What is Branded Content?

branded content

The marketing world is saturated with too much advertising, don’t you think? The customer has a multitude of choices, so getting them to select us can seem like a challenge. Branded content can be very useful in attracting the desired customers to us.

Advertising and marketing campaigns have required a shift in strategy. Aggressive mass broadcast ads no longer have the same effect and competition is increasing every day, resulting in consumers with multiple options to choose from. With this need in mind Branded Content was born.

What is Branded Content and what is its objective?

Branded Content is branded or quality content. A customer satisfied by the high quality of what they consume is loyal and also a powerful promoter of us.

Branded Content is the art of creating content linked to the brand, in order to achieve a deep connection with the public and attract them to consume the product or service offered.

Through the content created, we seek to infuse the values that characterize the brand, so that the consumer identifies himself through his emotions and feels that through it he will achieve a privileged position, by consuming the product or service.

This marketing technique is aimed at transmitting emotions to the consumer and at the same time to provide confidence towards us.

The application of Branded Content is often confused with other strategies, such as Content Marketing, Product Placement. However, Branded Content does not seek to promote your products, it is assumed that the products are already recognized as high quality.

What you want is to make the consumer feel proud of the brand.

How do you get Branded Content?

In order to transmit feelings, we resort to storytelling, which is nothing more than a story in which the aim is to make the consumer feel identified with the brand, and motivate him to become part of it. The storytelling seeks to extol the values of the company in question.

This is intended to embody the commitment of the company in question. In this way, a unique connection with the customer is achieved and an absolute loyalty to the brand is sealed. On some occasions Branded Content can mix some touches of entertainment to provide additional value to consumers.

This type of advertising is not heavy, as it connects widely with our emotions. It generates expectation, loyalty, and seals the promotional brand in a standard of excellence.

Consumers will simply flock to the brand in question “of their own free will,” because they have successfully connected with what the company offers and therefore feel a sense of ownership.

Keys to Branded Content

  • Projecting brand values: The consumer public must trust the company’s brand and Branded Content projects the mission and vision in a more appealing way managed by the content. The purpose is not to sell products, it is to gain customer loyalty.
  • Content with entertainment: Advertising is merged with entertainment so that the content created consolidates the value of the brand to the consumer. The integration is enhanced by adding to the interest, entertainment capable of moving the customer away from traditional “pay-per-consumption” advertising.

As a main goal, Branded Content is focused on the consumer not buying a product or service out of obligation, but enjoying the search for what he/she wants and sharing it among friends.

The enjoyment of the experience will create a strong bond between the brand and the consumer, having as a foundation the trust that he/she can place in the brand.

An excellent element to achieve this engagement with customers is through storytelling.

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