The 24 Best Free and Paid Video Editors

mejores editores video gratis pago

Video editors have become indispensable for those who make a living from making videos on YouTube or social networks. However, a video is not quite ready without first going through an editing process. For this there are a lot of free video editing programs that have tools to give a professional finish to the reports.

For this reason and to help you in your video marketing strategy, today I want to compile alist of the best free and paid video editors: If you need a program to make videos with photos and music for free in Spanish, you’re in luck 😉

What is a video editor and what is it used for?

A video editor is a software that allows its user to use a series of functions to give a better finish to a video. These programs have “evolved” a lot. In fact, initially they could only be used by companies that were dedicated to marketing or that had large budgets for editing videos.

This was left behind with the massification of mobile applications and technological advances since we can now have video editors on Smartphone. But that’s not all, because also the amount of free video editors for PC has increased considerably.

But what are free video editing programs for? The answer is simple, they serve to compact content. Many times, an idea is expressed in a minute, however, videos are not perfect in their first capture.

This is where the video editor works its magic. Since it allows you to trim video length, screen dimension, recalibrate color, add sounds, and countless other functions that previously could only be achieved with professional free video editors. Many of these programs are free and below  we’ll look at the best ones.

Best free professional video editors for PC and Mac

By searching the Internet we can find many tools for video editing compatible with our PC or Mac computers. Most of them are free, some with more features than others, but still allow us to make professional editions, without having to pay anything in return.

Free Video Editing Software for PC and MAC

In this small list of the best free video editors free professional video editors for PC and Mac we also find applications to make movies, watch out.


This program is cross-platform, so we can download it for free for Windows computers or MacOs. This tool allows you to create videos professionally, it has many image and sound effects, plus the option to work on several videos at once.

New versions are constantly being developed so, it is best to update it to enjoy the new effects and features. All this makes it to be within this list of free video editors.

Download Kdenlive


With a Linux based structure, OpenShot is a free video editor with a simple interface that allows you to achieve good results when editing videos for free, a very complete video making program. It is widely used as it has a simple functionality, and it doesn’t take long to learn how to use it correctly. Although it is a bit limited compared to Kdenlive, it is still a great option. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

Download OpenShot


A simple PC video editor, in the same vein as OpenShot. Compatible with both Windows and Mac, this free video editor has a wide variety of features to give professional finishes to our videos.

With compatibility of any type of videos and high resolution such as 720p or 1080p. It is powerful and lightweight. Many rate it as one of the best of free video editors.

The ability to create short videos with high resolution is the best thing about this program as no external programs are required for video compression, allowing videos to be uploaded quickly to any website. All in all, it is a simple video editor that will help you in your day to day life.

Download ShotCut

Windows Movie Maker

Developed by Microsoft, it is the world’s most widely installed and unique free video editor for Windows operating systems. It is limited in features compared to paid software. Windows Movie Maker allows you to make video edits quickly and without having to be an expert in video edits.

This program is very basic, but some of this is compensated by creating high quality videos as they are edited according to the resources of the computer.

Note: This program can no longer be downloaded, it is only available for PCs with installed versions up to Windows 7.

iMovie by Apple

It is a program exclusively for computers with MacOs system and is free as it is installed by default as part of the operating system. It allows you to get started as a video editor, as it is very easy to use. It gives great results in a short time.

It has a great compatibility of video formats for editing. Although there are very few video editing programs developed for Mac, iMovie is very useful if you don’t know what other program to use or, if you don’t have the resources to pay for another one. So if you own a Mac and are looking for the best video editor, don’t hesitate to try iMovie first.

Download iMovie

Free screen recording video editing software

It has become very common to make tutorial videos, or for gamers to make gameplay videos. And we wonder if to make recordings of the screens it is necessary to have a camera at the correct angle so that it does not capture the person narrating or recording the video, since at first these were made in that way.

Technological advances have made this task much easier and achieved better results. Using programs to capture everything we do on screen and, although some are paid, there are a lot of these that are completely free, and in view of this I have decided to compile the most popular ones, I hope they serve you ;).

OBS Studio

This free program and video editor is currently the most widely used, as it has versions for different operating systems, is free and has a large repertoire of tools to record the screen. OBS Studio is in my ranking in an advantageous position among the best video editors.

This program features:

  • Effects that highlight the ability to zoom in on a specific area of the screen during recording.
  • Insert images for those who make advertisements during their videos.

Popularity continues to grow, as the live streaming option is increasingly used by YouTubers and gamers.

Download OBS Studio


In this short list we have paid and free video editors, and Movavi is both. Compatible with both Windows and Mac, this software has a free but time-limited version.

So if you want to use Movavi indefinitely it must be paid for. Its advantage is that its cost is not so high compared to programs.

