  • No prior registration required to use the platforms
  • It consists of 3 modes: Pixlr-o-matic, Pixlr express, Pixlr editor. Each mode increases the levels of photo adjustment and retouching
  • Extensions available for Chrome and Firefox that make it possible to take screenshots

Special Effects Programs for Online Pictures

If what you need is to apply filters and effects on a collection of photos without requiring the full range of photo editing and retouching tools available, you can opt for platforms that specialize in these fields.

Apply spectacular effects thanks to the existence of excellent Online alternatives, which will allow you to make up your images with professional quality without the need to have software installed on your PC. Among the most acclaimed ones we can highlight:

Bakumatsu Koshashin Generator

This Online Free platform is a perfect generator of old photographs from an existing current image. The website is fully designed in Japanese with the option to choose the “English” language. However, don’t panic, it is so simple to use that Japanese characters won’t be a problem to apply a spectacular aging effect to your photographs.

The aging effect is stunning! I have personally tried it and was captivated with the results. Travel back in time through this wonderful Onlin

e service.


  • Extremely easy-to-use portal
  • No registration required for aging
  • You can import images from a Web address or from your PC


Framers are elements that enhance a good photograph and give it that artistic touch you so desire. Framer is a tool that will allow you to achieve this in a very simple and elegant way, even allowing you to crop the image to better fit the frame you want to apply.

Load the images from your local server or from some web address without any inconvenience. Many of their frames are really fun and professionally finished.


  • Great variety of frames in different proportions and looks
  • Includes the option to apply Photoshop-style negative borders
  • Frames that simulate that the photo was captured with Polaroid


Are you a fan of collages? This Online service has been created for you. With just 2 clicks you will achieve an excellent David Hockney-style effect. Have fun with all the power of this platform that creates amazing collages from a single image and with amazing results.

Because it is a Flickr API, this platform will allow you to automatically generate collages of your images posted in that social network directly.


  • You can upload images hosted locally, from a URL or directly to your Flickr account
  • You can create collages by combining the effects of a photograph taken with a Polaroid camera. In addition, you can select the number of photos that will compose the collage
  • Option to re-select another type of collage randomly in case you are not satisfied with the one created


In case you hold your creations in high esteem and don’t want someone else to take credit for your work, watermarks are ideal to avoid plagiarism. With PicMarkr you can protect the images you have edited or that you want to display on any social network.

You will be able to apply the watermark to 5 images at a time that do not exceed 25mb, and best of all, it will be completely free. In less than 1 minute you will be able to protect your images with your custom copyright stamp.


  • Customize each style you want of the watermark to apply (text, image)
  • Option to batch rename a photo album
  • Mount images from your computer or any associated social network (Facebook, Flickr, Picasa)


Photo retouching tool that is gaining popularity among users every day. Create covers, infographics, simple or combined images with the desired appeal for any Website.

Photo retouching using Canva is very intuitive, being able to make the most artistic design in a few clicks. You have as an option to use it via Online or download the Canva X version, being compatible with Windows and macOS.


  • Contains pre-configured templates that will help you in the redesign of images, covers, banners, cards, etc.
  • Availability of a vast bank of great images and typographies, although some are paid
  • Infographics management assistance


Excellent free graphic editor that is at your disposal in its Online service. Its utility is very simple and intuitive, where you can perform all series of managements to your images with professional results. You can also download its downloadable application compatible with Windows and macOS.

It has an extension to be installed in the Chrome browser for free, which will definitely improve your experience.


  • Incorporates numerous attractive and cutting-edge filters and effects
  • Make all kinds of edits (crop, rotate, change color or tone, include text and much more)
  • Use its hundreds of templates and enhance your photos to make them worthy of a Web portal


From the hand of the giant Google, puts at your disposal the Picasa image editor. Photo retouching can be done very simply, but the results are commendable. Until recently you could access this platform from their Web portal, but they have stopped offering this service online. However, you can still enjoy their installable version, which is compatible with Windows and macOS.

