What is a copy? What does a creative copywriter do?

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With so many technological advances that we encounter every day, it is not surprising to see the different strategies that the company adopts to transmit the product.

This will largely depend on a variety of factors, making it possible to create the ideal copy. Making copy the infallible marketing weapon of the last decade, it is no wonder, since it is the way the product reaches the consumer.

We have talked about copy, but what is copy, in the following article we are going to look at a commerce strategy and how to develop it.

Also, we will see examples and suggestions in order to make a good creative copy perfect for your advertising campaigns with which you will give an impressive rise to your company if you know how to create it in the right way, but with the help we will give you, we are sure you will do it.

What does copy refer to

In the copywriting world, the term most commonly used is copy. Since this refers to the text that encompasses the main idea of a product that you want to convey in a simple and precise way to the public.

The copy as an advertising tool, is the most used technique in the marketing of products for any company, either online or physical.

These copys, or copies, facilitate the acquisition of goods. This is because of the message they convey, either in words or in artistic form. They reach the public and convince them to purchase them, making them think that the item is what they need at that moment.

Creative copy being, at the end of the day, the most widespread commerce tool and the one that is most approachable to the public.


Behind an idea or elaboration of an advertising strategy there is a person who is in charge of collecting and organizing the ideas previously exposed and transforming them into a creative copy.

These people capable of carrying out this meticulous and important task for any company, is called copywriter. On their shoulders rests the responsibility of linking the needs of the consumer with the product.

This type of job requires a dedicated person with strong marketing skills and an innate talent for creative advertising. Since, in this way it will be easier to create a slogan that meets the requirements to be well received by the community.

The copywriter will be responsible for transforming a simple ad into the possibility of thousands of sales of a particular item and is a highly valued position in the world of Digital Marketing, more so if you have a company or digital marketing agency in Madrid, Barcelona, or large cities where compete with other giants in the sector.

Crafting a copy

With the above, you may think that to develop this strategy you need to take a creative copy course, but that’s not the case. With this elaboration guide that I give you below, it will be greatly facilitated. Because they are the principles that you must take into account when developing an advertisement:

  1. Define what product you want to work on and what you want to convey to the consumer.
  2. Establish the secondary ideas, if necessary redefine them, don’t be left with doubts about the ad.
  3. Plaim your ideas always on a blank canvas, this way you have endless opportunities to create and recreate your thoughts.
  4. Pay attention to grammar, because it is this, which can make an ad a success or alienate the consumer.
  5. Use striking texts but without going to extremes. It is also extremely important to refer to the product with total sincerity.
  6. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and in this way you will know what to offer and transmit in your advertising copy with accuracy.

Copy strategies

With the advent of digital media these tasks have increasingly simplified the way we communicate and how we transmit the information we want to reach a general public. The development of copys is not for less, since it opens a window of close link of what we offer with potential customers.

If it is the first time that you will elaborate a copy you must take care that what is most strongly transmitted are the characteristics and the benefits of the product for the consumer.

In addition to generating curiosity, this point is infallible in the advertising technique carried out by companies aimed at marketing. Since many times, it is the curiosity to know and try a product of the latest fashion that moves the customer to wear it.

Examples of creative copy

Although it may seem difficult to create these commercials, it really isn’t, because there are so many ways to do it. Seeing creative copy is becoming more routine every day, from internet ads to physical posters in shopping malls promoting products.

Examples of copy are those we see on soda cans or even on pharmaceutical products.

The truth about these copys is that they are the advertising tool most commonly used by marketing companies to generate or increase sales of a product. Giving the consumer in creative words a way to connect to the public.

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