What is Video Marketing and how to use it?

video marketing

Video Marketing. Your ally to make your business grow

In this age of high technology, it becomes urgent to keep up with the pace day by day to attract the largest number of consumers. Therefore, you need to make use of video marketing in order to raise awareness of your brand, product or service. But what is video marketing and what are its benefits? Below, I’ll explain everything you need to know to take advantage of this online strategy.

With the rise of the Internet, videos are one of the forms of mass entertainment, in fact, it is estimated that 9 out of 10 users consume audiovisual material. This aspect should not surprise you, because some years ago it was said that a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a thousand images.

What is video marketing?

It is a marketing strategy that consists of the use of audiovisual images over the Internet. It can be used to promote a variety of information, specifically products or services. However, its use is not limited to these objectives.

With this tool you can make yourself known in the digital world, in fact, its use has expanded to the different social networks, so that it has contributed to SEO positioning.

Benefits or advantages of video marketing

This strategy will make you grow almost immediately, in fact, I will point out some benefits of introducing it in your business, since the video marketing for SMEs is growing every day and you should be familiar with it.

  • Increases purchase conversion by an average of 25%
  • 90% of shoppers find video useful when making purchasing decisions
  • Helps increase web traffic and time spent by visitors on the page
  • Improves organic search engine rankings search engines
  • A video with a good story that appeals to humor or feelings can go viral on social networks and in the media
  • Video stories reach the hearts of consumers more easily and makes them remember the brand more

It is able to help you in Google

In the online world appearing at the top of the search engine is a relentless war. Did you know that a page that has a video gets more dwell time due to video playback? In addition, it helps the bounce rate.

If the audiovisual material is shared you will get links to your website, which will undoubtedly give you visibility. On the other hand, it is important to note that videos that are hosted on platforms such as YouTube, get better position in Google. (This search engine values the audiovisual content positioning it in first place above the text content).

Increased website visits/traffic

Due to the impact caused by audiovisual materials, an increase in the number of visits is perceived. On the other hand, this type of content can be indexed easier and faster.

A highlight is that it greatly boosts CTR i.e. impressions per click, which generates conversion benefits over those who don’t use video marketing.

Easy to remember

Even if your persuasion techniques are very effective, they must be accompanied by images, but if you attach videos to promote yourself you will leave an imprint in the user’s memory. Remember: a picture is worth a thousand words and with video marketing it’s easier.

Your goal should not be just to convey information, but rather, to make users remember it. Nowadays, users watch a lot of content on the Internet, so you have to make a difference and video marketing will help you achieve that goal.


Currently, videos are part of entertainment, therefore, users are more willing to watch them because they associate it with leisure. So it is not difficult to promote yourself with audiovisual material.

A highlight is the viralization that can arise from it. According to some estimates, videos are shared 1000% more than text content or even images. So if the content you are preparing is interesting and appeals to good humor, it is very likely to transcend borders.

You save time

With a video you can convey more information in less time. In fact, even if you write 1000 words in a friendly way, the user will remember a small percentage of it. On the other hand, if he watches a one-minute video, he will be able to grasp a larger amount of information in a very short time, and will even be willing to play it again.

Storytelling / greater connection

This technique goes beyond promoting a product or service. Today there is so much competition in the market that it is necessary to make a connection with the user; something that really distinguishes us. Video marketing allows you to achieve that goal.

By making a special connection with the user, they begin to empathize with us, which contributes to their loyalty. If you want to scale a higher level in the online world, Storytelling through videos is vital.

What are the types of videos that you can implement in my business?

You can use a variety of videos according to the style of your company or online business:

  • Blog video
  • Advertising videos
  • Tutorial videos
  • Corporate or business videos
  • Corporate or business
  • Portfolio/brand videos
  • Demonstration videos
  • Event videos
  • Testimonial videos

Blog video

You can supplement written content with a video. In this type of audiovisual material, the professional speaks directly to the camera to explain a topic of interest.

Advertising videos

They are similar to those on TV, but shorter and funnier which are broadcasted via online.

Tutorial videos

This type of material aims to explain the functionality of a product or service. This helps the company to position itself as an expert in the sector. They are characterized by being short and very explanatory.

You can explain how your website, applications, product you are selling, etc. works. All this contributes to the customer’s satisfaction with the service received.

Corporate or business videos

Aims to present the culture and commitment of a company in order to attract new customers. It shows the quality of the products or services you offer in an entertaining and efficient way (It can include some employees and even images of the work area).


This type of video shows some work done by the company, it allows a relationship of trust about what you are providing to your customers. They are widely used in marketing.

Demo videos

These types of videos point out the unique features of the product/service you’re offering to your customers.

Events videos

This type of video shows in a dynamic way the actions of your company in the special event in which it participated. It aims to make customers live the sensations of that particular day and share the achievements of the company.