Besides offering itself as an innovative image viewer, it is also a powerful photo editing tool and an excellent gallery organizer.


  • You can crop, rotate, straighten photos, adjust colors and brightness, etc
  • Red-eye removal and imperfection repair function (spots or streaks)
  • Contains sepia type, black and white, sharpness enhanced effects. In addition, it transforms a batch of photos into a movie, slideshow or collage.

Photo Slideshow Creation Programs

The slideshow of successive images has always had a place in the artistic and entertainment fields. It is a way of expressing the passage of time, the variety of a product or the distinction of a moment lived. To do this, you need software capable of creating an attractive presentation, with transition effects on the images or photographs.

There are countless programs that achieve this purpose; some more complicated than others. But I present to you the easiest ones to use with very professional results.


Create your personalized photo album by simply dragging and dropping. That’s how simple it is to use Jalbum, which allows you to put together your digital slideshow accompanied by a theme and also, background song.

Developed in Java, this program is usually very compatible for the operating systems offered in the market. It also offers the ability to edit and enhance certain aspects of the images to bring them to perfection.


  • 8 themes to create your album or slideshows of your photos
  • You can manage the created albums and edit them as you wish
  • Intuitive interface and available in different languages

PhotoStage Slideshow

Sometimes, to achieve a slideshow with a more professional and attractive touch, you will require making some kind of investment. In that case, PhotoStage Slideshow is one of the most viable options between quality vs price.

Thanks to this application, you can have a very successful project without the complications of a difficult to manage software and with a cost that exceeds expectations. It has support in Spanish and is available for Windows systems.


  • Intuitive and simple interface
  • Voice narrations can be added per image in addition to the audio track that is assigned to the entire presentation
  • Project preview and several output formats are available


SlideFlickr is an Online service for free image slideshow projects. It does not require a registration, but obviously you will have to be part of the Flickr social network to enjoy all its goodness.

Although it offers few resources to make edits to your photos, this application is well dedicated to what it was designed for. So in just a few minutes you will have an attractive presentation for your blogs.


  • Option to embed photo tags, so they are visible in slideshows
  • You can set background color, playback speed, embed text, insert logos, music tracks, etc.
  • Preview feature allows you to see the project before sharing it via embed code

Photo Batch Processing Programs

Applying certain changes and getting a whole batch of images standardized for a given purpose can be overwhelming, especially if you plan to do it on a picture-by-picture basis. But thanks to batch processing software, the time and effort involved is greatly reduced. With just a couple of clicks, you can apply the same required pattern to hundreds of photographs.

Next, I will present you a list of the best batch photo processing programs, and thus you can simplify your photo editing work and your life.

FastStone Photo Resizer

If you’re looking for a simple application, but with accurate results, FastStone Photo Resizer is your ideal candidate, and best of all, it’s completely free. It’s so lightweight, your computer won’t feel the slightest bit of its performance. Its processing speed is impressive.

Don’t be fooled by its name, it is much more than a simple batch photo resizer. With this fantastic program you can apply effects, adjust internal image characteristics, rename images and more. Its portable version will allow you to take it anywhere you want on your flash memory.


  • Batch customize images with watermarks
  • Apply decorative frames
  • Apply new batch compression of photos and change their output format


If you love to leave your mark wherever you go, surely your images and photographs will be no exception. The uMark application can become a great ally for your copyright purposes. This noble software has two versions: Lite which is free and Pro which is paid.

While you would expect the Pro version to give you more satisfaction from its utility, the Lite version is accurate if all you really need is to apply a simple custom markup to your batch works.


  • Allows you to choose the intensity of the watermark
  • Choose the most suitable position for you where you want to place the watermark
  • Make marks in logo or text according to your preference on images of different formats (bmp, jpg, gif, png and tiff)

Programs to Make HDR

Exposure in photography is a feature that makes a well thought out capture unique. Precisely the HDR technique achieves this much-appreciated effect that you will certainly not want to miss for each of your images.