It is very easy to use and allows video recording in different resolutions, including high definition, and of course it also includes the lowest resolution!

It allows capturing system sound as it is captured by external microphones so it is ideal for narrated videos. And not least, it allows recording for live streaming.

Download Movavi

Best professional paid video editors 

The free versions of video editors are very practical, however they are limited as part of a sales strategy and is that the professional video editors are paid, since part of this cost is implemented in the development of improvements in such programs.

This is why, the best professional video editors that deliver good results will always come at a monthly, yearly or lifetime cost.

Most wanted

  • Media Composer
  • Vegas Pro
  • Adobe Premier
  • VideoStudio Pro
  • Magix Video Deluxe
  • Nero Video
  • Camtasia

Professional Video Editing Software for PC and MAC

Regardless of your computer’s operating system, there are video editors for PC in which this factor is not an impediment. Those who are starting out in the world of audiovisual communication, or who are in the marketing area of their companies often ask themselves, Which is the best video editor?

Well! The best video editor for PC and Mac, for many people is Camtasia. This program is multifunctional, designed primarily for screen recording and webcasting, it has a wide repertoire of tools to edit any type of video recorded or already on your computer.

It is the most complete professional video editor and has versions for Windows and Mac. The popularity of this program is such that almost all users with YouTube channels choose Camtasia for their videos.

Another of the best video editors for PC and only for Windows is Vegas pro. The most striking thing about this video editor is that it supports 4K quality and a compatibility of different video formats such as, Mkv, Mp4, Mpeg, Avi, 3gp and many others as well as audio formats such as mp3, wma and wav, and images jpg, png, jpeg and many more formats.

Last but not least we have Filmora Pro with versions for Windows and Mac. This particular program has become Camtasia’s first competitor in the race to be one of the best video editors.

First of all for having many of the Camtasia features. Among its most outstanding features is the amount of tracks both video and audio to use in editing content.

It also makes use of customizable images and text formatting. Despite its pros, the most notorious difficulty lies in its difficult handling if you are a beginner. Likewise it is among the first places in the top of the best video editor.

Paying video editing programs for screen recording

Recording something on the screen is very easy if you have the right program for the job, because some software avoids picking up unwanted noises, but others pick them up unintentionally.

There are free versions of this type of programs that are not complete and, therefore, do not have all the features of a paid version and, it is on these versions that we will focus to know which are the best and most accessible ones on the market.

Camtasia Studio

First place goes to Camtasia StudioThis software is one of the most expensive, but by far the most complete and popular.

It has a price of approximately 200 € which is fully justified thanks to its professional results, and the quality of videos it allows you to create. Through it, you can obtain the maximum resolution according to the resources of your computer.

As you will notice its price is high, but this is not an impediment since this tool has become the ideal for those who have income through streaming since it allows many effects, transitions, zoom and insert images for advertising.

If your idea is to generate revenue through video publishing and your income allows you to afford a good editing program, Camtasia should be the first choice.

This is a software for professional video editors and not so professional, its main function is the video capture from a computer screen. However, it is a complete program that has functions for editing your videos.

Although it is paid, it has a free 15-day version that tends to limit the creation of some videos, mainly affecting the time of the videos.

This is the program of choice for gamers who make gameplay to upload them to the network and generate income. If you are one of them, don’t hesitate to choose Camtasia Studio as it is compatible with Windows and Mac.

Download Camtasia Studio .

Movavi Screen Capture Studio 

This is a lower cost alternative to Camtasia, and is more suited to users who use this type of software for reviews of video games or tutorials of other programs.

It has many functions in which effects and sounds stand out so that more computer resources are not consumed when recording since it is usually necessary to activate the player of the same to incorporate sounds. Its price is about 100€ so it is more accessible.

Download Movavi Screen

Ice Cream Screen Recorder

Ice Cream Screen Recorder is a handy program worth only about $35. Its low cost makes it highly sought after, however it is not as complete as other programs.

Although for not being an application of the most sophisticated and popular it allows you to transmit videos online and in turn, record the screen so you can alternate in a single transmission two presentations. We are talking about two simultaneous recordings.

This is the best option for people who present news and like to speak directly to the audience.

Download Ice Cream Screen Recorder

iShowU HD

It is a program that only has a Mac version, in fact it is one of the few Mac-compatible programs capable of giving professional results.

It allows you to add effects, images, transitions, sounds and all this with a high definition quality, it also allows streaming video transmission and its cost is one of the lowest since it does not exceed 50€.

Now there is a new HD Pro version is available for €70 and incorporates new features and effects, including longer recording time.

Download iShowU HD


It is one of the latest programs developed for screen video capture. Available only on MacOs it costs 100€. Despite this it is fully proportional as the value translates into a great tool very useful and with infinite possibilities for content creation.

