What is Emotional Marketing? How to use it in your strategy?

Marketing emocional

Lived experiences and emotions drive our minds and hearts to seek what we long for. Based on this undeniable reality, industries are increasingly projecting their products and services framing the stimulation of feelings and not on mere necessity. This strategy is known as Emotional Marketing.

The best business relationship that can exist between the customer and the products is largely based on feelings and values. It is true that good service and quality build loyalty, but the idea that is formed in the minds of the consumer public with respect to the brand strengthens this link.

Bearing all this in mind, those in charge of managing the advertising campaign must link the promoted product with an idea that gives it greater value. Having this power will allow you to move the masses of an audience willing to buy from you and only you.

It sounds great! That’s why you need to learn how to develop this wonderful sales technique. But first, let’s define what Emotional Marketing means, and then we’ll look at how you can develop it.

What is Emotional Marketing?

It is a high-profile element framed in advertising strategies, where it achieves an affective connection between the potential consumer and the brand.  This feeling instills a sense of ownership and convinces them that it is completely necessary.

The impact of this technique can elevate the value of the product so much that it practically humanizes the brand. In the world of commerce, achieving this degree of rapport proves to be the ultimate achievement of goals.

When emotional marketing succeeds in “making the public fall in love”, it not only ensures a purchase and customer loyalty, but also gains a free prescriber. It is simply that “love” drives them to talk about what they feel.

marketing emocional 2020

Emotional Marketing Influence

First of all, a basic reality must be established: the crucial objective of emotional marketing has always been, is and will always be “to sell”. The point is that the sales motivation is driven by emotion and not necessarily by reason.

Emotion over reason, doesn’t that sound like being in love? That’s right, emotional marketing is the way you make your audience fall in love with your brand, and like all love, it starts from stirring emotions.

But what emotions are we talking about? Well, the simplest and most common ones that invade us on a daily basis: joy, sadness, nostalgia, anger, euphoria, admiration, etc. Each one of them; individually or combined, can be developed to stimulate them together with the advertising message transmitted.

How to Implement Emotional Marketing

You surely want to know how to implement this very influential method and start romancing your future clientele. Therefore, I will show you the most important points to consider according to their order of priority, so you can put it into practice.

Know your future customer

This is the first element of emotional marketing and a very important base that should not be neglected for a second. No one can fall in love with their better half if they don’t invest time and resources to attract them.

Keep the segmentation and all that goes with it. Analyze the areas you want to project, common interests of the majority, gender and ages, etc.

Another aspect to consider is the media you will use to implement the advertising campaign. You must ensure that your audience has full and constant access to your articles. Don’t forget to think of a strategy to guarantee further expansion that will allow you to reach new frontiers.

Select the feeling or value to express

I was commenting a moment ago that feelings and emotions are what we are very familiar with on a day-to-day basis. Everyone knows that the predominant feeling of mankind is love, which is why it is the most exploited in the world of commerce, although it is not exclusive. To choose the right sentiment, much will depend on the nature of the product or service produced.

In emotional marketing, when you identify the most appropriate emotion, stick to it and don’t let go. That is, impress all your strength in transmitting it and in making the viewer feel how your brand understands and empathizes with that feeling.

It is logical to conclude that by doing this “emotional” work and then launching the campaign, the target audience will understand that they will not be able to fill this need in the competition. If this is not happening, it’s time to rethink the emotion you are working on, maybe you need to print more intensity or simply change it.

Integrate the value or sentiment into the ad campaign

Once the two previous points have been achieved, it is necessary to find a way for the product or service to reflect the chosen emotion, and it is necessary to clarify that this cannot be faked. The success of the advertising campaign will depend on the message transmitted penetrating the consumer’s thoughts and instilling in them the need to acquire the product or service in their daily life.

Of course, this is not achieved in the short term, it requires a process that must be very well developed, to give it entry into the commercial space and achieve acceptance among the advertising media: television and radio commercials, social networks, billboards, etc.

Don’t despair, remember that growth is an indispensable part of the transition to achieve the correct maturation of the brand. That said, project your brand with passion and with full conviction, don’t hold anything back.

Patience and perseverance with Emotional Marketing will allow you to get the results of a solid and attractive brand image.

Test the impact of emotional strategy

This last point is crucial to be able to evaluate the success of the implemented strategy. You know your clientele, you have carefully selected the values or emotions to develop, you have integrated them into your advertising campaign, and finally you have launched your “emotional bomb” to the public through the different media. The only thing left to do is to feel the reactions.

To find out, you could implement a survey plan at various strategic points, which will allow you to know the degree of acceptance and its scope. Remember that in order to make a person fall in love with your brand and build loyalty, it takes time.

Advantages of emotional marketing

The emotional marketing strategy has many benefits for the company that implements it. For this reason, here are some of the most outstanding advantages.

Enamorize the brand

Without a doubt, the brand gains recognition among the crowds and this is caused by the development of its values, making it more human in front of the eyes of the consumer audience.

Customer satisfaction

A satisfied customer will come back for more and this satisfaction is achieved by motivating emotions. Repeat customers will further reinforce their determination to keep coming back to the brand.

Free advertising agents

A customer who buys a product motivated by feelings and not only by need, will always be willing to recommend the purchased brand to everyone.

The brand-customer connection is consolidated

When the strategy is well applied, it reaches the depths of emotions, as a consequence, the bond that exists with the customer is strengthened, allowing them to feel identified with it.

Evoke memories

There is nothing more full of emotions and feelings than our experiences. Since these campaigns are aimed precisely at stirring our feelings, it’s only logical that our memories come to the surface as well. A message that strikes a strong chord with the public is unlikely to be forgotten, even decades after it has been implemented.

“Lovemark” the brand that makes you fall in love

I didn’t want to end this post without mentioning a few companies that have managed to stimulate deep feelings in such an impactful way that they have become Lovemarks.

In the following list you may recognize some of these companies and it wouldn’t be at all surprising if you discover that you’re a fan of some of them:


Undoubtedly this mega soda giant would start this list because of the great emotional effect it has had on the entire world. Who hasn’t been swept up in the passion of the Coca-Cola red tide.

Their advertising campaigns are so effective in the viewer’s emotions that, even if you are not a lover of this type of beverage, you can not deny that the brand is part of your memories. Who has not had a lump in the throat when watching the usual commercials at the end of the year when a family is reunited by the magic of sharing a good soda?


Google has found a way into most electronic web access devices around the world in a relatively short time.

Its impact has been of such magnitude that for many Google is synonymous with the Internet. Its lovable Doodles on a daily basis tirelessly seek to connect with the feelings of Internet users and brighten their moment.


“Lego, much more than a toy for children”. This brand impacted not only the children’s audience, but all ages taking a simple entertainment that consists of connecting colorful plastic pieces to be a trademark of several generations.

Imagination is the limit! Entire lego cities, full-scale airplanes and cars have been built, and they’ve even recreated fictional characters. The company even took a leap into film, remastering fictional feature films embodied in their Lego dolls.

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