What is the Prosumer, and what is it for?


Is it possible to speak of a new type of consumer? In previous years the relationship between producer and consumer was basically null, this was due to the fact that the consumer was only obliged to fulfill his role, to consume. They were even considered by the companies themselves as a group destined for a single purpose. But the reality we see today is different, what is it all about?

There is a slightly more open and fluid relationship between the consumer and the company. This fluidity is due to the constant technological update, which has allowed this new interaction. What are we talking about? The Prosumer or as many calls it Consumer 2.0.

But what is it, what differentiates it from the regular consumer? And will this be the new trend of the 21st century? Find the answer below.

What is the Prosumer

This term comes from the union of the two words “producer” and “consumer”. The Prosumer is a customer who does not simply take what is offered, or simply conforms. Rather, from being a passive agent who only received a bit of information, he now establishes collaborative ties that lead him to become this enhanced consumer.

This has become an important figure for digital marketing, it is a person with extensive information about a company and the brand it offers. He/she has the ability to generate content, opinions and comments about the product he/she consumes through the different networks.

This consumer 2.0 connects in a real way with new customers. Hence, it helps create a better company image. It never stands still, but rather looks for ways to improve it. In addition, he accepts in a better way the advice given to him in order to position the promotional brand well. But what characterizes this consumer?

What characterizes a Prosumer?

Remember that today’s consumer stops being conformist to give their opinion, and implement new strategies that help consumerism. But what characterizes the so-called Prosumer? I’ll show you below.

  • Becoming an active part in the purchase of goods, the new consumer, before making a decision, meditates, consults to see if it is convenient or not to perform an action. He even compares products to see which is the most suitable.
  • Instead of sitting around waiting for someone to do what he has to do, the Prosumer seeks attention, he needs to be listened to. He is uniformly integrated into the policies or standards of the company he works for.
  • When it is time to make a decision he does not hesitate, rather he is decisive. He is clear on what he needs and why he needs it.
  • The prosumer never stops being connected on social networks, he always seeks to draw his own conclusions from the brand he represents, instead of staying with the information he was provided with in the first place.
  • Important! This new consumer is not afraid to give his opinion even if it is not at all constructive criticism.

Why is the Prosumer important?

Technology is constantly evolving and companies along with it. Keep in mind that the more advances there are, the better strategies must be implemented. When the term Prosumer was proposed by Alvin Toffler in 1980, it was intended to make a prediction of what role both the consumer and the producer would occupy in the future; now we reach the 21st century and it seems that such a proposal does not seem so far-fetched.

New technologies have given rise to the emergence of this character. Using consumer 2.0 has provided companies with positive sentiment, which can then be taken to the various communities to which the product they offer is distributed. This generates more production.

We have seen how large companies end up promoting their brand through creative campaigns, either through social networks or other media, these end up generating positive opinions from regular consumers. But, does this happen by mere chance?.

The truth is that the prosumer arises from wanting to know what the community needs or how to improve the quality of certain brands, companies, among others. Marketing did not know how far a customer would evolve and that he would be so involved in the different philosophies offered by a company. And this has become indispensable to take a business to the next level.

It has become an opinion leader giving ideas that can either help or hurt a brand. In addition, they manage to generate a relationship with all kinds of customers. On the other hand, the prosumer knows that he needs the passive consumer, so he will go for that. They can be very positive or very critical. The above is evidence that a prosumer’s opinion can make or break products and services.

How to use the Prosumer in my business

The opinion of a consumer counts a lot, in fact, customers look for an objective opinion before buying; at least those who go with the profile of the 21st century. Although you obviously don’t want a bad image, the truth is that you can use the negative comments to your advantage.

That is, you can pay attention to the shortcomings that the Prosumer points out and improve the product or service you provide. It’s like a free quality control.

Consumers want the limelight? Then give it to them, innovate in your services and offer campaigns that invite them to express themselves, this way you achieve a connection with them at the same time that you give way to grow your business.

Amidst so many brands and products, companies must look for a difference; and the same can be provided by this evolved customer. Focusing more on the details to get a satisfied customer turned ambassador.

Do you know the famous “Influencers”? Thanks to the fame they have acquired through the various social networks, video channels on the internet, they have been used by companies in order to give publicity to what they offer, whether a brand or a product.

Perhaps you’ve seen them. But such people have become not only Influencers, but also Prosumers. For such a reason, target them and take advantage of their opinion. In this way you can take advantage of the qualities of this evolved customer.

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