What is a Hashtag, and what is it for?

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H A S H T A G. With the H between the S and the T, which sometimes confuses. Hashtag. That term so difficult to pronounce for some and that the younger generations learned to handle before. Currently, an indispensable element of cyber social culture.

Created in social networks, exactly on Twitter, the U.S. multinational of the little blue bird. Other companies in the sector have also succumbed to its popularity, such as Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest or Google+. But first I will explain what a hashtag means.

What are Hashtags?

Hashtags also called tags are sentences or a set of phrases used on social networks such as Instagram, to describe a particular post. These are preceded by the symbol “#” and make it possible for the shared content to appear publicly.

You should know that hashtags have no hidden meaning. They simply group and organize each post into a specific theme, to make it easier for users to find content of interest. For example, when you post photos on Instagram with the Hashtag #Beach, the thousands of users who perform a search with this tag will be able to see these photos and other related ones.

With hashtags, both your followers and other users will have the opportunity to see your content. Therefore, you should not hesitate to use them if you are looking to promote your online store. These will undoubtedly give morevisibility to your brand.

What are hashtags for

The hashtags act as tags, through which online conversation topics are classified, so if in a social network we search for #LuxuryCars, we will access the archive of publications that have that hashtag, so its main function is to group and classify the information of users in thematic blocks.

Another use for these tags is to promote any product, theme, look, event, etc. These uses are studied by online marketing experts. In this way, another utility is to gain reach with a brand or ‘personal branding’, as well as to facilitate the encounter between people and companies in the networks.

How to create a good hashtag

It’s quite an art, no doubt. It depends on whether, as we’ve talked about, it consists of a commercial hashtag or you just feel like creating one about something. Basic tips:

  1. It should be short and clear: it has to express the clear idea that people refer to when they think of exactly that. They will also be easier to find and use.
  2. Legible and easy to remember: if, as a company, you urge others to remember a long hashtag to use on mobile, they probably won’t remember it on the way in. This section would include the use of capital letters for greater readability.
  3. Unique content. Try to be original and establish new hashtags (commercial sense)
  4. Context. It could be very unfortunate to misunderstand a hashtag because it is not put correctly in context, and it is misunderstood or there are misinterpretations.

Hashtag types

When we talk about marketing campaigns, there are different types of hashtags, depending on the intentionality of the campaign itself. There are 4 types of hashtags, although this classification is somewhat subjective.

Content hashtag

These are generic tags, used daily by thousands of people and therefore can be great showcases for certain businesses (e.g.: minecraft hair salon uploads photos with hashtag #cat #cutecat #haircat, etc).

Trending hashtag

These are those with a very potential fame but very ephemeral, so be extremely cautious and be brave having analyzed the market and, advice, choosing a ‘Trending Topic’ (popular hashtag) of similar theme to what you offer.

Brand/company/campaign hashtag

These are hashtags created, original, that reflect the slogan of the brand or something very identifiable and that, without directly showing the name itself, make the consumer remember this company. They are very effective but difficult to appropriate or proliferate.

Event hashtag

As the name itself indicates, they refer to events occurring at a specific place and time, and whose content is tagged (ex: #Feria2017) so that people know to come to this meeting point on the network.

In conclusion, the easy handling of this element and the great capacity to unite us communicatively that it possesses, have provoked the mediatic rise of the element itself, turning it daily, itself, into Trending Topic, #TT.

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