What is ShadowBan and how to avoid it? I’ll tell you


For some time now, some influencers have been mentioning the Shadow Ban. However, some users doubt the existence of this penalty, why? Because Instagram doesn’t mention it; at least not officially.

Well, social media has become an excellent marketing tool. Can you imagine working on a good campaign and noticing that it’s not getting any kind of reaction? If you notice that you’re not getting the same interaction as before, you could be suffering an Instagram penalty.

In this article, I will talk about what Shadow Ban is and of course how you can avoid it. In addition, I will give you some solutions to get you out of this state. Let’s get started!

What is Shadowbanning on Instagram?

Shadow banning or ghost banning; as it is also known, is a penalization that Instagram institutes on an account that “appears to have violated some sort of usage and condition.”

While you may sometimes be warned about the danger of censorship of your posts, in ghost banning the owner does not know that their account has been limited.

Hashtags allow you to have visibility, meaning that people who are not, yet your followers can find you. However, when you have a Shadowban, interactions are minimal. That is, you can view your content normally, but it will not have any reach.

How does Shadowban affect your marketing campaign

The Shadowban makes you invisible, so it is not possible for new users to follow you. So, if you’ve been on a moderate rise in your account and suddenly notice a strange stagnation, it’s quite possible that you’re suffering from this penalty.

This type of penalty can escalate to such a degree that your account content is blocked and doesn’t even appear to your followers. That would be a total disaster! It would affect your business or brand. Everything you’ve posted  has been left up in the air.

In today’s virtual world, there is a race for the most followers, so you can’t afford to risk such an aggressive “banning”, let alone without being aware of it.

This type of penalty is intended to create a virtual space where rules are followed. As such, it is not right to cheat in order to drive traffic to your business account. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to understand the terms and conditions of use of this and any social network.

How to avoid the ShadowBan

Shadow banning is a reality, even if Instagram hasn’t communicated it openly. However, according to statistics and analysis of the accounts that have suffered this penalty you should avoid falling into the following practices.

Do not use software that violates the terms and conditions

You must use tools authorized by this social network. Aditionally, you should avoid those bots that automate your account. Although it is often very attractive, the truth is that it can lead to this censorship condition.

Be particularly careful how you use IPs (IP address). For example, if your IP address is from Spain, it makes no sense to change it to another one. If Instagram detects frequent changes of address, it can put a magnifying glass on you, i.e. investigate your account and detect flaws that could lead to a ban.

Avoid complaints

Social networks have become a means of committing abuse anonymously. Despite this, they are working tirelessly to establish standards and have put in place a “report postings” action.

So, you should be especially careful what you post, if your content hurts other people’s sensibilities, or you are spamming comments, etc, you can be reported. If you have too many complaints you can get banned.

Don’t use blocked hashtags

Some popular hashtags are blocked by this social network because they have been linked to inappropriate content. As such, you need to keep up to date with the hashtags you can use. Otherwise, you may post something that won’t be seen.

If you constantly repeat this action, both content that has hashtags blocked and content that does not will be invisible to the ShadowBan.

As a recommendation, I suggest checking the hashtags tab on Instagram beforehand. When a hashtag cannot be used, you will usually see a message saying, “Recent #winter2020 posts were hidden…”

Do not exceed daily use

We know that on this social network you need to follow other users in order for them to follow you. However, soothe that desperation to grow your brand abruptly.

The actions of: following, unfollowing, liking and even commenting or posting content have a limit, if you exceed it you risk getting ghost banned.

On occasion, some users have followed more than 80 people in less than an hour, and have even given random comments on multiple accounts. This is frowned upon on Instagram.

Take a break

The social network wants to ensure that your use of it is natural, so it expects an account to have a certain amount of breathing room. Work hard and cheat-free on your campaigns, but let the account rest for at least 24 hours.

The social media algorithm has its weaknesses; true, but beware that loose ends tend to get fixed gradually.

I advise you to implement an Instagram strategy that is sustainable and transparent, don’t think you’re clever! You’ll get caught at any moment, and the worst thing is that you might not realise it until a long time later.

Can the effects of shadowban be reversed?

Shadowban is an unobtrusive penalty, where unless you have full control of your stats and interaction, you would not notice the censorship. So, if you have already verified that your account is indeed invisible, it is time to make changes.

I’ll give you some tips on how to get out of that state

  • Delete hashtags. If you suspect that the ban is due to the use of banned hashtags, then don’t waste time, delete them.
  • Suspend the use of third-party tools. If you are using unethical methods to gain followers you should stop doing so immediately.
  • Change your account. Some users have said that by changing a personal Instagram account to business and then making the change back, the ban has been removed. You can try that method.
  • Communicate with Instagram staff. This step should be the last step, i.e., you should make sure the account is clean, free of illicit things. Remember that the staff will do a check to verify that everything is in order.

There is no doubt that having a social media presence can help grow your brand. Don’t put your business at risk and run a transparent marketing campaign.

In conclusion, virtual media are work tools, and in all work you have to impress effort and dedication, don’t look for shortcuts! In this way you will be able to grow your business in a sustained way. You will see that with real effort and within the established rules you will be able to reach the top.

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