What are pop-ups, and what are they for?

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Have you ever thought about what are those small windows that appear on websites in the form of advertising, and what function they serve? They tend to be annoying and invasive, but knowing what they are and why they suddenly appear can even help you get the word out about a business.

And it is that when we give beginning to a business publicity, in this field it is convenient to think as an entrepreneur and not as a client. not as a client, surely when discovering how to use pop-ups to your advantage use the Pop-up to your advantage, you will see them with different eyes.

What is a Pop up?

A pop up window, better known as a Pop up, is a virtual element that automatically appears on your computer screen. Designed to attract attention, different users can perform some action that the popup users can perform some action that it indicates. Although it is true that they tend to be intrusive, these windows seek to advertise certain brands or businesses.

Do you remember those advertising banners that used to appear a few years ago on websites? They were usually completely static, it was impossible to miss them! From this idea Pop ups were born, as substitutes for the classic banners.

The objective of its appearance was that the user would have a unique experience, and that his consumption on the Internet would not be constantly interrupted; in addition, it complements the content seen.

However, many of these pop ups have been penalized because they contain themes such as weapons, gambling, adults, among others. At the same time, they are used in large numbers and sometimes prevent free navigation of the website.

But, are they only used for advertising purposes?

What are pop ups for?

Despite the fact that these elements have been misused, pop up misused, pop ups are not only useful only to advertise a brand, product or business. brand, product or business. Thanks to them we can achieve different objectives, such as the following:

  1. Obtain more sales. Although you must offer what you have; it is necessary to be careful that the advertisement you will make is not too intrusive or too big, otherwise the reader may get fed up and stop reading your page. You must be subtle and smart.
  2. Visibility. Do you have a business, product or content that you would like to make known? A pop up is ideal for you, as you can use it to give greater visibility to what you are offering. Of course, you are not going to invade your website with lots of promotions, in this sense it is convenient to place only one window in which you indicate a new product or service.
  3. Get more subscribers. The more interesting the content you show on your page, the more attractive it will be for the reader. In addition, the reader can go from being a subscriber to a regular customer. You can give the possibility to become a subscriber after a few minutes on your website.

Regardless of what you offer, a well-crafted, timely well-crafted ad, at the right time can grab anyone’s attention. anyone. Still, while these pop-ups can be very useful, using them in the wrong way will cause your website to bounce, the user will end up dissatisfied and your will end up dissatisfied and your position will go down the drain.

On the other hand, not using these tools well can tools can cause users to end up blocking you. If they are too invasive, you will lose a lot of potential customers; and even cause them to label you as spam, damaging your you as spam, thus damaging your reputation. So, how do you use them?

How to use Pop ups

Remember that the objective is that the Pop up is to get more leads (followers or subscribers, potential customers). So, what should you keep in mind if you plan to use a pop up window as an advertising?

In order to put them to good use, you need to connect directly with the visitor to your page, talk one-on-one with him. The idea is that the user feels confident and has the feeling that he/she is being taken into account. In addition, you must develop strategies that capture the attention of the audience you are addressing.

On the other hand, don’t beat around the bush on a matter, get to the point. Of course, you need to be attractively subtle in offering something. Write your objective up front, engage your audience in a smart way.

Be careful with the way you write or the words you use, as you may the words you use, as you may end up distorting the message. It is not necessary to You don’t need to write a long text, just a short and catchy title, a short description and a short and catchy title, a short description and a button that leads to an action. But try to be coherent in what you want to convey and positive.

According to neuromarketing colors can signify both the success and downfall of the site. Why do we say this? Because these represent something established in people’s minds. For example, green indicates that a certain aspect is good, as opposed to red which is interpreted as something is wrong.

Careful with the image you are going to place, it should encourage the user to make a decision that benefits you or at least collaborate with it. at least collaborate with it. However, the image cannot say the same thing that is mentioned in the text it has to be a silent motivator… a silent motivator.

Time is indispensable. Time is of the essence. It creates a sense that if you don’t take an action, the opportunity will be lost, which includes the benefit you offer be it a product or instructional content. Therefore, set a deadline.

It is also essential to use visual effects, attractive animations can catch the attention. Making use of the resources available will make your Pop-ups useful to advertise your business or product. But be careful not to overload your ads.


Keep in mind that you should decide what is what’s right for you when making your pop up. Here are a few:

  • Remember that not all pages should have popups pages should have pop-up windows
  •  What you offer should justify the interruption to users.
  • Make relevant content.
  • Configure your pop-ups to help you get a smooth experience and an appropriate balance of customers
  • Make a popup that is easy to close.
  • Give users time to read some content before your ad appears.

Can we create a Pop-up?

We can generate our pop up windows pop up using plugins. The most recommended ones are Thrive Leads and Thrive Architect, together they can create lading pages and thus get new leads.

In the case of Thrive Leads, it is normally used by online sales professionals and those who teach online courses. It allows you to generate A/B tests, in order to see if your strategy is working or where it would rank better.

Another Plugin that can help you is Social PopUP. In addition to being free, will help you increase the degree of loyalty of followers and through a popup window a popup window to ask them to like or share your content on social networks. social networks.

On the other hand, we have useful tools that can help us to create our pop up. Do you want to know the best ones?

The best tools to create Pop ups


Thanks to Picreel you can use certain templates with a certain layout or even create your own contact line through calls. In addition, it makes it easy for you to address your popup window according to the rules already set.

Go to Picreel


With a lower cost than what you can get in the market, OptinMonster, offers you the facility to include a pop up on a mobile device; you can even integrate Google Analytics and MailChimp to it.

Go to OptinMonster .


Completely free, Sumo, can help a beginner in pop ups. Not only does it allow you to make different types of calls, but you can also add strategies for mobile devices and integrate other applications.

Go to Sumo


With Pushcrew you can send notifications to different users. Thanks to its free plan you can have up to 500 subscribers. Why don’t you test and see what impact it will have on the results you will get, and then you can move on to a larger plan.

However, it is necessary that before you to a configuration for your pop up you need to pay attention to certain issues, such as:

  • When creating a message think about the people who will read it and what will catch their attention. Do not place standard text, it is not attractive at all.
  • To attract attention keep in mind that you are talking to a person not a robot. Therefore, use a simple language that everyone can understand and that is attractive, do not lose sight of your objective
  • Make it clear what the user should do according to your criteria. An interruption does not have to postpone the interaction with the customer.
Go to Pushcrew

What is a pop-up blocker

When pop ups stop being useful and become invasive, there is a way to When pop ups stop being useful and become invasive, there is a way to get rid of them. How? We have a pop up blocker, in a pop-up blocker, known as Pop-up Killers or Blockers, this program is designed to prevent the excessive appearance of pop-up program is designed to prevent the excessive appearance of such windows.

They are used when the user already considers them considered somewhat annoying. But since our goal is to attract not to alienate, we have to take into account the suggestions already shown so that this type of program is not used in our ads.


Increasing your website visitors and even advertising your brand has never been as easy as it is nowadays. The Internet has given us a great opportunity with Pop Ups, in a simple and quick way we can get visitors to make a decision.

But like everything, there are also disadvantages, if we are not careful with what we write we would end up driving away potential consumers. Hence, be crafty when using these pop-ups.

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