What is Workflow?


When you start a company, you want the company’s objectives to be met. For this it is necessary that all staff is committed to the vision and mission of the organization. In this sense, I can tell you that one of the things that contributes to the smooth running of business activities is the Workflow.

At the same time, it is important to note that Workflow is usually applied spontaneously in everyday activities, which helps us to perform better with our time. But what exactly is workflow? And of course, why is it important to implement it in business areas?

What is Workflow? Workflow

Before we talk about how you can implement it in your business, and of course the importance of doing so. It is vital to know the concept of this term. Well, in Spanish Workflow means workflow, which includes all those processes and rules within a company that make possible an order of the internal activities.

The automation of business processes, i.e. the planning of tasks is of great importance for an optimal workflow to develop. Although we all obviously perform a correlative sequence of the matters we attend to, this business workflow seeks to include employees in the same objective. Therefore, it makes use of information technology, better known as an IT system.

With these technological advances, control of the different stages of a specific project can be achieved. Establishing in advance the regulations or processes through which each document, information or task must pass undoubtedly contributes to the spontaneous flow of activities, and in fact favors a good working environment. For which, some employers turn to computer applications that automate the assignments.

This ensures that each employee performs a task that really contributes to the smooth running of the company. The IT system allows those who make up the company to be in communication, in addition to making it possible to know who has carried out the tasks that correspond to them.

Importance of workflow

Workflow is necessary for the productivity of a business. That is, if you are not clear about the rules and functions of each employee in the company, then you lose time and even money. For this reason, I can tell you that the importance lies in the fact that, by establishing a systematized program of tasks, you allow communication to flow, even when those involved are in different places. In addition to the fact that the assignments are done optimally in the least amount of time.

On the other hand, it is also beneficial for the customer, since, if employees have an outline of their tasks, they can devote the time and attention that the customer demands without affecting productivity. At the same time, by perceiving that each assignment is of utmost importance, a sense of belonging is developed, which contributes to employees feeling satisfied and attached to the employer, that is, to you.

It is important to note that a good workflow, makes possible a better decision making. That is, the process that is carried out to take measures that encourage good business development is made enjoyable and efficient.

Tools for Implementing Workflow

As I have explained to you, maintaining communication with your employees or departments makes a good workflow possible. Now, in today’s life, some tasks can literally be automated. To that end, I will introduce you to some tools that will be useful for you to control business functions.


One of the most cumbersome functions in the marketing field is the Email sending. Yet, with this Act-on you can customize and automate this process. In fact, you can use it in conjunction with other Workflow platforms such as Salesforce.

image 22


Asana is an excellent Workflow tool for those who work with blogs. It provides varied options among which are, the priority level sections of each stage of the funnel, as well as the design of roadmaps, products, etc.

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This Workflow tool or application is one of the most popular. In fact, it is a favorite, as it has several useful functions to keep the work team focused on the same goal. The software it contains provides the option of detecting sales opportunities. Its functions can be customized, while its automated mechanism is very easy to use.

image 21

Examples of Workflow

If you are still not clear on how to implement workflow, it is good to take a look at the methods that some businesses apply in order to make activities flow spontaneously. Below, I’ll point you to some of the most popular workflow examples.


This program consists of performing your assignment and then proceeding to assign the next person to complete the task. It is especially useful when you have to work collaboratively. For example, you can put the assignments on a board, you can look at the section where you are responsible. Do what is assigned, and pass it on to the next section perhaps with an observation.

This allows activities to be performed in a correlative manner, avoiding confusion and errors in duplicating the completion of the same work. This style of productivity is known as handoff workflow. In web post production, in which one drafts, another proofreads, and a final one assembles the images and uploads them to the web, it is a form of hand-off work.

Agile methodology

In order to make several employees a team, even if they do not perform related tasks as in the previous case, the Agile Methodology has been implemented, which allows assignments to be subdivided into smaller tasks, which can be performed in less time.

A time limit is placed, and as long as they are not yet completely done they are on hold. As the days pass these assignments are moved around, indicating that they have been completed. This brings order and is stimulating. At the end of the time span each employee must manage what assignments were missed and how to improve. The cycle then begins.

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