ScreenFlow captures videos in 4K quality for this reason it is used to record games and like any other video editor, it allows to incorporate a large amount of effects, as well as download new content to edit.

But the most striking feature is that it has integration with social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube, and to top it off, with the Google Drive cloud to store and post videos in a more direct way without consuming computer resources.

Download ScreenFlow


It is a paid video editor with many features to edit captured videos directly from the screen. Action allows you to make live video streams. And thanks to its low requirements it is mainly used to record streaming video games that are broadcasted on YouTube.

Supporting the highest graphic requirements of the most modern games, one of the most used features is the slow motion effect with which players stream their videos in slow motion.

Compatibility is not a problem since, it is compatible with various operating systems and also with multiple video formats so as not to generate conflicts when uploading to social networks or websites. The price of Action! is approximately 100€

Download Action!


A simple video editor for MacOs. With this paid editor it is possible to capture screen video and, those captured by webcams for live streaming. Its disadvantage is that it does not have editing functions, which means that editing will require an external program. Its retail price is about 20€.

Download Voila

Online tools for editing animated and 3D videos

Video editing in the form of animation or with 3-D effects is increasing in popularity mainly when targeting content created for children’s audiences.

YouTube is the video site par excellence and from which you can download videos that has millions of entries of animated videos. On it is you can find animated educational videos, training videos, music or even animated advertising videos.

Making an animation can be a complicated process that can take weeks or months to achieve just a few minutes of video.

This has been left behind with the advent of animation tools that were originally created for computers.

Now we can have these tools online and even for free. On the Internet we can find an infinite number of these tools and below I will tell you about the most used ones.


This software has a large number of templates and animations that allow the user to capture their ideas in a fun way, you can make use of characters created through an online drawing or with those that the application has. With Explee you can create scenes and dialogues for characters.

Download Explee .


This video editor starts from a blank canvas on which you can animate your characters and place them in pre-loaded scenarios. In addition to being able to incorporate sounds, text and images, and then download the video once finished.

Download VideoScribe


Designed with a more executive direction, it allows you to create animated presentations for business topics, using 3d effect to illustrate in a simpler way, graphs and numerical tables, but with a funny tone.

Download Emaze

Go animate

Perhaps one of the best video editors as it allows you to create an animated character, in different environments and recreate the effect of movement on the lips of some footage, which gives a more realistic touch to the animation. The animations can be in 2D, 2.5D and 3D.

Download Go animate


This is a free online animation application that allows you to create animations in high definition quality, but only allows the animation to be a maximum of 7 minutes. Because of this, you need to be an expert to take advantage of this disadvantage without leaving anything out of the idea you want to show.

Download Knovio


Last on this list of video editors but not the least is Moovly. This tool has a large number of users thanks to its easy understanding. Learning how to use it is very simple.

Moovly allows you to create animated videos by importing images, music, or sketches of scenes that you have on your computer. In this way you only need to have a script to know the development of the animation, and thus configure the sequence to download it once finished. This is without a doubt the best video editor for animation!

Download Moovly

Programs to compress and convert videos for free

If you require a free video editor for PC, which can in turn, compress and convert videos this section is for you.

Videos and especially high quality videos are usually large and take up a lot of memory. Sometimes it is necessary to compress them to use them.

There are programs that allow you to change video formats as needed, MP4, MKV, MOV, VOB, FLV and AVI and these are just some formats.

Each of them generate different properties in the videos. A clear example is the memory size of an MP4 file compared to an MKV file. What this type of software does is to perform the conversion without losing quality, which makes them very useful.

The most popular ones are:

Wondershare Video Converter Free

This program supports many video formats and allows you to change them to other formats without losing quality. It has a function to compress the size of the videos to consume less space on the computer’s disks.

Download Wondershare .

Freemake Video Converter

Otro potente compresor de vídeo gratuito, fácil de usar y ligero para el ordenador, permite convertir y comprimir vídeos de forma rápida unas 20 veces más que otros programas gratuitos, aunque aun por debajo de Wondershare Vídeo Converter Free, quien realiza este proceso unas 30 veces más rápido que el promedio.

To stand out from others, Freemake Video Converter allows to perform these functions with audio files so that long music sets can occupy less space on the computer and of course in the memory of mobile devices.

Download Freemake

Video CSCD converter

Last on this list of the best video editors, but no less practical is Video Converter VSCD. This low requirement’s software is specifically aimed at converting and compressing video files into mobile device compatible formats.

This program is one of the first programs developed to fulfill the function of reducing the size of a video and, to change the format of videos. This is due to the incompatibility of equipment such as DVD players, Ipods, or phones that do not support MKV or AVI format videos.

However, despite achieving good results for video formats, it fails to do so with audio formats, in fact, compression distorts the sound, being this its great disadvantage.

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