Inbound Marketing What is it and what is it for?

inbound marketing

The Inbound Marketing or attraction marketing is a non-intrusive marketing methodology that consists of accompanying the customer throughout the buying process.

Inbound Marketing is becoming more and more present nowadays, as companies realize that only using traditional “push” marketing techniques is no longer enough, according to some experts such as the Inbound Marketing agency Metacom.

Applying this method allows you to establish contact with your potential customer from the ZMOT to the moment of purchase: convert your potential customer into a customer.

Inbound Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

As technology advances and forms of communication change, inbound marketing is laying the groundwork for creating a more human way of doing business, i.e. marketing, selling and helping customers and therefore the company as well.

This methodology, along with technology, is helping companies adapt to today’s changing needs, and not just in terms of marketing, but the entire user experience.

Inbound differs from traditional marketing because it does not need a great effort to get the attention of customers, but creates useful and relevant content on a website, thus addressing all the problems and needs of customers, as well as generating motivation and also trust and credibility for the company.

Concretely, the inbound method is a technique based on creating valuable experiences that generate a positive impact at both a business and personal level. 

This strategy is applied by attracting prospects and customers to a website, interacting with them on a large scale, and delighting them on a one-to-one basis, says the team of consultants at Metacom Inbound.

Stages of the Inbound Methodology Applied to Marketing

Inbound Marketing
Inbound Marketing

To build lasting relationships with customers and drive business growth, the company has to follow, step-by-step, the following steps: 

  • Attract visitors to a website, but especially visitors who are more likely to become sales opportunities and therefore, satisfied customers. This is achieved by offering them useful and relevant content and using some key tools, such as videos, ads, and blog or social media posts.
  • Interact with them using different conversational tools, as well as email, live chat, bots, messaging apps, among others. Other tools to collect visitor data is to use conversion tools, as well as CTAs, forms, lead flows or email marketing.
  • Delete in a contextual way, and continue to build trust in the brand.

Inbound Marketing Applied to Sales and Customer Service

On the other hand, inbound sales reps spend much of their time attracting new sales opportunities to expand their pipeline. But not only do they devote their time to this, these experts also interact with those users who are ready to engage in a sales conversation and delight them with ideal solutions to their problems.

The best tools are email templates, meeting scheduling, sales automation, quoting, smart notifications, and more.

Finally, inbound service professionals provide current customers with answers to all their questions, help them when they need it and in the way they want it, and create an unbeatable customer experience. Some tools these advisors used to achieve this are ticketing, email sequences or customer feedback.

Primary Inbound Marketing techniques

Social Media Marketing

Content generation and setup of Social Media advertising campaigns to drive traffic to your website.

Content Marketing

Content generation to attract your potential customer to the website on a voluntary basis.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization. It is the application of different techniques so that, by entering different keywords  (KPIs) in the search engines, your website appears in the first positions organically, without having to pay.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Perform advertising campaigns (paid) so that your website, by entering keywords (KPIs), appears among the first results of Google.

E-mail Marketing

Make a long term relationship through e-mails, once you manage to get the e-mail address of your customers. Keep in mind to work with these techniques, as they can help you with your potential client:

  • Find them
  • Attract them
  • Engage them in a long-term conversation – a contact so you can contact them in the future
  • Loyalty
  • Conquer them so they choose you and not your competitors

If you want even more reasons to apply Inbound Marketing, here you have some benefits:

  • Positioning and differentiation from your competition: By giving your target audience what they expect from you, you just earn a place in their minds, gradually positioning yourself in their minds, and differentiating yourself from your competitors uniquely.
  • Loyalty: When you finally manage to get your customer’s e-mail address, it means that the most difficult stage has passed.  From now on you will be able to establish a long-term relationship by providing them with useful content and, just like that, continue to increase their trust and positioning towards you and what you are offering them.
  • Automaticity: One of the main advantages of establishing a long-term relationship through email is that you won’t have to pay for them to revisit your website. Every time you have new content you will be able to notify them through an email that you can even customize to make the contact even stronger. Then, when you have new products, services, actions or special promotions, you will already have their contact to let them know about it and, why not, get them to share it with their contacts.

I hope these techniques help you and this post has given you a push to start taking into account the Inbound Marketing. And of course, that you convert many potential customers into customers and achieve your goals (never, never, never leave them aside!). But patience, everything takes time, this is not achieved overnight. In the future, you’ll see how much they serve you.

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