What is a Fanpage and what is it for?


Years ago, the best means to advertise were television, radio or newspaper, however, it was necessary to make an investment. But with the passing of time, the creation of this type of page has made it possible to reach many more people; besides, it is completely free.

What is the famous Fanpage?

It is an internet page, specifically of a social network, designed to be a communication channel between a company and the consumer or fan. These spaces are used to promote a brand. The ideal social network for this type of site is Facebook, its increase in users has allowed more companies to use it as the main means of interaction.

Are you a Facebook user? Actually, there are few people who do not have a Facebook account. As a user, you are the one who decides whether to be a fan of this channel or not. You can even interact with the company in an easy and direct way, having a fluid communication and at the same time, achieving a better service.

Why have a Fanpage?

Remember what the objective of a Fanpage is, as its name suggests, to get more “FANS” or followers, so present your services or products in an attractive way. You may have noticed that large companies have used this medium to improve their image, promote their products or services, or even solve doubts of potential customers.

Allow the fan to visit your page, participate, make their contributions and show you what interests them, and share it with others until it goes viral. Promote your brand and leave a footprint, make the follower want to follow you and buy what you offer. Seek long-term relationships and attract new customers.

You can’t sell something that can’t be seen, and even less if it is not attractive, so think well about what you want and why you want it.

Advantages of having a Fanpage

A company requires advertising, hence many use the different social networks as a marketing strategy. Unlike a Facebook profile, a Fanpage allows an organization, brand or celebrity to have a professional image. What you post on it will be visible immediately, what advantages does this offer?


You have the opportunity to create ads of your own page to advertise it on profiles or other pages, other Fanpages can be your allies.


Have you ever thought about how many people use Facebook every day? Why not make your page visible to these users. You can optimize your page, in order to make access easier and through a simple like to follow the brand.

Better contact with your followers

If you want to get to know your followers and offer them your services you can send messages directly to them, to a maximum of 20 friends and interact with them.

SEO positioning

A great advantage of a Fanpage is that, whether it is a brand or a company, by entering your address in the search engine you will be able to find it. Even linking it to a blog can be very helpful, it will increase visibility and help your brand and online reputation.

Control over reach

How can you improve if you don’t know how many people visit your page and the impact they have? A Fanpage offers you statistics on the increase of followers, how much interaction they have, impact, among others. With this data you will realize if you should change your strategy or if you need to continue with the one you already have.


To make your page more visible, you can add applications such as contests, games, links, events, photos, among others. Of course, this must be according to what you offer, your brand or service.

We have already touched on many points that can help you decide whether or not you need an element like this. To finish I want to show you some steps you can follow to create your page.

  1. You can log in to Facebook and click on the “Create Page” button. Or you can click www.facebook.com/pages/create.php
  2. Choose what kind of page you want, what will be the theme, as well as the category. On the other hand, the name is essential, a keyword can attract attention.
  3. Complete the form with your company information. Once finished, personalize your profile.
  4. Publish what you offer through photos, videos, logos, links, and all the information you consider appropriate for it.
  5. Do you remember the applications? You can search for the most appropriate ones, and implement them on your site in a simple way.
  6. You can customize your address, but only when you have 25 followers. After that, create your brand URL.

Determine what type of page can be useful for you, but if what you need is to promote your business, with the Fanpage you can achieve your goal. Of course, ask for help from a professional in the field to convey the right message on your page.

After taking these steps, you will be able to use any of the marketing strategies you deem convenient to make your page visible and attract potential customers. The commercial world can be difficult, that’s why you must be patient.

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