Push Notifications: What are they, and what are they for?

push notifications

Nowadays you have a lot of information thanks to mobile devices and computer. But it is very cumbersome to have to access applications or mail to know if any important message has arrived. In this regard, Push notifications have been an interesting advancement in modern technology.

Now, Push notifications are not new and, in fact, since the days of the BlackBerry you can receive notifications without needing to access a web page or application as they told us a few days ago in Doiser.

In this sense, it is worth asking yourself, what is push notifications for? In what ways can you use it in your business? In the present post I will tell you about it.

Push Notifications What is it?

These are the messages that usually open in the form of a window in which you are notified of some eventuality, without the need to enter the application or web page. Although mobile devices generally have a way of communicating that you have information pending to read, you should not confuse these notifications with push communication.

I’ll explain, you can decide to enter an application and look on your own notifications, this way of seeing the content in your applications or pages are known as Pull communication, which is the form of communication in which the user requests to see what has arrived on your mobile.

Now, in the case of Push notification it is the initiative of some websites to offer spontaneously the notification that has a new message, without even entering the page where its content is hosted.

If you don’t have it installed on your website yet, ask the web design professionals who have created your site to see how to implement it.

So that you can understand the difference between one and the other I will give you an example with a very popular application: WhatsApp. In it is the server who informs us that there is a new message, your mobile will turn on a light, vibrate, or show some form to communicate that you have something you have not read.

But, not only that, but the display will even tell you the message or where it came from. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to read it or not. But you’ve found out without unlocking your phone or even asking yourself if someone would send you something.

As you may have noticed, this technology is not new, it actually has been placed in many mobiles and even computers. Now without having to look directly at the app you can tell if there’s anything new.

Pull technology, on the other hand, is where you have to log in to see if there is a message (as in email) although this innovation has now been adapted for almost everything.

What is the use of Push notifications?

Offering information to the user by initiative, i.e., that it is not the customer who requests it gives great advantages. For example, it contributes to a better approach to the consumer. In addition, push notifications have one of the highest ROI ever known in marketing, so you should take advantage of it.

It also allows the company to ensure that their message has reached the recipient. In other words, imagine a business is constantly placing ads on its website. However, it does not know who has read its offers or promotions, instead, with push notifications it can make sure that the content is available to the customer.

It can even be a powerful weapon for engagement. So it gives comfort on the part of the entrepreneur as well as the client.

How to use push notifications in your business

When entering a website you can ask the user if they want to receive related notifications. For these to be successful they need to be interesting.

You can use them to mention some important promotion of products or services. Something that you must consider is that what you notify calls the attention of your customer, for this you must notify in a personalized way. That is, if you have an important event in a province, do not send it to those who do not live there.

Also, in order to use pushes as a marketing weapon, it is vital that you don’t overload the consumer with too many promotions. In this regard, it pays to put yourself in the consumer’s shoes.

Wouldn’t you like not to be stressed about the same thing? So try to allow a reasonable amount of time to pass between notifications.

How to make push notifications successful

This functionality is a very powerful weapon, but remember that a well-used weapon can defend you from danger or cause a tragedy. In marketing, some users have misused it, which has led them to lose potential customers. For this reason, I would like to present you with some “rules” that you should consider so that this communication modality brings you closer to the customer and not alienates you.

  • They should not be pushy, to the point that it violates the customer’s personal space.
  • They should have a defined focus. That is, you must use it to draw attention to an issue that needs to be known at that instant because it requires prompt and immediate action on the part of the consumer (offers or events of that particular day).
  • The consumer must be free to decide whether to receive the notifications, otherwise you will produce aversion in the consumer.
  • They should be notified by an alert sound
  • Be careful not to send too many at the same time, as you may abruptly interrupt some important activity of the consumer, and he will end up deactivating the notifications.

Push scheduling ideas

To make the notifications catch the consumer’s attention you can implement the following:

  • Personalization: You can add the customer’s name in order to make the message feel more empathetic and not generalized. You can also change images and even the text to individualize the content.
  • Segmentation: You can send the same notification to a defined group of users. To do this, you must obtain information about the country of origin, language, last time they accessed the page, etc. This type of research is not difficult to obtain. In this way, you can send content for example to men from 25 to 50 years old who have iPhone 6 Plus devices located in the center of Madrid.

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