You’ll be happy to know that you have at your disposal programs capable of performing the HDR effect to your shots, unifying several photographs from the same angle with different appreciations. Here are the most popular applications that can be great for that purpose.


Topping this list I present Photomatix, a paid software that offers the opportunity for you to check all its power is its DEMO version. Its simple interface and the results of each project are sure to convince you to purchase the full package.

You are not alone. Thanks to the included manual with tutorial, you will be able to perform your HDR effects like a pro and master the technique more and more. Available for Windows and Linux systems.


  • Option to assign exposure values in case photos do not contain this value
  • Allows automatic alignment in case photos are taken by hand
  • Contains 4 HDR styles and 30 presets. Pro version offers greater variety of settings


This software is considered to be one of the best options for achieving the much-desired HDR effect. Despite its amazing results, using it is very easy. And what’s more, you’ll have the extra bonus of being able to apply filters of your choice.

Despite being a paid application, it is an excellent HDR tool that is well worth the investment. It is available for Windows 10 operating systems from the Windows Store, Mac OSX and on iPhone and Android mobile devices.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Option to apply various effects and filters
  • High quality HDR effect results

Luminance HDR

If you want greater compatibility with free layout, Luminance HDR (Qtpfsgui) is the most viable option. The functioning is so simple that it boils down to two simple buttons; one to load the images and the other to perform the merging.

It is a very stable open source application that is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux. Although its installation is not very intuitive to say the least, it is worth giving a chance to this great program which is offered completely Free.


  • Able to work with different formats, including RAW
  • Can handle 8-bit or 16-bit images available in Tiff, jpg or png format.
  • Function to choose between different mappings by varying some parameters until you get the desired results


The FDRTools program unifies two great features to achieve a perfect HDR image: tone mapping and layer integration. It creates photographs by taking advantage of all the existing color depth around you.

This software is installable on Windows and macOS systems. In addition, you can count on a PDF installation and configuration manual. It also offers a fully functional trial version compression plug-in, although it will leave you with a watermark until you purchase the paid version.


  • Ability to make readjustments after the HDR merge has been created
  • Adjustments to tone mapping and layer integration are completely independent
  • Make changes to the tone or white balance by sliding the gradient button until the best exposure is achieved


Bracketeer is a program that merges multiple HDR-style shots without using HDR. This application serves as a graphical interface to Enfuse; which is open source, and relies on multiple source images, to integrate them all into a uniformly lit photograph.

Its official website even boasts that the results exceed what can be achieved with the HDR technique performed by Photoshop. It is only available for MacOS X systems.


  • Has the ability to automatically align photos taken by hand
  • Utility ultra-simple. Just drag and drop
  • Lossless output format .TIFF


Perfectly blends images together to create the perfect photograph. This cross-platform (Windows/MacOS) photo editing software is governed by algorithms for mapping different tonalities yielding realistic results.

Thanks to its “Ghost” removal feature, you won’t have problems with moving objects that can ruin the final picture.


  • Ability to enhance a single photograph in RAW or JPEG format
  • Hot preview function visualizing results when making adjustments
  • Option to manage 360° panoramic images

Dynamic Photo HDR

A very robust graphical workbench capable of efficiently manipulating a single or multiple photographs. Its graphical interface is very attractive and fast when creating HDR. On the other hand, it offers the possibility to apply masks, textures and effects.

It is available only for Windows systems, with a limited trial version and a Premium version with all its features released. I’m not just talking about an HDR image generator, it’s a powerful photo retouching software that guarantees professional results.


  • Automatically Anti-Ghosting removal, with the ability to undo “all” changes applied to the photo composition
  • Adjusts and enhances photos with blur or distortion
  • Multiple effects and layers.


From the German community comes a fabulous application that promises to squeeze the full potential out of a photograph. It offers image management with modern features, automatic alignment assist, intelligent exposure detection and ghost removal.

Picturenaut is offered as freeware so that you can freely express your art in an accessible and easy way. It is available for Windows and MacOS systems with its respective PDF documentation.


