9 Tools that make communication easier

herramientas comunicacion seo

 Communication is a relevant factor when it comes to teamwork. It is the ideal mechanism to understand other people’s vision and expand our own.

This happens in workgroups, but have you considered applying this technique with a client?

If you want to offer a quality service, the ideal is “communication”, the better the treatment customers receive, the better their expectations of you or your team will be. The quality of the communication will be reflected in the service you provide.

However, this can be influenced by the type of tool used to communicate, either individual or group tools.  

If you are looking for a communication tool that will allow you to contribute not only to the effective development of a company or blog, but also personally, you don’t have to look any further, you can choose to use any of the tools mentioned below.

Individual communication tools

Individual communication tools can be synchronous or  asynchronous, of course, it depends on the time in which the communication takes place.

Synchronous communication tools are those used to establish a communication in real time, while asynchronous communication tools are those used to establish a communication in different time intervals.

If you want to achieve an effective communication, you can choose to use tools such as:


This is an asynchronous individual communication tool. E-mail is used to send a certain number of files and/or messages, which the receiver can either respond to instantly, or a few minutes later.

Email offers a certain freedom, this type of tool offers the opportunity to have a “more prepared” communication. You can create an Outlook or Hotmail account for free.


Unlike the previous tool, Skype is part of the synchronous tools group. It has been ranked as one of the most popular. This social network allows you to make free video calls.

Tools for communicating with the public

Communicating with the public has always been a topic that deserves importance. The following tools are among the most effective and, therefore, the most widely used around the world. These, in general, allow you to create almost any type of content, each one directed to the type of customers and/or audience to be had


Considered one of the most versatile tools. Mailrealy allows sending free mass emails but not only that, because it also allows to have a totally free account, and, the best, without having to endure any advertising content.

With Mailrealy there are no limitations. It also has an excellent technical support service that includes email and telephone.


To introduce you to one of the best tools is WordPress. Recognized CMS content that has millions of users today. Its system is adapted to the needs of each user.


If you want to feel a little more communicated with the public, choose to use YouTube. This web portal allows sharing audiovisual content, and for this you must create your own channel. Surely you are interested in knowing how to download videos from YouTube.


Social network used to share all kinds of content, which will be viewed by people who are part of the community, depending on whether the account is public or private. Facebook allows direct and indirect communication, with one or several people.

You may be interested to know how to download videos from Facebook.


This social network allows sharing photos and videos, has more than 100 million users. It is free of charge. It is currently widely used to make itself known among the public.

Tools to communicate with your work team

The digital world is always surprising us, and it is no secret that the number of tools used to communicate, especially with a work team, is growing every day. Within this long list, the following stand out:

Google Docs

Considered one of the best companies. Google Docs facilitates team communication. One of its most used tools is multiple editing, that is, it allows several people to modify the same document in real or deferred time.

Google Docs is very easy to use, it has the typical working tools like Word. With Google Docs you decide who can see and/or edit your content.

Facebook Groups

Facebook allows communication between several people through groups, these can be public or private, depending on the requirements of the administrator(s).

It is one more section of Facebook, but not for that reason, it does not deserve importance, Facebook Groups is mainly used by work teams, creating in that case, a private group.

This alternative offers security to any shared content, as long as the members of the group decide to manage it that way.

Digital communication tools are for day-to-day use

We all know that communication is the exchange of information between one or more people,  but technology has evolved, and communication could not be left behind, and now, it is possible to communicate through one or more digital tools, and best of all is that they are free, and its use is very simple.

As you will notice there is a great amount of tools of digital communication, you just have to choose the one that best suits your requirements.

All of them, absolutely all of them! They greatly facilitate the creation of content and of course, your communication and/or interaction with other people.

You can choose between using an individual or group, synchronous or asynchronous tool, making them ideal for creating your own project or, to collaborate in the creation of a company.

As for companies, digital communication tools allow these  to have a constant growth of information and, of course, feedback. And, the same goes for blogs.  

By means of digital communication tools, better participation is established. These, without a doubt,  guarantee the so appreciated “corporate success” The world of possibilities they offer is extensive. They allow managing social networks, and even, to know a little about the competition. 

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