What is a millennial?


Millennials are the penultimate generation with a proper name. They are also known as Generation Y. They are those people born between 1985 and 1996. Their tastes and needs have little to do with those of their predecessors, since the technological gap has deeply penetrated them. Let’s find out a little more about them.

What defines a millennial

This group of people grew up with the Internet. Therefore, they are comfortable in this arena. Which was not the case with their previous generation, Generation X, their parents.

Generation Y prefers their smartphone or tablet over the television. All those products that for generation X were a luxury are, in this case, basic material for generation Y.

Millennials are demanding and are used to having a wealth of information in their hands, so they are not willing to consume just any content.

Those born during this generation are not regular consumers of media. You’re not going to see a Millennial self-absorbed in front of the television.

However, they’re also not the biggest consumers of books. Although, the truth is that they are very accustomed to the excess of information and know how to manage it better than Generation X.

Generation Y is so accustomed to digital media and public exposure that they have no shame in showing their image or their life. In this sense it may seem like a more egomaniacal generation than others.

If you want to dazzle or, at the very least, hit on this generation, you’ll have to look into their areas of exposure, content generation and distribution.

Although millennials like to show themselves without any consideration, on the other hand, they know what it means to leave a digital footprint and are starting to try to control it. That’s why they try to interact in places where their appearance is volatile.

Where are the millennials?


The image-based social network and more focused for an adult audience has begun to implement in its tools audiovisual options to communicate with other members of the social network but that disappear once they have been visualized.

However, although we can find part of this millennial audience in this social network are two other places where we will hit for sure. I invite you to read this post on the advantages and disadvantages of Instagram.


If you’re over 33 you may have heard of Snapchat, you’ve probably seen pictures of someone you know with little dog ears and a tongue… but you don’t quite know where to place this trend. Well, that’s Snapchat.

The fetish social network of millennials. It is their favorite network, precisely because it offers ephemeral communication possibilities that are what Instagram copies with the intention of attracting this succulent generation. I invite you to read this post about the advantages and disadvantages of Snapchat.


On YouTube, you can find virtually any content, so there is a wide variety of audiences on this social network. However, it is the news, personal diary, media, training and entertainment venue for most millennials. No wonder that now millennials don’t want to be soccer players and prefer to be Influencers.

So, forget about Facebook as the only social network for millennials. Don’t even think of offering boring content that isn’t written with this particular generation in mind, and, of course, keep in mind that they get bored quickly. So be ready with what you’re going to tell them next because millennials

How Millennials see the world

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