How to create an email in iCloud Mail?

crear correo icloud mail

The electronic devices (PC, mobile or tablets) that are managed by the elite operating system iOS, have caused a sensation among the public that chooses to use high-end equipment. And the fact is that Steve Jobs’ company spares no effort when it sets out to launch its powerful microcomputers on the market, all with the clear intention of winning over the hearts of its loyal consumers.

When I mention high-end equipment, I am not only referring to the hardware of these devices, but I am also including the software developed so that there is a perfect coupling. The exclusivity of each App enhances the distinction of who owns them, and in this section I want to focus on the distinguished iCloud application.

But… What is iCloud? How to create and access from the computer or mobile, an email in iCloud Mail? What is the best configuration to synchronize it between the affiliated devices? Let’s review these and other points of interest.

iCloud Mail the email exclusive to Apple

iCloud is an email originating from the company Apple whose developed operating systems are macOS and iOS. Obviously because it is built based on these platforms, its best performance will be within the equipment that possess the mentioned operating systems.

However, this does not mean that it cannot be used from other platforms, the mail can also be accessed from Windows and Linux respectively.

You can certainly open a free iCloud account, where you can log in from any platform to access the professionalism that characterizes Apple services. Each user has the possibility of owning a personal email account

How to register your iCloud email account step by step

First, before creating your iCloud Mail you must have an ID. This is because the iCloud mail service is for the exclusive use of users using Apple operating systems. Let’s see below how to proceed to create this ID.

Creating an Apple ID

  • Go to the official site by entering the following link in the address bar.
  • Click on the “Create your Apple ID” option located in the top center bar.
  • You will be redirected to a new page where you will be asked to fill out a form or form for the creation of the ID.
  • Proceed patiently to answer each requested information. Among the registration data are: first and last names, date of birth, country of origin, etc.
  • You must enter an alternate email address, which can be from another server such as Gmail or Hotmail, and then enter a password that must be confirmed to create the ID. (It is not necessary that the password is the one that corresponds to the email entered, it is assumed that the password belongs to the ID being created).
  • Three security questions must be defined with their respective answers. This is an alternative way to recover your account in case you forget your password. For this reason, I advise you to write down in a safe place the answers or that these are impossible to forget.
  • Now you have to accept or not, according to your convenience, the boxes that have to do with advertisement notifications.
  • As an anti-Bot protection measure, you will have to perform a puzzle and finally click the “continue” button.
  • Check the Email entered to find, either in the inbox or in the Spam folder, the email that the Apple team will send with a confirmation code to validate the ID you are creating.
  • Enter the code received, on the page where you are creating the ID inside the cell intended for that purpose. Once you have confirmed this code you will have successfully created your Apple ID.

Now that you have your own Apple ID, you have all the power to create your iCloud email account.

Create an iCloud account from macOS

To create an iCloud email account from a computer running the macOS operating system, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Click the Mac start menu identified with the apple.
  • Open System preferences.
  • Among all available options choose iCloud.
  • Enter the ID created and its respective password set for that ID.
  • Then a window opens where you must choose the functions you want to be integrated to your account.
  • Then you will have the option to “Customize” your account, where you must include among other applications of interest the “Mail and notes”.

If you have carefully followed these steps, you will be able to fully enjoy, this wonderful application exclusive to Apple.

Create an iCloud account from iOS

By owning a cell phone with an iOS operating system, the process to create your own iCloud account is very simple.

  • To check your version of iOS access the “Settings” menu. Then go to the “General” section and finally “Software Update”. Current iPhones are commonly iOS 12. Otherwise, you probably own iOS 11.
  • Once you have determined which version you own, go back into “Settings” and then “iCloud”. Enter your ID and password (If you have not performed the steps to create your ID from the official Apple website, you can create it from here following steps very similar to those already described above)
  • Once you have entered the ID and password data will proceed to perform the synchronization of your iCloud account and you can now enjoy all the benefits offered by this service.

