Mailchimp, facts you should know and complete guide in English

mailchimp datos que debes saber y guia completa en espanol

The use of email marketing has been a great help to many start-up companies and to young people who want to get their blogs known as well, as it creates a new amount of customers, revenue and readers to help improve their online projects.

MailChimp, complete guide on how to create a newsletter

Nowadays, large companies have been formed due to internet sales, since it is more useful and more practical to reach potential customers and users through their emails, those that they always check to keep updated. That is why email marketing has become a great opportunity for business and visitors.

Becoming known is very complicated and more if it is only by word of mouth, which does not generate great economic benefits and less generate a reproduction of the campaigns, since they do not have great recommendations which is on the contrary what is achieved with emails. The technological era has arrived and therefore, it is increasingly necessary for our daily life.

All companies and blogs need advertising, but it is difficult to find a page that provides all the necessary services to attract customers. In addition, you want it to be fast, efficient, and work on all operating systems, so you don’t need to download extra applications that diminish the capacity of your computer.

This is why it is very important to find an alternative site that allows us to manage our campaigns from wherever we are, so we do not lose control of our movements, and less of those of the web that we have worked so hard to achieve and create.

What is Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is a site specialized in digital marketing, through which you can create your advertising campaigns and share them to those people you want to be known. It works on all operating systems, so there is no need to download new applications to help improve the service already offered by the site itself.

It has a free registration, which does not bring all the services that this site could offer, but nevertheless it is very good for new companies that are starting and want to make themselves known. On the other hand, large companies that want to attract new clients will have options adjusted to their monthly income.

Through this page you not only create your campaign, you can also share it and let the people you want to receive it subscribe to your email, as well as receive those advertising emails you need to find out about new trends, which will help improve your business.

Thanks to online marketing, many companies have increased their monthly income, so Mailchimp is a valid option for those new companies that want to make themselves known through email, which we know that all users have, because when you create an account on any social network you need to have an account to which you receive notifications.

Can I reply to my subscribers

Yes it is possible, you can reply, share and also know how your campaign is rated by users, for example: if it is being rated as “Spam”, which would not generate good reviews and no new customers, or on the contrary if it attracts the attention of users and that would generate more income.

Unfortunately this advantage is only available to those who have the ability to pay a monthly fee, and for those new companies and individuals who are subscribed to the free option, it will not be available to them, which will make them go a little more blind about the opinion of their readers about the campaigns they are sending.

Is Mailchimp in English?

For all those who still do not know how to handle English, Mailchimp is not yet available in Spanish, however, there are many guides and tutorials about Mailchimp that allow us to understand and help us to use this tool as real experts.

Also the google translator itself is very useful for this tool and many of the systems translate it automatically.

This way you can manage Mailchimp in Spanish, at your own pace and with the necessary help of great virtual translators. Of course, look for sites that can be trusted when translating, because many times a word can change its meaning and not all of them do it accurately.

Bear in mind that by using it you accept Terms and Conditions, which need to be translated, since it is a page originating in the United States, so the contract is in English, seek a second opinion and a valid translation, which helps you to accept or deny the registration, not understanding the entire contract can generate legal problems, if it is breached or want to break before the established.

How do I use the site?

First you must register where it says “Create my account”, which means “create my account”, then add your email address, a username, and a password that must meet several necessary requirements, such as a symbol and a number, making it difficult to guess, in case someone wants to steal your privacy.

Once you sign up you will receive an email, follow the link they send you. Due to the amount of spam, many Mailchimp tutorials, will let you know that you should try not to be a “robot” which are commonly the ones that send spam continuously and massively, so many of the users complain and block the unwanted advertising.

You just have to answer a simple image identification test, after you have clicked where it says “I am not a robot.”

Once you have confirmed that you are a human, fill in the fields that identify you as the owner of the advertisement you are going to create, thus protecting your copyright. In every campaign you create and send you will be identified, so you are asked for this information, this way potential customers who receive your email will know who you are, and what services you are selling.

Following this, the page will guide you to your portal, where you will see reflected the emails you receive and from where you can send and create your campaigns, depending on your possibilities will let you have more or less space and the services you have will be more or less.

You can add subscribers and each of them will be informed of your published campaigns as you create them and launch them to the outside world.

Mailchimp in Spain, your latest movements

Unfortunately since last year, where was removed the “Safe Harbor” a contract that consisted that all links and campaigns were safe, Mailchimp Spain was involved because it was under the protection of this contract, and users are asked to regulate its use.

Mailchimp, like ActiveCampaign, is originally from the United States, where it was founded in 2001, so it is logical that their services and contracts are in English, however, not many of the users practice and understand this language, so the contract is illegal in Spain.

Today it is illegal to transfer personal data by Mailchimp accounts, and many of the Spanish customers are looking for an alternative, so as not to lose their campaigns that they have done so carefully.

Many of the consumers have been hard at work researching whether or not it is illegal to use this platform, but it is not illegal yet, they are just being asked for regulation.

The Spanish Data Protection Agency is taking care to regulate all data transfers that are developed on the site to foreign accounts, since, like everything, it can be misused for other purposes, which only cause inconvenience to those involved.

Benefits of Mailchimp

It is a virtual platform that you can carry on your mobile devices, plus it allows you to manage and regulate the emails you receive and the ones you send, more than 7 million users can demonstrate how easy and simple it is to use.

In addition to this, creating your own campaigns helps to get the attention of those people you want to receive the communication and allows you to interact with them.

No need for downloading apps that consume your data or lower the quality of the product, everything is online, so opening your account from anywhere is very easy.

In addition to this you can register the people you want your campaign to reach and have them in contacts so sending them an advertisement will be very simple.

Despite the failures that presents and the serious restrictions to which it is subjected in Spain, it is still a good platform that helps to meet the objectives that a company needs, such as: get to know, communicate information and most importantly, get customers, which are what make companies stay afloat in a world as competitive as it is the virtual.

Mailchimp is a very large and very useful company when it comes to making contact with new customers, and also helps in the creation of own advertising, which you do not have to register as your own, as this platform does it for you, just when you publish your name when you register, this helps to protect the copyright, which we all want and avoid plagiarism, because you will not see two identical advertisements on this page.

It has a headquarters in the United States where all the personal data arrives, which is stored on their server, which helps to keep updated registrations and campaigns published, which is a point in favor of its security, although not everyone agrees with the latter.

However, they do not lower the quality of their service, which helps the improvement of companies and bloggers and gain new subscribers every day.

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