What is an infoproduct?


The idea of making money from home sitting on a couch while watching something entertaining on TV, seems to all intents and purposes an Epiphany, a fantasy impossible to achieve. Well, with Infoproduct it is a reality.

Nowadays, it is possible to make a digital work and leave it on the network available for a very long time, all this earning income passively, that is to say without making almost any extra effort.

But what exactly are Infoproducts? How can you implement them in your business? Below, I will explain everything you need to know about them.

What is infoproduct

As the name suggests, infoproduct is a combined word and indicates that it is informative content which is distributed as a digital product. That is, it is the knowledge of an expert who shares his ideas in written, audiovisual, etc., in order to solve a need of the reader or Buyer persona.

The world of blogging is here to stay. There is more and more content on the web, so this type of business or way of making money is just booming. It is important to note, that this type of “product” is not physical, so you do not have to ship to get it, rather, it is made available through platforms that exist in the Online world.

Types of infoproducts

You may be wondering, what kind of knowledge is needed to create such a product. The truth is, you need to be proactive and make the most of what you know how to do. So, I’m going to point you to the different ways in how you can create your information product.

Online courses

This way of selling your knowledge is very interesting. It is ideal if the subject you are going to develop requires detailed training about something. For this you need to have some equipment, such as a video camera.

Although it will depend on what you want to teach, for example, if you are going to explain how to use some computer tool, you can record your actions on the computer.

After that course you must upload it to a platform where you can sell it. If it is your own, it is much better, although there are third party platforms that even though they take a percentage of the market from you, they already have traffic and a good demand. So it will be easier to sell what you know how to do.


You can make a collection of information on the same topic and present it in written form. If you already have a blog, you can compile some posts in your digital book and promote it in your posts. Your topics may include some problems, but, that in a few steps can be solved.

Software infoproducts

The digital world updates rapidly, so today’s innovative tools become obsolete in a short time. Therefore, if you have mastery to develop applications, create templates for WordPress. Then you have a vast universe at your feet. You can keep up with the software and sell it.

How to create an Infoproduct

This is the best part of this whole topic, and that is that anyone with knowledge in one or more areas can create one. In fact, some have formed teams to offer useful information, as well as courses via the Internet.

Others have navigated in this world without having enough experience or knowledge, even so, they have presented digital content, making their way in this vast universe.

So, it can be said, that the limits are set by you. Now, in order to create a digital product, you need to be clear about the following points:

  1. You must think about the way in how you will present the content. That is, in Excel, Word, video, etc.) once you are clear on this issue, you must start putting it together with expert quality.
  2. Then you must decide on the access of the information (whether you will use membership sites, Dropbox, Amazon, etc. )
  3. Sales method (PayPal, Selz, etc.)
  4. Finally, you must promote your product. To do so, you can use advertising campaigns and organic content.

Advantages of creating an Infoproduct

The advantages of creating digital products are huge. One of the best of them is that they represent a passive income, which allows you to earn profits for a long time without having to do anything extraordinary. Below, I will point out the main advantages.

  • They represent an expert’s solution, in which, without spending too many hours, you can see the fruits of your labor in a relatively short time. With this methodology, knowledge acquires value and price.
  • There is an excellent demand for knowledge, therefore, although it may seem that there is a lot of competitiveness, the truth is that there is a lot to explain. Every innovative tool, update, etc. Represents an opportunity to explain and sell what we know.
  • The purchase and sale is immediate, that is, there is no paperwork, shipping or cumbersome processes to sell.
  • You can obtain continuous passive income. Once you have developed your digital product, you can earn money without having to take another action.
  • It gives you prestige in the Online world. Working in a company can represent success for a professional, but unless the company is yours, you are really a vassal. If you want to grow in prestige, the infoproduct can position you as an expert, to such a degree that they may ask you for consulting. This no doubt, no one will take it away from you, you can reach the highest level you want.
  • Great reach. The Internet has allowed globalization, so, your digital products can reach a greater number of people.

Tips for launching digital products

To be successful in this branch, you need to stand out from the crowd. Therefore, success is not measured according to the amount of products sold, (although that is the goal) but to the satisfaction it generates in the “consumer”. Therefore, you must make sure that the content you sell is of high quality and attractive.

If you’re going to explore the world of Ebooks, for example, you can include videos and images to make the content more interactive. Never resort to deception, because, although you can sell, your boom will be destroyed in the first stage. Rather, try not to tarnish your image as a professional expert and offer real advice.

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