Note: It should be noted that, regardless of whether you are accessing via a macOS computer or an iPhone, if you already have an ID type, no additional steps will be necessary to create an iCloud account, because you already have it. That is, it will be the same name as your account, just ending in

Access your iCloud account from Android

By having a mobile with the Android operating system, the process for accessing your iCloud email account will be a bit more complicated because it is not native, but nothing that can’t be solved.

I invite you to follow the following steps to achieve an excellent synchronization from your Android Smartphone to your iCloud email account.

  • From “Settings” click on the “Accounts” option, then enter “Add accounts” and finally “Mail”
  • Enter your data in the box designated for mail and the password in the box below.
  • Enter the manual settings and choose “IMAP”
  • In the “Server” section you should check that “” is defined. If it is not, you must modify it
  • In security type must be “SSL/TLS” and the designated port must be 993. Up to this point you have already configured the parameters of the incoming server
  • To configure the parameters of the outgoing server, first, you must check that it is defined as “smtp.”
  • In security, it should be “SSL/TLS” and the designated port will be 587. If any of this data differs from the predefined ones, you will have to edit them manually to match.

By finishing these settings and proceeding with the acceptance of the terms of use, you will have synced your iCloud email on an Android mobile device.

Create an iCloud account from Windows

Access your iCloud email account from a computer running Microsoft Windows operating system using the following steps:

  • Download the application from the Microsoft Store for Windows 10. If you have an older version of this system, you can also get from the official Apple website the iCloud for Windows program iCloud for Windows.
  • When you have it downloaded; either the App or the installer of previous versions, proceed with the typical installation (next – next – next – next).
  • At the end of the installation, I recommend performing a system reboot to avoid errors or failures when starting iCloud.
  • Once the system has restarted, run the installed application and you will be shown a window where you will be asked to enter your Apple ID along with its respective password.
  • After you have entered your data, enter the control panel and click on the option “Create an iCloud email”.
  • Now in the small window, you must choose what you want your email to be called. Avoid making a mistake, because after you click “Ok” the action is not reversible.

Note: I want to point out that, in order to access your iCloud email account without problems, you need to have previously logged in from an Apple-owned computer. If you try to log in for the first time from Windows, I’m sorry to tell you that it won’t allow you to log in.

With these simple steps, you’ll already be enjoying the splendid iCloud email service from Microsoft Windows.

Accessing your iCloud account from Online browsers

It is possible to access Apple’s mail server, without the need to install an application or software locally. While it is to be expected that using these purpose-built applications will provide better performance of their services and a more rewarding experience, there is also a viable alternative to doing without them.

Through the following steps you will access your iCloud account from the web:

  • From any browser of your choice properly updated, enter the address bar
  • Enter the ID previously created from Apple’s official website and its respective password.
  • The Web version of iCloud gives you services such as: Photos, Keynote, Mail, Calendar, Reminders, etc.

What are the advantages of owning an iCloud email account

At the beginning of this post, I mentioned that more and more people are joining the great list of consumers of the great company Apple with its excellent contribution in the area of technology.

Bearing this fact in mind, it is logical to conclude that the advantages of each service offered by this company are more palpable when used through the macOS and iOS devices. However, this brand is exclusive but not exclusive. That is why there are options to enjoy all the benefits offered by its services from other platforms, although possibly with certain limitations.

I’ll summarize in a list the most notable advantages of being part of the Apple team, including its iCloud email service.

  • Absolutely free email included in macOS and iOS-issued device packages.
  • More privacy of your personal data compared to competitors.
  • Service that keeps advertising supported by your personal data to a minimum.
  • Service that keeps advertising supported by your personal data to a minimum.
  • Complete cloud storage service that perfectly synchronizes all linked devices, so you can have full access to what you care about wherever you are.
  • Each customer is granted a storage capacity of 5GB, with the ability to be expanded for a small additional fee.

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