What is Outbound Marketing?

outbound marketing

Selling is the goal of millions of companies in charge of offering a product or service. The methods used to achieve this goal are varied, ingenious and innovative. Outbound marketing is a methodology that has been used for a long time, but now it is gaining a lot of strength in the digital world.

But what is Outbound? How to apply it in your business? Below, I’ll explain everything you need to know about this business strategy known as Outbound Marketing.

What is Outbound Marketing?

The meaning of Outbound is very concise, that is, it is the different commercial strategies that aim to sell or promote a product or service directly. For this reason, the promotion is brief and clear. You can perceive this type of promotion in TV commercials, radio, billboards, posters at store entrances, etc.

In the digital world, Outbound marketing is present as banner ads on websites, as well as advertising in the middle of a YouTube video, Google Ads, etc. With this, it is clear that we have all seen this type of sales strategy, which evidently manages to attract attention by interrupting any action on our part.

All the above evidences, that it is a way to reach the public in a general way, but without giving personalized attention. Rather, it is to advertise at every opportunity. This fact differentiates it from inbound.

Differences between Outbound and Inbound

The difference between these two sales methods, is in the way they are promoted. That is, as for Outbound Marketing, it seeks to make known what it gives in an intrusive and unexpected way. This can be somewhat annoying, however, those who apply this methodology, do not seek the comfort of the consumer, but to make themselves known by all means.

In contrast, Inbound Marketing seeks to empathize with the customer, in such a way that it produces highly relevant articles so that the consumer feels attracted to the brand. To achieve this it offers advice and offers something that solves a customer need. In other words, in one, the sales strategy is to shout, to chase, while, in the other, it is to enamor, to entice.

If you want to increase your sales, I personally recommend you to apply these two methodologies in combination. Because, although it is true that between the two, the consumer feels better with Inbound, since he feels attracted to the product, the truth is that it is a slower method and requires an exhaustive study of the customer’s needs.

How to implement Outbound marketing

As you may have noticed, I’m talking about a strategy that may have its drawbacks, but once you use it properly, it can contribute to your business. Therefore, in order for you to implement it successfully, I’ll give you some tips.

Since the beginning of radio and television, advertising began to emerge, appearing in the middle of a program of great interest. Although in those days the hated “advertisements” were not known as Outbound Marketing, the truth is that they were.

Over the years, this type of advertising still exists, and still appears in the same way, in the middle of a program, soap opera, movie, etc.

If the company you are running has a vision to grow, then, you should invest in this type of advertising, this way, you get recognition.

SEM and Outbound marketing

Managing paid advertising and SEM is an excellent strategy for gaining visibility. If you try to be present in the search pages, you ensure a greater acceptance, because now this strategy is combined with SEO, for this reason advertising is related to the reader’s need. It is like combining Outbound and Inbound.

Banners are allies

In the digital world, the use of banners and videos is widespread. Try to use it as much as you can, but without overdoing it, since there are also ways to block this type of advertising, so you should try to keep the balance. The use of advertising videos are also an excellent option.

Take advantage of Transmedia in your Outbound marketing strategy

Transmedia is presenting advertising on various platforms in order to reach a larger number of consumers. This type of advertising adapts to the media, i.e., if it is implemented in a video game, it will be different from what you show in a comic book.

How to efficiently combine outbound marketing

Nowadays people are very busy, so they avoid annoying advertising at all costs. However, promoting a service or product is vital to having sales. So you need to combine the attraction or useful information of Inbound with the “loudspeaker” of Outbound.

In the digital field you can create, for example, a blog that provides advice on a topic of interest. At the same time, you implement advertising on it. In this way you would be combining the two strategies.

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