What is an influencer?

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Influencer is a term of British origin of which you have probably heard on many occasions and in many forums. With the boom of social networks and in the digital era in which we find ourselves, opinion leaders, authoritative voices, trendsetters are now known as influencers.

But, How does one become an influencer? Is it hard?

What is an influencer and what does he/she bring to your marketing strategy

An influencer is a person with certain reputation and high credibility on a particular topic, who through their presence and activity on social networks can become an important advocate for a particular brand.

In this small guide we are going to offer you some tips to become an expert in the field and, if it is your goal, you will get to play a role of these characteristics in the sector you dominate. A few simple steps so that your criteria will end up pointing the way for many others.

How to become an influencer

In order to acquire this status you have to go through an arduous path that we point out to you below:

  • The most important thing is to have many followers. The more people follow your social profiles, the more interest your posts and comments will arouse and the higher your organic growth will be. To acquire them there are those who, directly, register on websites that are dedicated to selling packages of followers and pay for them.
  • You must mention the more brands, the better. It doesn’t matter if your timeline looks like a photocall panel. It’s essential to be expeditious and constantly pour out opinions. The key is restraint. You can be kind, in moderation, as well as critical, but never too much.
  • Careful attention to detail will also help you become that person of reference you aim to be. Especially in the description of the biography of your profiles on social networks.
  • If, for example, you intend to stand out in the world of fashion, you can describe yourself as an entrepreneurial photographer and place in the location big cities like Madrid or Barcelona.
  • Interacting with your followers will also help you grow and take firm steps on your way to becoming an influencer. Value their proposals and opinions, respond to their concerns and take care of your content to always seem knowledgeable on the subject.
  • The image you project on your profiles must be in accordance. It is essential that you take care of it. All the content you upload must pass your quality filter beforehand. Do not neglect this aspect, since an influencer lives, basically, from the image that others have of him.

What is an influencer good for?

Once we’ve given you some hints on how to become an influencer, now it’s time to answer the next question: What is an influencer for?

The answer to this question is simple. If brands perceive that, indeed, your opinions are highly valued in the sector to which their products or services belong, if they consider you as a reference, they will look for you to be on their side and become their ambassador.

Brands design marketing campaigns in which they value this series of profiles, of people with a large number of followers and visits in their publications, to get known and obtain benefits.

The influencers put a face to the brands, bring proximity, break the barrier of seriousness and characterize the relationship between the brand and its consumers, so that they filter the amount of information that swarms through the network eliminating the noise.

Also, they open a new communication channel with users, becoming a loudspeaker by spreading the message that the brand wants to convey.

With these keys, now you know how to become an influencer. The journey is a long one, but it may be worth completing.

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