Wireframes: What are they, and what are they for?


In the world of web design, Wireframes are a very important tool to avoid mishaps or frustrations. Regardless of whether you are designing your own website or a client’s website, having a sketch makes it possible to keep your ideas about the functionality of the website in focus.

Sometimes in the imagination things emerge in such a simple and practical way, however, when you move on to action, everything has a different look. The same is true when you are creating a website. The time you spend to implement the functions in it, must be used efficiently. For that reason I will explain how to create Wireframes, what it is and of course why you should implement them.

What is a wireframe

Before we begin to break this topic down, it is vital to understand the vital to understand the basic concept of a wireframe. Which is none other than a representation of three-dimensional objects in either computer animation or mobile applications. They are used in the development of a web page design in its initial stages.

All the above is evidence that the Wireframes is the sketch or draft in which the structure of a web page is embodied without adding the content or the final design. This sketch can be done manually with paper and pencil manually with paper and pencil, or you can resort to software applications.

Why is it important to use Wireframes?

Making the prototype of a web page is very important, because through this tool you can define the content, as well as the blocks and the content, as well as the blocks and the structure of it. Thanks to this type sketch is achieved to perceive how the web will work, before making the design that will give life to your website.

It is important to note, that this type of prototypes are very easy to make, because they are made without color, so that you can implement several structures can be implemented as options to choose the most appropriate one according to appropriate one according to the needs and preferences.

A previous design makes it possible that relevant changes can be changes can be made to improve a proposal. At the same time, it makes it possible for you to notice any bugs, so that you can fix them before assembling the final design to the web. All this saves you time and even money.

Objectives of Wireframes

The objectives of using wireframes can be summarized as follows can be summarized as follows:

  1. It allows you to sell a realistic expectation of the web design. Precisely showing the structure with the functionality of the web, makes it possible to reach a real agreement of what you are providing, thus avoiding misunderstandings. In addition, you can adapt some functionality to customer requirements.
  2. One of the objectives of this type of sketches is that, personally, contributes to identify possible failures, this in turn dramatically reduces any complaints from users, ie Internet users.
  3. The growth of a website can represent a major drawback in the design of the same. By using Wireframes, however, you can adapt that growth, with almost no dramatic changes. So that’s one of the goals of this type of sketch.

How to create wireframes

In order to create them, it is necessary to know that there are different types of wireframes, from basic to high resolution. Therefore, before you start making a prototype of the web page, it is necessary to understand what each wireframe looks like.

Identify what type of prototype you will make

I can tell you that there are generally 4 types of Wireframes. The basic, are simply very simple diagrams that are very easy to which are made on a page without color. You can do it by hand to show in a very superficial way the design you want to achieve.

On the other hand, there are the types of annotated sketches, in which, as its name indicates, more details are captured. There are detailed elements that are to be incorporated in the design, and in order to understand their functions, brief notes are their functions, very brief notes are made explaining each block.

The third type of sketch is called user flow.. In this model, a succession of wireframes is used to give a clearer understanding of the way in which the understanding of how the user will navigate through the web. This prototype is usually done in a more interactive way. And finally, is the high-definition prototype. It is made with software because it has to show the browsing experience in a very realistic and complete point of view. .

Use the appropriate tools

While it is true that you can create wireframes by hand, the truth is that not all types can be done with just pen and paper. Even so, if you decide to do it manually, you can print templates for Wireframes,. Wireframes, these are very useful to make a good sketch.

On the other hand, if you decide to do it in a computerized way, I will tell you that, although there are free options, these are not very useful. Also, that some sites give you only a free trial of Wireframes, if you want to do more, it won’t let you. Locate low-cost paid tools.

Focus on your goals

Although you commonly make sketches to design web pages, you should know that each web pages, you should know that each one has a unique format, therefore, think about the page, the content it will provide. Before diving into a high definition sketch, try to make a basic one that allows you to gather your ideas..

Following this, it is necessary to pay attention to the buttons that the web will have. In this sense it is necessary to put yourself in the skin of the user, so make sure that the icons are well placed. Do not forget annotations, i.e., you can place buttons that are buttons to make the user feel comfortable, even if he/she is entering for the first time.

Tools to create free Wireframes

As I have explained above, the free tools are not very tools are not very useful, especially if you want to provide a professional finish. But you can take advantage of the free trials they provide you with and decide which is the best paid tool to create website design prototypes.


Its free version has some limitations in its use, nevertheless, it is very useful to make your sketches. Now, if you want to enjoy this tool to the fullest, you only need to pay $14 monthly. It is necessary to have an account, since it is used with an Internet connection.

Go to Balsamiq Mockflow

Balsamiq Mockups

If you want to dive into the world of sketching, then it is best to install an application. In this sense Balsamiq is an excellent choice.  You can use it on computer, as it is compatible with Mac and Windows, also on mobile devices. It gives you one month totally free. It has a price of $ 90. If you want you can use the web version with a monthly fee of $12.

Go to Balsamiq Mockups


If you are a professional and want to create Wireframes in high definition, then you should consider this option. You can include dynamic content, animations, drawings etc. It has a license fee of about $500. You can also pay the monthly fee of $30. Although it is not free, it has a one-time price, so if you are in this trade it will be a good investment.

Go to Axure

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