Quick guide by MDirector: How does it work? What is it?

guia rapida por mdirector como funciona que es

Day by day we are learning new tools that make it easier and teach us how to send mass emailing easily. In other posts we have denied that neither Mailing, Newsletter nor Email Marketing were dead and another sample that indicates that they are very much alive and kicking is MDirector.

From SEO Blog we attach great importance to communication with our readers, and therefore we want them to know all the possible resources before starting any email or communication campaign.

Do you know them? Who are MDirector?

It is a leading Cross-Channel Marketing platform and was launched in 2007 (10 years ago) in Spain. Like almost all large companies, its headquarters are located in Madrid, and it has offices in the rest of Spain and all over the world: Barcelona, Milan (Italy), Paris (France), Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Mexico City (Mexico).

What is Mdirector?

It is a very intuitive web platform similar to ActiveCampaign that allows not only the management of your email and its campaigns but also SMS campaigns and all your digital marketing from a single website thanks to the advantages offered by multi channeling.

What does this platform offer?

  1. Email Marketing
  2. Landing Optimizer
  3. SMS Marketing
  4. CRM Display Retargeting

Three perfect tools for any digital campaign that wants to keep up with its competitors, and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be below.

This not only offers us the typical possibilities of any mailing management website but also opens up a wide range of possibilities and above all reports and analysis with centralized and personalized results.

Now, it’s easy to optimize your campaigns and also to have campaign planning, creation, execution, data analysis, behavioral segmentation, complex integrations with any system via API.

One of the options that I personally like the most is the landing page generator. So far I had never used it (I do not know if other applications / tools / websites have it) and I think it is a plus point that with Mdirector we can do it and in just 2 minutes (according to them, I take longer).

Landings are a constant danger if created incorrectly and having a tool to guide you in their creation can eliminate those dangers quickly.

But do you have to pay for this?

Depends on what you are looking for, they have a paid version and a FREE version. I, as always, suggest that you get a free account and then upgrade to the paid version when you have a good control over the application.

Prices range from 0€ for its FREE version to 349€ annually (about 29€ monthly) which also includes the first 5,000 emails for free, something to thank. Very affordable prices for the amount of services they are able to offer.

What do you think of MDirector?

After this quick guide and reviews of MDirector I hope this post has brought you a useful tool and encourage you to get to know it and comment on the blog to learn more about it and to know your experiences.

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