What is Trade Marketing? How to take advantage of it?

que es el trade marketing como aprovecharlo

When it comes to increasing sales, trade marketing becomes a very powerful strategy. Although the marketing world is composed of several strategies such as SEO or SEM, which aim to increase our income to live off the Internet, the truth is that one of the most basic is the positioning of the merchandise in the various points of sale.

Now, what does Trade Marketing consist of? And how can you implement it in your business? Below, I will explain everything you need to know to make your business a success.

What is Trade Marketing?

Before I delve into the benefit of implementing it in your marketing strategy, I’ll briefly explain what it is. It is simply a set of techniques that aims to transform a point of sale to make it attractive to consumers. It is about giving more attention to the channels that distribute the merchandise.

Trade marketing is really a team effort in which the three actors of the merchandise, i.e. manufacturer, supplier and distributor, organize and coordinate to give a positive approach to the products. In this way, the merchandise is presented attractively in the channels that distribute it (points of sale).

In other words, Trade Marketing seeks to promote products to retailers, with the objective of giving them a presence in the market and boosting your brand. Like any good marketing strategy, its objective is to increase sales.

What functions does trade marketing do?

We know that this strategy seeks for the merchandise to have a presence in the market, and for this, retailers are a great target, since these points of sale have direct contact with the final consumer. However, it is not just a matter of distributing products everywhere without any objective. There are two fundamental functions in Trade Marketing, I will detail them below.

Fortify your brand with Trade Marketing

Strengthening the brand means making it possible for the end consumer to form a specific opinion of the product. To achieve this, the following must be taken into account when distributing them:

  • Check where the target audience is: It makes no sense to distribute cleaning products in a store focused on confectionery, even if it is a varied point of sale, the final customer will not look for your products there. This fact reveals a fundamental truth: you need to define the ideal points of sale, and these are those that are related to the theme of your brand.
  • Innovation: If you want your brand to stand out, give it a stamp that distinguishes it.
  • Provide good exposure: You may want to hire staff to arrange your products on the shelves using color techniques, size etc.

If you take care of these aspects you will be able to give value to your brand, so that the final consumer will be able to have an opinion of your commercial brand.

Give more visibility to your products with Trade Marketing

Although in the previous point I talked about the importance of making the consumer know you, it is necessary to make an extra effort. That is, apart from choosing good sales points and placing your brand on the best and most visible shelves. You must take care of an additional aspect, that is, the status of the vehicles that are in charge of carrying your products.

On the other hand, it is also necessary to give a free sample. How will they buy from you if they don’t know you? This practice is part of Trade Marketing, and it is very effective. This type of special campaign generates curiosity and encourages the consumer to talk about you. Without knowing it, they can be your sales promoters.

How to implement Trade Marketing in your business

Trade marketing encompasses a wide variety of marketing strategies. In fact, the great businessmen specialist in this branch to give them advice on their specific business. Now, in general, you can implement some strategies in the following way:

Announce yourself

You can use the digital age to explain the value of your brand and how profitable it will be in a targeted business. You can use interactive advertising media that will stimulate your customers.

Present yourself at events

It is common for trade shows to be organized to find out what’s new, take this opportunity to present your brand. You can even offer some samples totally free so that they perceive your quality.

Invite your potential customers to special events

If you are thinking of presenting at a trade show, you should make sure that the most important business owners are there, as they will be your potential customers. To do this, you can make a formal invitation by e-mail or phone call. If you have a Newsletter, you can use it for this purpose. I recommend you to use Active Campaign to create it.

Once you have forged a working relationship, try to reach commercial agreements that encourage “win to winr”. On the other hand, keep the lines of communication open, as well as an empathetic manner to build customer loyalty.

How to implement trade marketing in the digital age

In the Online world also products are presented, if you want to make yourself known and use Trade Marketing, it is necessary to pay attention to the following aspects:

  • The photos of your brand must be in high resolution.
  • The products must look perfect. Because the customer will not be able to hold it in his hands, it is necessary to take photos in all its angles.
  • Excellent description of the product. Avoid highly technical terms.
  • Implements customer ratings. This technique offers confidence.

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