What is Rebranding and how to implement it?


What is rebranding, what are the benefits of a good rebranding strategy, what conditions must be in place for it to be successful? These and other questions will be answered in this post, so I suggest you keep reading.

We all have the right to rethink and make changes for the purpose of refocusing who we are and how we feel. From a business point of view, this right is equally applicable, where you can decide to give a transformation to your brand image.

The reasons that The reasons that motivate a company to make this type of change derive from a variety of factors. factors. As such. These transformations are referred to as rebranding.

What is rebranding?

If we have as a definition that Branding is the set of techniques that are applied to project the message or image of a brand, then we can image of a brand, then we can conclude that rebranding is a reinvention of the projected reinvention of the projected image, a change of look.

Expressed in other words, rebranding is the actions taken to renew the brand, with the purpose of making a greater impact or adapting to a new generation.

Most of the time, the desired objective is to change the consumer’s perception of the brand in order to find a clear distinction among the competition, which causes a real impact. However, it is good to keep in mind that applying this strategy implies a considerable monetary investment in many cases.

Rebranding when to apply it

There are several situations that can cause a company to a company to apply this radical action. In the following, I will to detail the most pressing situations.

Customers are not getting your brand’s message

The guarantee of success of a business in the public eye is its positioning, especially when framed in the category you want to portray.

In the event that the positioning is affected by the unsuccessful response of the audience in general, especially after a reasonable amount of time has passed, this is a clear indication that something is wrong. This negative effect can also be affected by specific actions or by suffering an “image crisis”.

It may be image renewal, i.e., rebranding, may be necessary. These situations are usually associated with large corporations where the brand enjoys a lot of visibility.

Rebranding to give a new approach to the company

Over time, good companies grow and evolve, gaining more customers and experience every day. The leap from a small business to a medium or large company may require rebranding.

Other factors that may lead to change are: the addition of a new partner, diversity of offerings, change of line of business or concept, positioning enhancement, attracting different customers, etc.

If the image that brand image does not represent the company’s category, it will be an anchor that will not allow the that will not allow the healthy development and growth of the company. It is necessary to rebranding must be applied.

The brand image does not represent your business

Even the most recognized even the most recognized and popular company of the moment gets its image dusty. From In fact, the perception of a public accustomed to the same design for many years is years, they get the idea that there is nothing new to offer.

It is also possible that the sloppy design that at first you did not give importance, now you feel it is necessary to change, especially when you have understood that the professional that the professional look that reflects your brand is influenced by a good image design.

Branding is no longer important in the eyes of the consumer

A sad reality that can happen to any company is that its customers lose interest in consuming the in consuming what is being offered. This can happen because perhaps there has been a change in the way they interact with the brand or products or services.

This is a alert, if you no longer stimulate anyone with your image it is the most opportune time for a total time for a total redesign.

What are the risks of rebranding?

While this strategy can save a company from being left company from being left in the basement of commerce and can even further increase a company’s even further increase the popularity of an already recognized brand, there are certain risks that are worth considering. risks that are worth considering.

The redesign of a company’s image is a topic that cannot be a subject that cannot be taken lightly. There are real testimonials from companies that have implemented a makeover and found themselves in serious trouble. Some have even taken the desperate decision to hastily return to their previous image. To hastily return to their previous image before the consequences are dire.

Not to be underestimated is the emotional impact that can affect loyal customers, remember that an image projected for many years may be synonymous for many years can be synonymous with security and well-being.

This underscores the importance that when deciding to apply a rebranding, first rebranding, it must first be done at the right time and in the best way. in the best way. In order to achieve this, a thorough study of the market is necessary, where the opinion of the market, where the opinion of the consumer public is worth gold, after all, they are the ones you want to reach.

Don’t do a makeover just on a whim. If you’re in a good moment, why not wait a little longer before you renovate? It’s not worth the risk for nothing. Now, if you are in a clear decline or the brand concept change forces you to make the change, welcome it.

After the rebranding, what do I do?

You’ve already considered all the pros and cons, you have meditated together with your partners and have decided to give a partial or total What happens now?

Far from being the end, now it’s the new beginning. You are facing a rebirth of your brand, and just as you poured all your efforts and passion all your efforts and your passion when you first started your business, you must apply the same apply the same commitment now.

The new projection of your image must be defended through concrete actions that bring new values that enhance the brand. I would like to end with these emblematic words: “Your brand will be as big as you project it in your mind and heart.”

Example of rebranding of Correos (Spain)

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