What is engagement?


We could give a definition of engagement by saying that, in the online marketing sector, it is a way of defining the involvement of your company’s or brand’s followers on social networks.

Thetranslation of engagement literally would be “engagement”. Engagement is an English term broadly related to commitment, and loyalty. There is currently no word that translates it into English. A person engaged is dedicated to a purpose, enthusiastic and initiative.

You have to develop a whole content strategy in social media to provoke the greatest possible interaction with your audience, something impossible if you don’t know your users. The better you know them, the better strategies you will be able to adopt so that the relationship you build is solid and long-lasting.

The engagement can be measured in different ways: assessing the quantity and quality of comments on a blog, repeat purchases in an e-commerce, bounce rate or time spent on your website….

In marketing, it is the emotional bond that is born from different users towards a company. In the online world it can be the involvement or the follower rate of a blog, brand, or online application. This interaction technique involves knowing the needs of users extensively, developing empathy towards him, in order to establish a lasting relationship.

How to achieve engagement

Your primary focus should be that they fully trust you. This is a simple task if you know your target audience. Also, in the case of blogging, the information you impart must be authoritative, entertaining and of real interest.

Another aspect that you must not forget, is the constant symbiosis with your audience, which, in fact, if you are applying correctly the Engagement is in full growth.

How to measure engagement

Measuring Engagement simple. In the case of a product, you will be able to know the satisfaction and therefore the engagement with you by the number of times a user makes a transaction (purchase) it is clear that if they continuously come to you to satisfy their desires is that they have already identified you as a means to achieve what they want.

On the other hand, on blogs, or different social networks, the measurement is even simpler, the designs of these favor their measurement, because commonly there are reaction buttons. You only have to pay attention to these, as well as the amount of comments of the same. It is also practical to consider the number of visitors on your website.

By correctly measuring the Engagement you will be able to improve it every day, since in some way its measurement allows you to make a study of what the different Internet users are interested in, and therefore you will provide what they are looking for. In this way you guarantee the success of your online business.

What is engagement in social networks?

Getting great engagement on social media is very important as it is the way we interact the most nowadays. Social networks are where users comment on their experiences with products and the attention received as customers, so it has become necessary that you, as a company, also tell your story and have the ability to relate to your target audience.

It’s not just about getting a click and influencing the buying process, it’s about developing a strategy that leads you to meet a pre-set objective for the benefit of the company. That is why you need to analyze whether that specific social media strategy is necessary or not.

The engagement strategies in social networks are to link a particular audience with your brand and, thus, get them to buy a product or service. The importance is not in attracting new customers, which is also important, but in achieving a good loyalty that makes the user make more purchase actions.

How to generate engagement on social networks

Having great engagement doesn’t necessarily mean you’re successful in your business, since you can measure user engagement but you can’t figure out if it’s for something positive or something negative. So you have to devise a strategy that will generate positive results.

To properly talk about engagement I must refer to the four “e’s” named by Jamie Anderson that correspond to empathy, excellence, exclusivity and e-commerce. In other words, to have the best possible engagement, the most important thing is to do things in the best way and do it continuously. That is to say, always looking for excellence in your daily improvement.

Secondly, you must not lose your audience’s point of view with a channel that is bidirectional, offering them what they are looking for at the right time.

This is why you must personalize your dealings with your users, which gives them a feeling of exclusivity and importance.

The purpose of this strategy is that they have a defined buying process and don’t care if they can make that purchase elsewhere even if they can make it at a lower price.

How to increase engagement on Instagram

To get your audience to be constantly waiting for your news on Instagram, you can perform the following actions:

  1. Have a very attractive profile: take the time to create interest. Choose an image that represents your brand (such as your logo), write why they should follow you and add your website to make it easier for them to find you and enjoy your content through your blog, for example. Do not leave the profile private, if what you want is to be known to make it public.
  2. Identify what are the best times for you to publish new content every day. It is a network where the content is more relevant in visual format, but the crux is to publish periodically and at times when your followers are active.
  3. If you interact with your followers is because you have realized that it is the action that most engagement generates. Mentioning people can increase loyalty and trust.
  4. It is not enough to just take photos, they must be of good quality. You also don’t have to forget the power of videos, since every day that passes they become a more key piece of the digital marketing puzzle. Remember that everything must always have a very good quality.
  5. Call To Action: incite your followers to action. In each image add what you want them to do, use emoticons, describe the post and ask them for an action. This way you increase engagement, and you will also see increased results.
  6. The best way to achieve engagement on Instagram is through contests and promotions that are causing a stir and achieving a multitude of shares.
  7. Use the power of the hashtag to your advantage: create an exclusive one for your brand and use it regularly.
  8. Add geolocation in your posts: publications with this tag have almost 80% more engagement.
  9. You must not only post and reply, you must also follow and show interest in your followers, as well as use the rest of the social media tools so that they also follow you on your Instagram account.
  10. Don’t forget the importance of metrics. Identify your best posts and continue along those lines.

What is engagement in advertising?

For your advertising campaign to be really effective you must direct your efforts both to inform your audience and to seduce them. You must show them the need that your product or service covers by creating an emotional bond with them, which will favor the engagement they have with your brand if you are able to highlight the right values.

When you concentrate the advertising campaign in the digital world it is much easier to analyze if it is able to produce the desired engagement or not.


The engagement is based on mixing inspiration with interaction. It is the ability to create a great emotional bond that translates into loyalty with your users so that they don’t want to switch product or service providers and have a sense of belonging that makes them ambassadors of your brand.

That is, a good definition of engagement is to achieve user loyalty after a desire materialized in a purchase of your products or services.

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