Video testimonials

This material includes commentaries from clients or company collaborators explaining why you are an excellent choice. It helps to build trust with new clients.

Does video marketing really increase sales? Examples

As I have explained to you, videos are a powerful weapon to reach a larger number of users, plus it is very easy to make use of the weapons of persuasion. There are several examples of video marketing that you can copy to boost your business.

If you want to implement a type of video about a course or the possibilities that web surfers can achieve on the web. You can make use of a short, dynamic and user-friendly audio-visual material.

One of the highlights of this type of content is that if you make it animation style it will cause a greater impact; even if you are writing a real-life inconvenience.

This allows the video to have a positive feel and encourage people to take action on what you are proposing. Remember that for this type of material to be truly successful it must be brief.

Explaining the properties of your products is also beneficial, although written words are a powerful weapon, the truth is that a greater number of people; among them the current young generation does not read with such assiduity, so you must have a good command of words to encourage them to acquire what you offer, it is in that context that videos are a powerful weapon.

Although it is a personal decision what style of video marketing you will implement, I personally suggest that you go for dynamic and animated. It’s more entertaining and fresh.

Now, if you have any doubts on how to produce this type of content, you can use The Video Network to help you in the creation of video marketing and even more so if you are an SME or small entrepreneur.

On which platforms is it useful to implement video marketing?

The platforms you decide to use will depend on the type of business you have and your target audience. Still, I want to tell you about a few platforms that have joined this type of digital sales strategy.


It is positioned in first place as the world’s favorite video platform. In fact, when a user wants to search for audiovisual content, he or she immediately thinks of this platform. It is estimated to be the most valued social network and one of the most used after the social network Facebook.

The most viewed videos are those with a duration of less than 3 minutes.


It is the most widely used social network, and more and more people watch and share videos through this platform, in fact, it is common to play this type of content through mobile devices.

A point to note is that only 3% of the material that is disseminated is audiovisual, so there is not so much competition, it can be said that it is an area in which you can get a lot of profit, and it is easy to get visibility.

The most viewed or played videos are those with a duration of less than one minute.


Vimeo is a platform similar to YouTube, however, it contains a more professional image. Thanks to that, it is ideal for corporate or professional videos.


Periscope, is an application designed for mobile devices, which allows you to share audiovisual material in a more convenient way.


Made up of a young millennial generation, millions of extremely short visual materials are created. So it’s ideal for this type of strategy, but you need to adapt to their style, producing fresh, entertaining and very brief (less than a minute) content.

It’s also full of influencers to work with and reach a much larger audience.


Twitter, this social network is very interactive and informative. The type of content that is shared is very volatile. On this platform you can view audiovisual material in different ways: from Trending or a specific user’s account, the Moments section or from the Explore section.

You have the ability to share the videos you want from a link on the YouTube platform. It is preferable that they are less than two minutes in length.

How much is being spent on video marketing?

After the points I’ve explained, I’m sure the question on your mind is what is the investment? Although it is true that you must make a monetary expenditure to implement this digital technique, I can assure you that it is not necessarily expensive

The big players are at the top with high-image-quality audio-visual campaigns, and this may intimidate you a bit. However, if you’re making your way into the digital world, you can go slow. You don’t have to do TV-style advertising to do this.

An example you have in this regard, is the company Dropbox, who in its beginnings started with small videos explaining their tools and today is a giant that is still using this marketing strategy.

SMEs, freelancers and entrepreneurs can make their way into video marketing without much investment. To that end, there’s a new company, The Video Network, that offers the service with small advertisers’ budgets in mind. So don’t let start-up money be an obstacle to growing your business, remember that video marketing is an investment not an expense. Therefore, think like a visionary.

It’s clear that the big players have very flashy advertising shoots, and you’d certainly like to be able to leverage that kind of content. But pulling off such a campaign can be a big investment that you can’t afford to make right now.

How much does The Video Network cost

The Video Network is a digital platform that was born with the objective of covering a double need. On the one hand, to open the market to all professional filmmakers who often can not access advertising shoots for lack of contacts and on the other hand to make available to small advertisers the benefits of online advertising and video marketing. 

This innovative company in the digital world presents different rates according to the requirements of each entrepreneur. It gives extremely high quality content at an affordable price. From €390 you can start to enter this digital world and exponentially increase sales.

It is an irrefutable fact that after watching an explanatory video, customers feel more willing to purchase the product or service and that is one of the highlights of this digital strategy. Come and explore this area of great potential!


The digital world is exciting, every day more and more consumers are making their way to the virtual world. For such a reason, you should not be left behind, if you have already started your business, you must implement all the tools at your fingertips to grow in this ocean of predators.

One of the techniques that is gaining ground is video marketing. Use it on your website, or the most popular social networks. You are not alone in this battlefield, you have the advice of professionals in this area. In the online world where the big ones are getting bigger, there are companies and video editing programs that support the smaller ones in the digital market to grow.

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