What is a Newsletter? How to use it?

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The email marketing is one of the most used marketing strategies by companies to communicate with their customers or potential customers, and even we can use email marketing to improve our SEO.

Among the different techniques used within email marketing, sending a newsletter is the most prominent and the one that offers the best results. You can create an Outlook or Hotmail account for free.

The Newsletter What is it and what is it for?

I will start by talking to you about what is the newsletter and its definition. The newsletter, also known as a newsletter is digital information that is sent via email to those people who have given their consent, usually by filling out a form, to receive such information.

This newsletter is sent with a determined periodicity which can range from daily or weekly to monthly or quarterly.

The choice of periodicity is one of the aspects that must be taken care of when preparing the newsletter since one of the basic rules of this type of e-mails is that they must provide new and valuable information for subscribers.

This is why some companies leave it up to customers to choose, on the subscription form, how often they want to receive the company’s publication.

Contents that are sent via the newsletter include:

  1. Articles talking about the company and also about the company’s business sector.
  2. Information about the company’s products and services, above all, much emphasis is placed on new products and special promotions.
  3. CTA’s. Calls to Action are included to urge email recipients to perform a certain action such as taking advantage of a company offer or acquiring a new service.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, the newsletter is a tool with enormous potential as it serves multiple purposes, among which the following stand out:

  1. Helps generate new customers and build customer loyalty, which translates into sales growth.
  2. Creates brand image.
  3. Serves to strengthen relationships with customers.

What is a newsletter and what is it for

In addition to these advantages, sending newsletters is one of the cheapest forms of marketing that exist, and it is also the most effective. Its conversion rate is three times higher than that of social networks and its ROI, or return on investment, can be up to 40 € of profit for every euro invested.

There are a number of rules that must be followed when creating a newsletter and sending it to subscribers in order to take advantage of all the benefits of newsletters

Among the rules that every newsletter must comply with I must highlight:

  1. Must only be sent to people who have given their consent. Otherwise, it is SPAM and will damage the image of your brand.
  2. Each email must provide information of value to the person who receives it. If you have nothing new to tell the customer it is better not to send anything.
  3. Before you start sending a newsletter it is convenient to segment your subscriber list according to their interests and priorities. This way you will be able to create different publications according to the interests of each group of customers and thus maximize the advantages of this technique.
  4. Make an attractive design of the newsletter.
  5. Include calls to action in each publication sent.
  6. The subject of the emails must be attractive and personalized with the name of the recipient.
  7. In each newsletteryou must include a link to unsubscribe, not doing so can cause your emails to end up in SPAM folders.

Finally and before I say goodbye I want to inform you that there are numerous tools to create your newsletter for free. Some of them are Mailrelay, Mailchimp or Sendinblue.

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