  • Offers full HDRShop support
  • Multicore support that allows mapping to be impressively fast
  • Offers the ability to use 7 different interpolation options to vary HDR size while maintaining sharpness

Programs for Taking Panoramic Pictures

More is more. This concept does not escape in the world of photography, and that’s where the acclaimed panoramic function makes its triumphant entry. While some devices allow you to take panoramic shots automatically and easily, you can also have programs capable of stitching together several contiguous shots of your surroundings and skillfully converting them into a single image.

Below, I present you with a must-have selection of programs whose features will allow you to achieve that desired effect.


With Autosticht you can merge several photographs of an environment and show what by nature the human eye can capture with its vision. It is truly impressive what this software can achieve, and the best thing is that it does it with virtually no human intervention. You just need to enter the wide variety of photos obtained from the same environment and the application through its SIFT algorithm will do the rest of the work.

You can download a DEMO version to be installed on Windows and macOS systems. Although this version is a bit limited with respect to some settings, the results are more than satisfactory.


  • Automatically performs tone blending so that each photograph is perfectly matched and a single sharp image is achieved
  • Has the ability to handle HDR graphics
  • Image flattening is based on a single reference point (in the DEMO version).

AutoPano Pro

From the hand of Kolor comes this great program capable of assembling numerous images to create a single spectacular shot. It’s based on the same algorithm that governs Autosticht, but with the ability to be used on Windows, macOS and Linux systems.

It has the ability to create 4 different panorama formats: flat, spherical, cylindrical and mercator. Although it is not available at the moment from its official website, you can download it from other unofficial sources and enjoy all it has to offer.


  • Detects up to 400 different image formats regardless of resolution
  • Supports RAW formats and 16-bit images from all types of photographic lenses
  • Features Live Preview allowing pixel-by-pixel verification of splicing

Microsoft Image Composite Editor (ICE)

This excellent panoramic image generator software is presented by Microsoft company, which provides the opportunity to create very high resolution panoramas from original photographs. The software management will guide you step by step until you have completed the project.

As expected, compatibility with Windows 8 or 10 is absolute, however, it is not available for other platforms. Although it comes from a company characterized by selling its products, this tool is offered completely free.


  • Supports very large images, even if the panorama is as large as gigapixels
  • It has a special function that allows orientation for panorama rotation adjustments.
  • High support for the most popular formats JPEG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, XR, PSD, PNG. It is also included for Silverlight Deep Zoom

Tools for creating infographics

In the field of entertainment, promotion or marketing, infographics are highly appreciated for presenting engaging, compelling information that informs in a pleasing way and is influential on the masses.

While it is true that the artistic mind of a dedicated professional in this guild can produce excellent infographic work, it is not the only means of accomplishing this. You have at your disposal very practical programs that can allow you to create your own infographics without being an expert in the field. Here are the most popular programs on the net.


This tool is one of those that you fall in love with at first sight, since it practically performs the whole procedure for you. It is super simple to use, because by means of its very well-designed templates you will only have to fill in the spaces with the information you want to display.

From any properly updated browser you can manage Picktochart tools without any problems. As an added bonus, you will have the ability to protect your creations by sharing it between colleagues and friend.


  • Although you start from a template, elements such as fonts, text boxes and shapes can be modified at will
  • Ability to extract your finished infographic artwork in HTML, PNG or JPG format
  • The official page itself is a complete tutorial that can guide you to do an excellent job is an excellent alternative when it comes to creating infographics. You can choose from among its 25,000 modifiable templates and choose the one that best suits your tastes and requirements. Then, you can make all the relevant adjustments and create your own original style.

Broaden your horizons a little more by logging in using your Google or Facebook account. Just 3 simple steps separate you from creating your perfect infographic. It has support for 9 languages including English.



  • You have the power to play with the size and dimensions of the different elements of the infographic
  • Adjust the opacity and transparency of the images used in the infographic to create a more appealing style
  • Drag-and-drop image inclusion method


Infogra.m offers its services Online for creating good-looking infographics and colorful presentations. You’ll need to register via Google or Facebook to enjoy all its free goodness, and to have it “all” you’ll need to purchase its Premium version.

