Street Marketing: How to reach the public?

street marketing

Sales, sales, sales! That is the desire and the goal that small and large entrepreneurs pursue. Today’s world is collapsed with big advertisements. In fact, it seems that the goal of reaching a larger audience is becoming more and more difficult to achieve.

However, Street Marketing can help you. While it may seem like I’m approaching this topic lightly, the truth is that I’m not. It really is possible to capture new customers and outperform your competition.

Although the race to be the best and get the attention of consumers sounds very exhausting, the truth is that if you implement strategies that allow you to overcome the obstacles of the new generation, you will succeed in the commercial world.

Next, I will explain to you, how you can implement Street Marketing in your business.

Street Marketing What is it?

Before I explain how you can take advantage of this strategy, I see it necessary for you to understand the concept behind it. In the modern world there is a multitude of advertising, which is becoming more and more ingenious, but despite the large sums of money invested, people are simply biased.

So anything that makes them feel pressured to consume is simply rejected.

Now, street marketing is a set of very clever techniques that manage to attract the attention of many people. It is simply a way of presenting a service or product in a creative and surprising way.

But the most impressive thing is that it can be done without spending large sums of money on advertising that no one will see.

The truth is that the consumer does not feel cornered, and therefore tends to buy. But how does one achieve such a miracle? Well, it takes an intelligent mind behind it.

Importance of applying street marketing

As I have explained, this strategy pursues the goal of attracting consumers’ attention, but without pressuring them to buy (although that is obviously the ultimate goal of advertising). Now, for many, many years, the same sales technique has been implemented, i.e., a billboard indicating a brand, a promotion and an ad that says “offer.”

Street marketing is a set of very ingenious techniques that manage to attract the attention of numerous people

Santos Muñoz

The current generation and millennials (the new consumers) don’t want to hear about it. In fact, when you inundate them with advertising, they don’t even read the promotion. For example, if you have sent it to them by cell phone, they will simply close it within two seconds.

That’s why you need something that not only gets you noticed, but gives them the time to think about you.

In this fact lies the importance of this innovative sales strategy, since it is a way to capture the attention of an audience that does not want to be pressured, it really is an ideal weapon.

This strategy finds consumers totally distracted, so they are easier to wrap. They simply see a spectacle that spontaneously draws them in, and this allows them to want to know more about the product or service being provided.

How to be successful when applying street marketing

While obviously with this sales technique the goal is to get the attention of consumers, i.e., to give you the time to make yourself known and let them see what you have to offer, you must be careful not to intrude.

For example, in the context of romantic relationships, if a woman wants to get your attention, she will use suggestive techniques that will undoubtedly allow you to look at them and then come towards her, if on the other hand this woman comes to you and approaches you abruptly, she will undoubtedly get your attention, but will you have a positive or negative appreciation?

Well, the same goes for guerrilla marketing, obviously you must “know how to attract attention” otherwise you will not be taken seriously. In this field there is ample room for surprises, but intimidating consumers with pretense that violates their privacy and comfort is not a good idea.

How some companies have implemented street marketing

Just as a person can learn seduction techniques from those who have managed to catch their soul mate, you can learn persuasion techniques from big companies. In this way you can be inspired. Next, I will tell you about the most innovative ideas of the market leaders.

Three-dimensional elements

Posters or billboards are a classic way to promote products or services. They have been used for several decades. But, you can use an extra additive to attract attention. For example, if you are at a bus stop and there is an ad for a movie, you may not notice it.

But what if the ad has a 3D design that’s really hard to ignore?

Well, in the famous movie “Up, a high adventure”. Posters were placed in which real balloons were used, this fact allowed people to notice the poster. The results? Well, this film did not go unnoticed, its strategic way of promoting it was talked about long before its premiere.

7 bis up

Use surprising advertising locations for Street Marketing

Have you ever bought a product that you didn’t look for, this has happened to all of us, it simply came into our hands and convinced us. But, for this to happen, as a good entrepreneur you need to create the occasion. The subway is an ideal place to advertise, as numerous people take it every day.

The IWC brand took advantage of this crowded place. It used the handrails (tube on which we hold on to in the subway) to make an ingenious advertisement. It incorporated a design that made it possible for passengers to briefly visualize how the brand’s watches fit on their wrist. This surprised everyone. Obviously if the product didn’t interest them, that was fine.

But if they hadn’t considered buying a watch and liked some model, then the purchase was made without any pressure. Clever, isn’t it

8 Relojes IWC

Interacting with the consumer

If a company wants to be known, it must strive to engage the customer, which means interacting with them. Sometimes this dynamism can be difficult. Now, the street marketing strategy used by the Lipton brand got people talking.

At a crosswalk, they were able to install a device that allowed them to know people’s temperature. (Participants just placed their hand) So if you were overheated you earned a refreshing drink, otherwise, then you had to warm your body.

This strategy was a lot of fun, and it certainly spontaneously caught the consumers’ attention.

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Aspects to consider for successful Street marketing

Street marketing, as you have read, is a way to give you publicity, without being heavy-handed. That is, repetitive promotions are a big problem. Therefore, even if you use some innovative ideas, it is necessary that you do not abuse them, because you can draw attention, but in a negative way. Below, I will give you some basic suggestions.

Implement a temporary campaign

When I talk about temporary, I am not only referring to the fact of not extending for too long the show you are going to provide (service, products, movie, etc.), but of advertising as such. Remember that what is innovative today may become routine tomorrow. So your campaigns should not be so long that they are no longer of public interest.

Now, be careful about the arrangements you make on public sites. That is, you can’t ruin a street because you want to promote yourself, use stickers, to catch the eye but then be easy to remove.

Convey something important

This is crucial to success. Imagine a group of people are distracted and suddenly someone raises their voice, obviously everyone will be silent, but is it okay to be quiet after being the center of attention?

This example underscores the importance of having a well-thought-out street marketing strategy. That is, after you get seen, you have a couple of minutes to hook, what you’ll say next, may disappoint or catch them.

Do not invade personal space

This aspect is vital when you want to interact with the consumer in your sales strategy. Remember that people lead busy lives, so you don’t want to annoy them. Therefore, if you decide to make an interactive game in order to make them get to know you or build loyalty you must make sure that you don’t go beyond that and annoy them.

For example, present your show in a smart way, if you don’t get their attention, don’t try to force them to interact, because far from catching them, you will earn their hatred. Rather, give up on your idea and implement another one.

Avoid panic or confusion

Of course, running surprise campaigns can be disconcerting for a few “seconds” but if after some time your audience is not comfortable, rather frightened, then you have not applied street marketing correctly.

To avoid this type of incident happening to you, try to empathize with the customers, think realistically about their reaction, you can also apply the strategy in a small group to see if they understand it or on the contrary it causes them distrust.


In this highly competitive business world, it is necessary to keep up with consumer behavior. What used to be an innovative strategy is no longer so today

That’s why you need to stand out from the crowd. The Street Marketing offers you the possibility to give something fresh and permanent. In fact, if you apply this sales technique correctly you can achieve great commercial presence.

The advantage of all this is that you don’t need to invest heavily. Rather, you need to think about your consumer and the right way to direct them to you.

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