What is guerrilla marketing?

marketing de guerrilla

The advertising world is a battlefield, where the mix of strategies, techniques, skills and inventiveness are the key elements that can determine success or failure.

More and more companies are choosing to implement radical methods to attract the attention of the general public by means of guerrilla marketing.

What is guerrilla marketing and how to use it

Guerrilla marketing is an unconventional definition and often arouses the curiosity of many, but in truth, it is a well-chosen term for this marketing technique. In guerrilla marketing are radical advertising strategies that require great inventiveness or genius to capture the immediate attention of the customer.

Normally it does not require a large investment, but it guarantees a wide diffusion. The stake of this strategy focuses on the ingenious art of advertising that projects a message that makes an impact through creativity.

The term “guerrilla” is inspired by the individual actions of military companies against a more powerful enemy. Thanks to the creativity, originality, ability to surprise and ingenuity of many creatives, you can reach the customer by creating confusion and surprise in a way that can create a pleasant and lasting memory for them.

The analogy applies to small to medium-sized companies that apply the “wow factor” to impact the consumer through advertising media.

This surprise factor does not imply a major expense; what captures the attention is based on the radicalness and innovation of the implemented strategy.

Guerrilla marketingis a great alternative for those corporations that do not have enough resources to capture their clientele through expensive campaigns.

However, this is not to say that large companies have also applied this strategy in the dissemination of their products and services.

Types of guerrilla marketing


By means of shows in which actors participate, the staging is put together staging that captures the attention. An example of this strategy is the popular flashmobs.


A specific area near the company or the advertising spot is chosen to place anelement that forces the public to turn around and look at it.


It seeks to integrate the public directly with the advertising in a participatory and entertaining way.


Comprises creative phrases or actions that easily count on popularity on the net.

Elements needed for an effective Guerrilla Marketing campaign

  1. Creativity and innovation are two basic principles to get into this adventure. If we need better results, we will have to look for them.
  2. Look for unconventional means to execute your campaign. Run away from conventionalism and try different things
  3. You must connect with the client and make him/her spend a pleasant, surprising moment that will mark that ad in his/her memory.

Examples of Guerrilla Marketing Ads

marketing de guerrilla 1
marketing de guerrilla 2
marketing de guerrilla 3
marketing de guerrilla 4
marketing de guerrilla 5
marketing de guerrilla 6
marketing de guerrilla 7
marketing de guerrilla 8
marketing de guerrilla 9
marketing de guerrilla 10
marketing de guerrilla 11
marketing de guerrilla 12
marketing de guerrilla 13
marketing de guerrilla 14
marketing de guerrilla 15
marketing de guerrilla 16
marketing de guerrilla 17
marketing de guerrilla 18
marketing de guerrilla 19
marketing de guerrilla 20

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