What is a Landing Page, and what is it for?

landing page

In digital marketing, a landing page or Landing Page is a standalone web page created specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign. It is where a visitor “lands” after clicking on a link in an email, or on ads on Google, Bing, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or similar places on the web.

Unlike web pages, which typically have many objectives and encourage exploration, landing pages are designed with a single focus or objective, known as a call-to-action (or CTA).

It is this approach that makes landing pages the best option for increasing the conversion rates of your marketing campaigns and reducing the cost of acquiring a lead or a sale.

A landing page as its own translation indicates is a landing page. This means that it is a page on your website designed for the purpose of being the landing of a previous action.

Landing pages do not work alone, but are part of a commercial and communication campaign and serve to refine our strategy and lead our potential users to a page with information that is more focused on what they are looking for.

what is a Landing Page for?
What is a Landing Page, and what is it for? 13

In what situations will I use a landing page?

As we have described above, we will use landing pages within our communication and commercial strategy to offer more precise information about our campaign. For example:

In a Google Ads campaign

If you are running a Google Ads campaign you can target ads to your website homepage if it is a corporate or branding campaign. But if your campaign is a specific commercial campaign, for example, a Christmas promotion, then it will be very useful to design a landing page with detailed information of that campaign and the steps to access it.

Your mailing campaigns

For an email campaign to have higher conversions and profitability, the ideal is to segment the sending database and send a targeted message according to their interests. To complete this strategy, the design of a landing page for your emaling campaigns can be very interesting.

Commercial campaigns on social networks

Social networks are a powerful advertising targeting tool. If you can also offer users specialized information for each commercial campaign,

In general, as you can see, for any commercial campaign that you are going to develop a landing page will help you get better results.

When should I design a Landing Page?

This will depend on your needs. In general whenever you have a new product or service to communicate design a landing page for this purpose. That is why it is important that when you are designing and generating the content of your web page you also think about the landing pages.

Because it is also important that the landing page is integrated into your website so that the user who arrives can continue browsing through your site if he/she is interested. That is to say, the landing page should not be alone in the world or be part of anything.

Your landing page should contain links to your page and sections of your page that the user might be interested in if they have not been convinced by the landing page itself.

In short, think of your website together with all its possible landings.

There will be new products or services that you have to design when they go to market. But in general, every company or business has defined products or services that are always in their portfolio.”

Design a landing page for each one. Have your head thinking landing page because then you will be thinking about the needs of your users and potential leads.

After reading this article you will have realized that a landing page is a powerful marketing tool to capture the data of potential customers or leads and also a powerful tool to focus the conversion on your website.

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