What is a Trending Topic (TT)?

trending topic tt

If you don’t know what a trending topicpublic is, or rather, a trending topicin real time, then you don’t use social networks, especially Twitter, very often.

The term trending topic is also used on Instagram and other social networks, but it is the Trending Topic network that most clearly shows them, in a list that is constantly updated on its main page.

Instagram also groups trends using its algorithm, so it may be the case that you don’t see an important topic if you are not a follower of profiles that are promoting that content.

What does Trending Topic mean?

It is an English language expression whose meaning is topic of interest. That is, it is an issue that many people are commenting on in a certain social network during a specific period of time.

The acronym is TT and means that a particular topic has experienced a surge in popularity on one or more social networking platforms. Their existence is useful in many ways, but for e-commerce companies it means the ability to find out what users are interested in and capitalize on that information.

TTs tend to evolve around popular cultural events, such as sporting, musical, political or business events, celebrity or artist news, TV premieres, social concerns, breaking news and viral content.

There is no limit to how long a topic remains among the most talked about, although interest usually stays between a day and a week.

Most platforms tailor the topics displayed based on the user accessing the site, taking into account location, previous “Likes” or searches, and who the user follows.

What is a Trending Topic on Twitter?

Twitter users generally see trending topics tailored to their location, in several areas on the desktop version of the site, while on mobile devices they are found in the search section.

The most common topics often come in the form of hashtags, but they can also be simple keywords that have been used frequently on social networks. Some websites have specific pages or links dedicated to the trends, while others appear in or near the search results.

They tend to appear due to many retweets, rather than a large volume of original tweets and usually contain Hashtags.

What is a trending topic worldwide

When a topic, news item or content arises that elicits the comments, jeers, memes, tweets, retweets and likes in such numbers that it outnumbers many others and makes it into the top ten worldwide, such an issue becomes a trending topic worldwide

Any user can filter geographically the most commented topics at a given time to know which ones are predominant in a given capital, country or worldwide (global).

Average lifetime of a tweet

The half-life of a tweet is 24 minutes, which means that half of all impressions, clicks and retweets that yours receive will take place in those first 24 minutes, and then the activity they register will drop off rapidly.

This time period can be extended by pinning the tweet to the top of the page, something that particularly affects users with more followers, who see a longer life cycle of the messages they launch.


The algorithm that determines the top topics usually rewards some common principles. These are:

  • A topic, in general, is likely to trend when comments on it shoot up quickly in use.
  • We all see different trends. The trending topics users see in their Twitter sidebar are designed according to location and the people they follow. However, many national and international topics are seen by everyone independently.

Benefits for businesses

If you’re a marketer, you can take advantage of TTs from time to time. However, I don’t recommend that you resort to this strategy too much, because this resource offers limited results.

You can add a hashtag of TT to all your tweets and use it strategically with other content that people are willing to retweet. This way you can increase your visibility.

A trending topic is also a great source of information. It’s like a pool of opinions offered to us without us having to ask for them or pay for them. You can use others’ tweets to search for conversations in your community or to select content.

You can create a list of interesting views or comments or even use tweets on a topic to craft a post.

What is a Trending Topic on Instagram

With more than 300 million active users, Instagram has become an indispensable network for brands, agencies and media outlets. But with more than 70 million photos and videos being shared every day, it is increasingly difficult to choose the most timely and relevant content.

Instagram’s search feature is still in the works, and its “Explore” tab only shows content based on what you’ve previously liked. What if you don’t know what hashtagor user to search for? Can you tell what content and trends are going to go viral?

Today, there are ways to find the people and publications that matter. The TrendSpottr app for Instagram and Hootsuite (similar to Google Trends for Google) is a powerful new tool for those who want timely information on new trends and influencerson Instagram.

This way, you can find top trending photos and videos for any hashtag or keyword, discover trends for your brand, campaign or any topic of interest, find related hashtags for emerging trends, identify and engage with Instagram influencers and share the most popular posts on your social networks.

Popular topics

In short, a tremending topicpublic or trending topic in real time is a topic that you are interested in being aware of, because it has a hot topicality and the majority audience knows about it and comments on it.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a local topic, a trending topic worldwide or a trending topic on Instagram, because the truth is that, especially if you are in marketing or have an e-commerce, you should know them and, if it’s profitable for you, use them.

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