You can create, edit and publish your infographics directly from their portal, while allowing you to set certain control parameters for those who have access to the project. Finally, you can have a live tracking of the acceptance of your art in the exhibition medium.


  • You can upload   custom graphics, videos sourced from Vimeo or YouTube
  • Forget starting from scratch, with Infogra.m you always have a base to start from
  • Your final creations can be downloaded in PDF or PNG format (requires Premium version)

Professional infographic support, that’s what this design platform offers. You are not alone in your project under construction, as you will have at your disposal many qualified Freelancer who can assist you at any time to get the idea out of your head and capture it in digital form.

If your goal is to create an analytical infographic supplied by Google Analytics statistics, this tool is for you.


  • You can create the most customized infographic you can imagine
  • Has the ability to create interactive infographics completely free
  • High compatibility among the world’s most popular networks

Applications and programs to retouch photos on mobile

Photo editing and retouching is not just about using computers, you can also make use of your smartphone to create great edits and apply amazing effects and filters.

It’s true that your mobile screen is not as big as a PC monitor but, even so, these applications allow you to make very specific retouching and achieve results that have nothing to envy to computer applications. I’ll show you some sensational applications to make your adjustments without any complications.


Snapseed application is developed by Google company, being very complete it is categorized as a professional photo editor. Despite being very robust, it is an application that is simple and intuitive to use.

It is available from the app store for Windows Store, iOS and Android. It offers great language support; which includes Spanish and allows you to share your creations via its Google+ social network or by email.


  • Function to remove unwanted elements from any photo without leaving traces
  • Face enhancement option. Perform eye focus, improve lighting and apply skin smoothing
  • Create HDR effects for one-shot photographs.
  • Insert plain text to the image with variety in styles
  • Crop or resize graphics while adjusting brightness and contrast balance, saturation, color, etc.

Photo Editor for Aviary

Photo Editor by Aviary is an extremely easy to use application with an attractive and comfortable interface. You can have 12 different special effects to be applied to your photos and project that modern style so attractive in today’s society.

Thanks to its sliders you can progressively vary the effects while you see the results in real time. This App can be installed on Android and iOS devices, although it also has a version for computers


  • Red-eye removal function, debug spots and define teeth color
  • You can include popular Stickers to your images and set your style
  • Basic crop, resize and rotate functions
  • Focus and blur effects as required
  • Tools for adjusting color intensity, brightness and contrasts, saturation, etc


The Repix application promises to be more than just a photo editor. You can create a true work of art from an ordinary photo using simple yet powerful tools built into it.

Your fingers become creative brushes that edit in real time over the image at any time. Use each filter or frame to highlight relevant aspects of your photos. Available from the iOS and Android app stores.


  • It has 16 excellent filters
  • 28 brushes will allow you to perform endless effects and retouching
  • Super precise cropping tool with 6 presets
  • Option to directly share the results on the world’s most popular social networks (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr)
  • It has support for Samsung S Pen.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is the closest thing to bringing the full power of Adobe Photoshop in a portable and free form. For many it is recognized as the best lite digital photo editing program, which has been designed for average users without the need for extensive knowledge in the computer version.

You can enjoy this App from your iOS mobile, Android or computer via Windows Store. It is available in Spanish with an interface adapted for simple or advanced editing.


  • Create a wide range of professional collages, apply transparency or tone and color enhancement
  • Function to remove noise or grain defects to find better image sharpness.
  • Ability to automatically correct perspective
  • Add any text you want on your image and decorate it with attractive borders and frames
  • Make any type of correction (cropping, rotation, resizing) and automatically apply balance of brightness, contrast, exposure, etc

After having analyzed a wide range of excellent applications compatible with different systems and devices, it is up to each person to try the alternative that most appeals to him or her.

The important thing is that, from each tool acquired, we obtain a non-transferable experience that brings us closer and closer to professionalism in reference to photography or image creation, which undoubtedly will make the difference between the ordinary and the select.

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